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Choosing the Best Fitness Tracker

by Juan Lopez June 17, 2021 0 Comments

Guy outdoor fitness tracker

Trying to decide on the best fitness tracker watch to meet your health and activity needs? Whether you’re looking to track workouts, vitals, or both, Vive Health offers two great options equipped with all the important features you’ll need. Check them out below and learn more about each.

Smartwatch Features to Consider

The best smartwatches come with a variety of features that help you to stay on top of your fitness goals. Here are some of the most common ones you should look for.

App Compatibility

Both the Mach V and Fitness Tracker connect to the Vive Fit App, available for both IOS iphone & Android smartphones. This app is designed with tracking features to log your workouts and as a bonus comes loaded with free workouts, stretch & exercise classes that you can follow along with.

Activity Tracking

Keep track of the calories you burn throughout the day, how many steps you take, and the quality of sleep you get. Both our fitness watches use heart rate sensor technology to accurately measure and record these variables. You’ll be able to look back at data via the Vive Fit App to help identify progress and trends.

  • Sports Mode

    Set your Mach V tracker to sports mode and track your workouts with better accuracy. Choose from a large selection of activities to record the specific workout you are performing.

  • Sleep Tracking

    Not all fitness trackers have the ability to track sleep cycles, and often need to charge on a nightly basis. If you're looking for this specific feature then either of our models are great options for you. Our quick charging and long lasting battery life allows you to wear your watch for 7-10 days before needing to recharge.

Vital Tracking

Track and log the following vitals using either the Mach V or Fitness Tracker. Both bands use sensor technology to provide data metrics and give you a better understanding of your overall health and wellness.

  • Heart Rate Monitor 
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Oxygen Levels
  • Body Temperature

Charging & Battery Life

Both our fitness tracking smartwatches are designed to have long-lasting battery life and quick, efficient, charging capabilities. The Mach V can last up to 7 days on a single charge and the Fitness Tracker up to 10 days and it only takes 2 hours for both models to recharge.

The Mach V uses a USB magnetic charger and the Fitness Tracker takes a standard USB port. Both models come with appropriate chargers.

Digital Display

Both fitness trackers are designed with a full color digital display that is easy to read in the daylight or at night.

The Mach V Tracker has a larger, more square digital display with premium ceramic coating for greater durability during activity. 

The Fitness Tracker smartwatch has a slim rectangular design that isn’t much wider than the band itself. It’s made from ABS composite, which is a durable plastic that is lightweight and comfortable.


Both fitness trackers are set up intuitively and it’s simple to navigate through options on both models. The Mach V Tracker uses touch screen technology plus a digital crown located on the side for easy scrolling; while the Fitness Tracker uses a touch-button located on the front screen to navigate through settings and options.

Wrist Band

Both wrist fitness bands are made of latex-free TPU material that won’t cause irritation, is durable, comfortable against the skin, plus sweat and weather resistant.

Water Resistant

Both fitness tracker designs are IP68 water resistant; which means they are safe and wearable while showering, in inclement weather, and shallow pools for up to 30 minutes at a 2m depth.

Notifications & Alarms

Get smartphone notifications straight to your fitness tracker. By connecting to your smartphone you’ll receive text, incoming calls, and alarm notifications straight. Both the Mach V and Vive Fitness Tracker come equipped with this feature.

Our Recommendations

Fitness Tracker Mach V

Best Fitness Tracker for Sleep

If you want a sleep tracker for a better picture of your sleep quality, then the Mach V Tracker will do just that. It has an up to 7 day battery life and only takes 2 hours to recharge and is wearable while you sleep. Check the Vive Fit App the next day to get real time charts of your sleep patterns. Our Fitness Tracker is also capable of sleep tracking.

Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Tracker for Weight Loss

For losing weight, the most important feature to look for is an activity tracker for your workouts; to know that you’re hitting your goals. Both the Vive fitness trackers can do just that. If you are looking for something simple that logs walks or light jogs, the Fitness Tracker is all that you need. For someone who is going to participate in a more variety of workouts should go with the Mach V.

Fitness Tracker Mach V

Best Fitness Tracker for Workouts

When it comes to fitness tracking and logging a variety of workouts, we recommend the Mach V fitness tracker. With Sport Mode you can choose a specific type of workout mode which helps the smartwatch provide more accurate data about your performance. If you’re looking for a lifting, sport, or running watch go with the Mach V.

Fitness Tracker Mach V

Best Fitness Tracker for Men

Both our fitness trackers have adjustable wrist bands and fit comfortably on men and women; however, men tend to prefer how the Mach V looks with a larger screen. If you’re looking for something more discreet, the Fitness Tracker has a minimal design. Function wise, but options are great.

Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Tracker for Women

Women tend to have smaller wrists and we find that some prefer the Fitness Tracker due to it’s slim and minimal design. Regardless, the Mach V does fit comfortably on both men and women’s wrists. There isn’t much difference in functionality between the two so this recommendation is just based on looks.

Fitness Tracker Mach V

Best Fitness Tracker Under $50

Both Vive fitness trackers ring in at a price point under $50 and provide a wide range of tracking options. The Mach V is priced slightly higher than the Fitness Tracker but it comes equipped with Sport Mode for more customizable data tracking and a premium ceramic coating that is slightly more durable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what customers are asking before they decide.

How do the Vive Fitness Trackers compare to higher priced trackers?

Our fitness trackers come equipped with all the most important features necessary for activity and health tracking at a more affordable price point. This includes a long lasting battery life that outlasts popular options like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin.

Can I find these fitness trackers on Amazon?

Yes, both the Vive Health Fitness Trackers are available to purchase through Amazon; however, purchasing straight from our website will automatically activate your 60-day guarantee and give us direct access to your order information in case we need to assist you for any reason.

Need More Help?

Get more information on all Vive Health products by talking to our customer service and product specialists. Call between 8:30am and 9pm EST daily at 1-800-487-3808 or email us at service@vivehealth.com

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Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is part of the product development and improvement team at ViveHealth.com. His understanding of products and vast knowledge of consumer needs makes it easy for him to provide helpful information on choosing the best products.

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