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Choosing the Best Balance Trainer

by Juan Lopez August 08, 2019 0 Comments

balance pad lunge

Whether you’re trying to improve core strength, boost mental focus, or get started on an at-home rehabilitation program, balance trainers are a good tool to have on hand. Choosing the right one means considering all the factors, like material, weight limit, and dimensions, as well as intended uses and recommendations for your needs. Check out our guide below for an in-depth look at all the most important factors.

What to Consider When Choosing a Balance Trainer

See what makes each of our balance trainers unique, with our detailed breakdown below.


Antimicrobial Foam

The foam used in our balance pad was chosen for its durable, high-density body that offers a firm and springy surface for balance training. This closed-cell foam is tear-resistant, and effectively repels water and sweat.

Latex-free PVC Blend

Our inflatable wobble cushion uses a durable PVC blend with tear-resistant strength. It features a dual textured surface that allows enhanced traction while exercising and a studded massage surface for comfortable seating.

Lightweight Poplar Wood

The lightweight poplar wood in our wobble board is perfectly suited to serious balance training. It has 11 layers of durability, allowing users up to 300 lbs to take advantage of its benefits. Weighing less than 4 lbs, it can be easily transported whenever it’s needed.

Anti-Burst PVC

The anti-burst PVC used in our exercise ball is designed with durability in mind. Able to support up to 2000 lbs, and is entirely latex-free, so it can be used for years without worry. A non-slip matte finish keeps sitters from slipping or sliding during use.

Weight Limit

Choosing the correct weight limit for your body type is important, as it will ensure you have safe workout sessions with our balance trainers for years to come. Luckily, all our trainers are made to support most adults, and you can check their respective weight limits in the chart above.


All of our balance trainers are designed to be portable and easy to store when not in use. This makes them a good option for fitness enthusiasts who don’t have the space to dedicate to larger equipment, or those who want to workout on the go. Take a look at the chart above for more information on the dimensions of our balance trainers..


Balance Training

Training balance is an important part of many physical therapy programs, and can serve as the foundation for an overall fitness regimen. Those at risk of falls can benefit from the improved balance our three trainers offer. It’s easy for anyone to get started on their own balance routine with our balance pad.

Functional Strength

Daily balance training sessions help build core strength, by activating your abdominals, back, and pelvic muscles. Building core strength can help prevent injuries and improve posture over time. For a challenging core workout, try our wobble board.

Injury Prevention

Strengthening the abdominals and back muscles is a good way to prevent injury, especially for athletes who put their body under regular stress. Our wobble board can help prevent injury, by activating core muscles with regular use and improving ankle stability.


A big component of many rehabilitation programs involves improving coordination and balance, allowing patients to regain mobility and independence. For a safe and effective rehab program, our balance pad is a good place to start.

Active Sitting

Also called dynamic sitting, this concept is about maintaining flexibility while seated to encourage natural body movement. Products like our exercise ball make tasks like reaching and bending easier, while also improving mental focus. Our wobble cushion is a good way to promote active sitting while staying comfortable for long-term use.

Our Recommendations for... 

Get recommendations tailored to your level of stability and coordination here.

Balance Pad for Low Stability

Low Stability

Those with low stability, or who are new to balance training, should look for an option that offers an easygoing balance workout while still being effective. The plush foam design of our balance pad is a good place to start as it builds ankle strength and stability gradually. It can be used standing for a good training exercise, but also while seated for pain relief and active sitting benefits. It’s tear-resistant design makes it durable over the long term.

Balance Disc for Moderate Stability

Moderate Stability

If you’re looking for a versatile design that can be used by beginners and balance pros alike, try our wobble cushion. It offers a greater challenge than the balance pad, with an inflatable design that keeps your core muscles active during use. Dual textured surfaces on the top and bottom of the cushion ensure traction and a comfortable seat. The exercise ball can also be used for active seating to improve posture, core strength, and mental focus.

Balance Disc for Moderate to High Stability

Moderate to High Stability

Users with a higher level of coordination and stability should test their balance with a trainer that will fully engage their core. Our wobble board is a good choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to strengthen abdominals, back muscles, and ankles with a challenging workout. The slim and lightweight design is easily portable and can be taken indoors or outdoors when needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Alternative workout equipment offers some surprising benefits that you may not be aware of. Learn everything you need right here.

Do balance boards burn calories?

Balance training works your body’s core, targeting muscles that are left unnoticed by traditional workouts. This not only burns calories, but improves the effectiveness of all sorts of calorie-burning workouts.

What muscles does a wobble board enage?

Balance trainers are designed specifically to target the core muscles, or those within the torso. This makes this type of workout equipment especially valuable, since core muscles rarely get a good workout, and can be difficult to target regularly.

What other benefits to balance trainers offer?

Aside from burning calories and engaging core muscles, there is a wide range of other benefits offered by balance trainers. See some of our favorites below:

  • Helps rehabilitation from injuries or surgery
  • Improves posture
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Boosts coordination
  • Lessens lower back pain

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Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is part of the product development and improvement team at His understanding of products and vast knowledge of consumer needs makes it easy for him to provide helpful information on choosing the best products.

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