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Choosing the Best Leg Lifter

by Juan Lopez October 10, 2021 0 Comments

Woman getting out of the car

A leg lifter is a great tool for those who have limited mobility or may need assistance following an injury or major surgery. It’s helpful for getting in and out of the car, bed, or wheelchair and repositioning legs. While browsing, you may have noticed there are a few different type of leg lifters that we offer. Keep reading to learn more about each + get recommendations based on common needs.

What to Consider when Choosing a Leg Lifter

Here’s what to think about when choosing your leg lifter. Don’ t forget to check out more independent living aids to make daily activities easier.


Flexible handles allow you to better grip, lift, and position your legs. The standard leg lifter is our simplest design with only 1 handle while the Multi-Grip has 3 and the PROFLEX Strap has 4. If you’re looking for versatility while using your strap, choose a design with multiple handles for more leverage and positioning options.

Foot Loop

Each leg lifter has one foot loop that is rigid enough to position the foot without bending or slipping. The slightly flexible loop allows for a wide range of foot sizes, casts, boots, or shoes.

The PROFLEX Strap has an adjustable foot loop you can adjust using the attached fastener material. This makes it easier to fit larger feet, secure smaller feet, and accommodate boots, casts, or shoes.

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Aluminum Splint

The eternal aluminum splint is designed to provide a balance of both rigidity and flexibility while using the leg lifters. The support provided by the splint makes it easier to manipulate the leg and foot that is being repositioned. All three of our leg lifters have an interior splint.


Our rollators feature hand brakes that are attached to the rear wheels. These bicycle-style hand brakes allow you to keep the rollator from moving when activated, giving greater control and serving as an important safety measure. They can also be used to lock the rollators in place when seated, for a secure and stable place to take a rest.


  • Nylon Webbing & Reinforced Stitching

    We use nylon webbing with reinforced stitching for both flexibility and durability. The material provides just enough rigidity to support the internal aluminum splint when positioning won’t fold or collapse under weight. The emphasis on stitching ensures your leg lifter will stand up to the test of time and use.

  • Neoprene

    Along with the standard nylon webbing, our PROFLEX Strap also uses neoprene for the handles; which helps provide a more comfortable grip.

  • Fastener Material

    Strategically placed fasteners are unique to our PROFLEX Strap, making it the most versatile design we carry. Use these to set the leg lifter to personal preferences based on what you’re looking to accomplish.


You’ll want to make sure that the leg lifter you choose is long enough to accommodate your needs. The 3 lifting straps we offer range from 41” to 44” which we’ve determined is an adequate length for the widest range of heights. 

You can check the chart at the top of this post for exact measurements.

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Our Recommendations for... 

Multi-Grip Leg Lifter

Bed to Wheelchair

If you need assistance getting out of bed from your wheelchair (or vice versa), we recommend our Multi-Grip Leg Lifter. The multiple handles located along the shaft allows for a variety of positioning and manipulating options. There’s a lot more play in the strap and you can choke up for better and more intentional control.

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Senior getting out of the car

Getting In & Out of the Car

For getting in and out of the car we recommend our standard leg lifter strap. This design is straightforward and does exactly what you need it to; comfortably position legs for sitting or exiting a vehicle. The strap is not bulky and can be conveniently rolled up and stored in your car. If you need more leverage or versatility, our Multi-Grip Lifter is another good option.

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Post Surgery

If you’re recovering from surgery we recommend on PROFLEX Strap. This is our most versatile design. Not only does it allow you to easily reposition legs, this strap can accommodate you through your entire recovery process. When cleared for increase activity, the PROFLEX can be used as a tool for stretching and rehabilitation of weak or injured muscles, and help improve mobility.

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exercise using proflex strap


Not just for repositing your legs, the PROFLEX strap can be used to aid in stretching, strengthening, and rehabbing injured ligaments. It has 4 handles for multiple grip configurations and adjustable fasteners for customized use.

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Woman stretching her legs


You may have not realized but your leg lifter can double as a stretching tool; which is great for those recovering from an injury or surgery. If that’s you, we recommend our PROFLEX Strap which that allows for a variety of configurations. If you’re looking for something a little more simple, our Multi-Grip Lifter is also a great option with multiple handles for versatility.

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foot w/ durable strap

Cost Effective

Our Standard Leg Lifter is our most cost effective option. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the PROFLEX or Multi-Grip Strap, but it can accommodate all your repositioning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about using leg lifters.

Do the leg lifters work with large feet?

Yes, the rigid foot loop can easily accommodate any foot size along with casts, post op boots, and shoes.

Can a leg lifter be used for both the right and left leg?

Yes, each leg lifter and strap design can be used interchangeable between the left and right leg.

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Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is part of the product development and improvement team at His understanding of products and vast knowledge of consumer needs makes it easy for him to provide helpful information on choosing the best products.

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