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The bed rail was perfect for my elderly father! He loved it!


I still like the shoelaces for my black walking shoes. I've tried the white shoelaces and a couple pair of sneakers for my little boy who is autistic. They are just too short.

From the description, it sounds like these laces will be too long if anything. I can understand the black ones being shorter for dress shoes in that kind of thing. But the white ones should be long enough for standard athletic footwear.

I would suggest that these come into links. Standard. And extra long. Because we sure could use extra long white ones.

Thank you.

Sock Assist

Very easy too use!

Shoulder Brace

Gives some restriction would like to see more. Tends to bunch up when tighten. Will be returning it.

The Max gel seat cushion

I recently purchased this max gel seat cushion and couldnt be happier. I have a bony butt and I dont feel the hard seat beneath the cushion when sitting on it. I can sit in any position and I am very comfortable. I also use Vive’s lumbar support cushion too. Using both I am so comfortable now! You wont be sorry purchasing either.

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4 Best Threshold Ramps

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6 Best Wheelchair Wheels

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Choosing the Best Wrist Brace
Choosing the Best Wrist Brace

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Wrist injuries and joint conditions that affect the wrist are both painful and debilitating. Luckily, there is a range of braces available to reduce wrist pain, stabilize weak joints, and prevent further injuries....

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