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8 Best Therapy Putty Products

by Amanda Ghosh July 07, 2017 0 Comments

elderly woman using therapy putty

Therapy putty is used by all three types of therapists—physical, occupational, and psychological. That says a lot. For those with hand or finger injuries, therapy putty helps regain strength and improve dexterity. For those who suffer from anxiety, putty is used in relaxation techniques. If you're suffering from hand pain or if your fingers have lost their nimbleness, it’s time to get some putty. You’ll regain your abilities, and your grandchildren will enjoy getting creative with their own putty right alongside you.

Best Therapy Putty - Top 8

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. CanDo Therapy Putty Theraputty
2. Firm Resistance Therapy Putty Thera-Flex
3. Therapy Putty Vive
4. Hand Exercise Therapy Putty Therapy Putty
5. Color-Coded Therapy Putty AliMed
6. Anti-Microbial Therapy Putty Theraputty
7. Thinking Putty Crazy Aaron’s Putty World
8. Hand Putty Humactive

1. CanDo Therapy Putty by Theraputty CanDo Therapy Putty by Theraputty


This therapy putty comes as a set. You get six different resistance levels, ranging from xx-soft to x-firm. This set is perfect for someone who plans to start with an easier resistance level and gradually increase the difficulty. The putty is color-coded so you can easily identify different resistance levels.

  • Containers are easy to open
  • Putty is gluten-free, latex-free, and casein-free
  • Multiple resistance levels included
  • Consistency is not as nice as the putty in your therapist’s office

2. Firm Resistance Therapy Putty by Thera-Flex Firm Resistance Therapy Putty by Thera-Flex


If you only need firm resistance, then this is good product. It does not come in a set, so you are only getting one resistance level—firm. But this therapy putty is odorless and nonflammable. It feels good in your hands, and it doesn’t stick to your fingers while you do your exercises.

  • Easy to cut, mold, and roll
  • Doesn’t stain hands
  • Putty resistance level is accurate
  • Difficult to remove from clothes unless you use rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone

3. Therapy Putty by Vive Therapy Putty by Vive


This set of therapy putty is excellent for anyone looking to rehabilitate. It helps you regain motor skills and slowly reduces hand pain. This therapy putty set will definitely improve your strength and coordination. Plus, you can use the putty to enhance blood flow to the hands, which will alleviate inflammation from arthritis.

This set includes several different resistance levels, so it is ideal for those who want to progress in their therapy program. It also comes with an exercise guide including several sample exercises. Many people have successfully used this putty to help their kids or grandkids with stress, ADHD, and autism.

  • Maintains a good consistency for a long time
  • Made from non-toxic and chemical-free materials
  • Putty can also strengthen wrist and forearms
  • No x-firm resistance level in set

4. Hand Exercise Therapy Putty by Therapy Putty Hand Exercise Therapy Putty by Therapy Putty


This product also comes as a set. It offers four resistance levels, each helping to reduce stiffness, increase strength, and improve coordination. Also try using this putty to help with anxiety.

  • Improves strength
  • Each resistance level comes with enough for two hands
  • Good therapy after hand surgery
  • Resistance levels feel similar

5. Color-Coded Therapy Putty by AliMed Color-Coded Therapy Putty by AliMed


This putty comes in a set with multiple resistance levels, and each resistance level includes two ounces of putty. We like that this putty is unscented and non-toxic. You’ll find the putty can be used to help a variety of conditions, including trigger finger and arthritis.

  • Comes with multiple resistance levels
  • Containers keep putty in good condition
  • Comes with a bag to store the containers
  • Could be more putty in each container

6. Anti-Microbial Therapy Putty by Theraputty Anti-Microbial Therapy Putty by Theraputty


If you are looking for a single resistance level, this is a great choice. This putty is made with non-toxic material, and each resistance level is anti-microbial, so it stays clean over time. We also like that this putty does not feel greasy.

  • Anti-microbial (stays clean)
  • Useful for rehabilitating tennis elbow
  • Non-greasy
  • May break down with time

7. Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron’s Putty World Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron’s Putty World


This isn’t your average therapy putty, but it is pretty cool! It comes in several different colors, including some that glow in the dark. We’ve found colors that are reminiscent of the ocean or gemstones. When you play with this putty, your brain relaxes and you begin to think creatively. It’s perfect for adults who need to relax or be creative—and for kids who just want to have fun.

  • Can be educational
  • Very fun
  • Promotes creativity and relieves stress
  • Gets a bit gooey after a few days of use

8. Hand Putty by Humactive Hand Putty by Humactive


This therapy putty is available in single resistances, making it ideal for someone who only needs one resistance level. It’s made in the USA and is designed to be used by a wide variety of people, including golfers, tennis players, marksman, musicians, and weightlifters. Use it to reduce stress, improve grip strength, or find relief from conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel. (Click here to find an amazing carpal tunnel brace.)

  • Maintains resistance after use
  • Colors do not bleed
  • Several options let you to select how much you need
  • Sticky

Buying Therapy Putty - FAQ

Do I need soft or firm therapeutic hand putty?

  • Soft or extra-soft putty is a smart choice if you are just out of surgery and feel like you’re learning to use your hands all over again. It's also good for those in immense pain and/or those with little control over their hands, fingers, or wrists.
  • Medium putty is ideal if you want to soothe away aches and pains or moderate discomfort.
  • Firm or extra-firm putty is well suited for those with strong hands, who need to work against something firm to get the benefits of therapy putty.

How much putty do I need?

We’ve learned that two ounces is not usually enough putty for adults with average-size hands.

Try three to four ounces.

If you have very large hands, go with four ounces and buy more as needed. Two ounces will likely be enough for kids to perform therapy exercises. Use five to six ounces if you just want to have fun with the putty.

Should I buy a set or a single putty?

There are two good reasons to buy a set of therapy putty with multiple colors, which indicate different levels:

  1. With a set, you can create a progressive therapy program. Graduate from softer to firmer resistance, or combine different resistance levels into a single therapy session to take advantage of a wider range of exercises and difficulty levels. This creates a customized therapy program.
  2. Buying a set takes the guesswork out of determining the firmness you need. A set also provides more options, so if your ideal resistance is between two levels.

Should I get therapy putty or a squeeze ball?

A squeeze ball is an option for stress relief and rehabilitation. However, with putty you can perform a wider variety of exercises. Unless your therapist has recommended a squeeze ball, we suggest therapy putty because you can do more with it. Though, you could always buy both and create a customized therapy program.

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Benefits of Therapy Putty

Rehabilitation with therapy putty improves a variety of conditions. Therapy putty is also useful for those who don’t suffer from anything at all. For instance, a weightlifter can use putty to improve grip strength. Some of therapy putty's best benefits:

  • Increases grip, finger, wrist, and hand strength
  • Improves dexterity
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Great for rehabilitation after a stroke, injury, or surgery
  • Increases blood flow to hands
  • Reduces inflammation in hands (great for those with arthritis)
  • Fun activity for kids
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Aids rehabilitation from carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, trigger finger, and more!

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Therapy Putty Exercises

There are hundreds of physical therapy exercises you can do with therapy putty. The best movements for you to perform depend on your specific goals.

The Vive therapy putty comes with an exercise guide. But in case you buy another product, here are some exercise ideas to try at home. Always speak to your doctor before trying new exercises.

Mass Grasp

  1. Form a ball.
  2. Hold the putty in your palm and squeeze.

Donut Stretches

  1. Form a snake with the putty by rolling it on the table.
  2. Shape the snake into a donut.
  3. Put all the fingers of one hand inside the donut.
  4. Try to stretch the donut in all directions at once by pressing your fingers and thumb into the sides of the donut.

Fingertip Balls

  1. Using only the fingers and thumb of one hand, form the occupational therapy putty into small balls.
  2. Again using one hand, squeeze the ball to create a flat pancake.
  3. Reshape the pancake into a ball and repeat.

Therapy Putty is Fun & Useful

Your hands can take a beating. That’s why it is important to be kind to them. Without our fingers, we wouldn't be able to do much of anything. Therapy putty will improve the strength and dexterity in your hands and fingers. And for those suffering from arthritis, it will soothe pain and inflammation. Let’s face it, therapy putty is a far more interesting and relaxing way to rehabilitate your hands than humdrum exercises. So why are you still waiting ? Buy one of the awesome putties on our list and get to playing—I mean therapy!


Amanda Ghosh
Amanda Ghosh

Amanda has a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Syracuse University which equipped her with courses applied to licensure as a dietitian. She also worked as a Program Director for the Wellness and Fitness Department for the YMCA. She is well versed in physical fitness, with a certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in physical fitness training. She has taught numerous fitness classes, including college courses in the Athletic Department, as an adjunct instructor, at the SUNY University at Buffalo. She currently resides with her husband in the NYC area, and loves to put her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to use by being active. Both her and her husband are self-declared "foodies."

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