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Best Insoles - #1 Ranked for 2018

by Jessica Hegg January 15, 2018 0 Comments

Full Length Orthotics by Vive

Are you on your feet all day, suffer from pain caused by flat feet, or have a pair of high heels you love but are too uncomfortable to wear? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need a pair of insoles. The best insoles for heel pain are different than the best arch support insoles, and since different insoles help different conditions, choosing the perfect option isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive list of the best insoles for every type of shoe and foot problem. Read on to find the best insoles for you!

Insoles By Type


Overall Insoles – Top 3

The best overall insoles provide comfort for all types of feet, no matter what shoes you are wearing. They do not overheat or cause you to sweat, which is ideal for those who exercise or live in warm climates. Browse our top three overall picks, or check out the best insoles by condition below.

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Full Length Orthotics Vive
2. Heritage Insoles Superfeet
3. Self Moldable Orthotics Corefit



When you have flat feet, finding a pair of well-fitting and comfortable shoes can be a challenge. This is where insoles come in. The best insoles for flat feet support tendons, improve anatomical alignment, and relieve pain in feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even the lower back.

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¾ Length Orthotics by Vive

Orthotics by Samurai Insoles

Performance Shoe Insoles by Sof Sole



As beautiful as high heels can be, they aren’t always comfortable! Gel insoles are a popular way to improve the comfort and wearability of high heels. They are durable and absorb shock--making them great for stilettos! The next time you hit the town in your favorite shoes, you won’t end up barefoot with your heels in your handbag. Pick up a pair of these gel insoles and get ready to rock those heels!

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High Heel Gel Insoles by Envelop

Gel Insole by Dr. Scholl’s

Heel Pads by Burlingham’s



High arches can lead to a host of conditions, including knee, hip, and back pain. The best insoles for high arches stop these problems in their tracks. By cushioning the heel and toe pad, insoles restore your comfort and confidence. Check out our favorites below.

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Full Length Orthotics by Vive

Fit Performance Insole by Sof Sole

Heritage Insoles by Superfeet



If your job requires long hours standing up, your feet suffer. Make sure to give them the support they need with a pair of excellent insoles for standing all day. The best insoles keep your feet comfortable, which in turn keeps your knees and hips healthy.

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Arch Support Insoles by Vive

Comfort Gel Insoles by Dycarfell

Airr Orthotic Insoles by Sof Sole



Heel pain can manifest as a dull ache or sharp, shooting pain. It’s often most noticeable in the mornings or after a long period of inactivity, resulting from a number of potential causes including plantar fasciitis. Active individuals and older adults are often affected by heel pain. We’ve done the research to find the best insoles for heel pain. Check them out below.

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Full Length Orthotics by Vive

Self Moldable Orthotics by Corefit

Heel Cups and Heel Grips Kit by DR JK



Whether you’re wearing gorgeous winter boots or heavy work boots, the bulkiness of boots can result in discomfort. Work boots do a great job protecting your feet, but you can suffer in other ways—through pain, discomfort, and blisters. Check out the best insoles for boots below to get protection without the pain.

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Mozaic Customizable Orthotics by Aetrex

Arch Support Insoles by Vive

Heritage Insoles by Superfeet


Foot Conditions that can Benefit from Insoles

Insoles are one solution that can fit a variety of problems. Find information one some of the most common foot conditions below.

  • Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that runs from your heel bone to your toes. It is a critical component of the complex bones and tissues in your foot, supporting your foot and absorbing shock. This is particularly crucial for runners and athletes.  

When the plantar fascia becomes inflamed or irritated, the accompanying pain can be debilitating. Physical therapy, pain relief medication, night splints and orthotics are among the most common forms of treatment. Your doctor may recommend particular insoles or inserts, but you can also find them yourself online.

  • High Arches

People with high arches can experience numerous problems because of the excess stress placed on the heel and ball of the foot. This stress leads to pain during standing, walking, and exercise, though pain is not always confined to the foot. Painful ankles or knees are also common in those with high arches.  

People with high arches benefit greatly from good support. Look for footwear that supports the shape of your foot and use a quality pair of insoles. Insoles should support the natural shape and curve of your foot as well as cushion the heel and toes.

  • Flat Feet

Sometimes known as Fallen Arches, flat feet are like the opposite of high arches and can develop over time.  Some people with flat feet may not notice problems, while others experience pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even lower back. Flat feet can also lead to overpronation, which may cause foot injuries.  

A good pair of insoles gently lifts the arch to properly align the foot and alleviate problems associated with flat feet. The best insoles for flat feet also keep your feet from rolling inwards while walking.

Best Types of Insoles

Insoles come in all shapes and sizes to support the wide variety of different needs out there. See which of the following can work best for you.

  • Gel Insoles

Painful or sensitive feet benefit greatly from gel insoles. Although gel tends to be a little heavier and denser than foam, it is also more durable. We like the shock absorption from gel insoles, which is particularly beneficial during running or sports.

  • Foam Insoles

Foam is a classic, tried-and-tested filler for insoles. Foam insoles are economical and easy to find, and often come with a hardened base for more support. The downside is that foam insoles may not last as long as gel insoles.

  • Heel Cups

Heel cups address heel pain and conditions like plantar fasciitis. As the name suggests, they “cup” the heel, providing cushioned comfort, support, and shock absorption. They’re not suitable for every type of foot or condition, but they do help heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

  • Arch Support Cushions

Everyone’s feet and arches are unique. Unfortunately, some people may develop longer-term problems due to fallen arches or flat feet. Orthotic arch supports and arch support cushions can prevent the development of more serious conditions.

Tips for Buying Insoles

Buying the right pair of insoles is not always a quick or easy process. By following these tips, you can make your search simpler and more productive: 

  • Measure your foot first, so you know which size to buy.
  • Use a pair of scissors to trim the insoles as necessary.
  • Carefully read the care and washing instructions, and regularly clean your insoles to keep them fresh and hygienic.
  • Replace your shoes regularly—an insole can help, but it can’t cure a broken shoe!
  • Replace insoles after a few months if they start to wear down and lose their support.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Insoles

Insoles are a great place to start, whether you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, flat feet, or high arches. Take these steps to maximize the effectiveness of insoles and to recover from painful foot conditions.

  • Buy Insoles for Different Shoes

It’s no good wearing insoles in high heels while your feet remain unsupported in all your other shoes. Make sure you have enough insoles to go around so your feet receive consistent support.

  • Rest as Necessary

Full recovery from bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions takes time and patience. As frustrating as it may be, this means you can’t always go running every morning. Give your feet a rest, and if they’re hurting they may telling you to slow down!

Get the most out of your rest with the best ice packs for feet, which can help speed recovery and reduce pain!

  • Buy Good Shoes

Insoles are important, but even the best insoles cannot replace a good pair of shoes. Of course, special occasion shoes may not be as comfortable or supportive, but the shoes you wear all the time, like work boots or running shoes, need to provide adequate support.

When to Consider Custom Orthotics

While not cheap, people with long-term or ongoing foot problems may decide custom orthotics are worth the money. Understand your health insurance, and remember that even where an initial consultation with a podiatrist is covered, you may still need to a pay a small copay.  

For many people and many foot conditions, off-the-shelf orthotics are sufficient. If you’re unsure about the best way to treat your foot condition, speak to a podiatrist.  

Read more about the cost, advantages and disadvantages of custom orthotics here

Choosing the Best Insoles for You

Insoles are convenient, affordable, and available in a variety of options, offering the ability to adapt to all sorts of shoes, from high heels to work boots. Of course, the best insoles for you depend on your lifestyle, foot type, and particular condition. That’s why a little bit of time and research can really pay off. Invest in a good pair of insoles and get yourself moving again!

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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