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Choosing the Best Walking Cane

by Juan Lopez April 28, 2022 0 Comments

Whether you are looking for a cane with maximum stability or one to take traveling, it’s important to consider all the factors when choosing the best walking cane. Follow our guide for information on our selection of canes, covering tips, handle style, height, stability level, and recommendations suited to your needs.

The Types of Walking Canes We Offer

What to Consider When Choosing Your Walking Cane

See what factors matter most to you and learn more about what makes each of our canes unique.

Cane Handles

  • T-Handle

    The standard T-shape handle is the simplest option, with an ergonomic grip positioned at the head of the cane shaft. You'll find this style handle on our Folding Cane. The grip helps prevent cramping and hand fatigue, while an integrated strap will prevent accidental drops.

  • Offset Handle

    Offset handles are designed with a curve near the handle to better distribute the user’s weight over the shaft of the cane. It also includes a comfortable grip and hand strap for added convenience.  You’ll find this handle on both our Offset and Quad canes.

  • Fritz Handle

    Similar to the T-shape design, the Fritz Handle sits at the head of the cane shaft, and offers an easy grip for day-long use. However, it offers additional comfort and space for ringers with a specially-designed curve on the grip. You'll find this handle on our Lightweight Carbon Fiber Cane.

  • LED Light Handle

    Some handles, like our Folding Cane With LED light, include a battery powered light in the handle of the cane. The light is comprised of 6 individual bulbs and can be angled forward or downwards. It’s foam padded handle cushions your grip and features an easy-click button located conveniently on the top of the cane.

  • Hook Handle

    Traditional canes include a round bend at the head of the cane which allows for a more natural swing while walking. It also makes it easy to hang the cane on chair backs and doorknobs. Though with modern advances in mobility aids, this style is not as commonly used as it has been in the past.

  • Contoured Shaft

    This style is not your typically t-shaped or fritz handle. The handle on our Wooden Walking Stick is mostly straight but specifically designed with a comfortable contour that fits easily into most hands and a ribbed design grip to provide traction while using the cane.

Cane Tips

  • Single Tip

    Basic Single Point Canes are lightweight and easy to use, and feature a slip resistant tip that keeps your can firmly planted with each step. The tip can be switched out and replaced with one of our other cane tips for personalized functionality. If you decide on a cane with a single tip, check out our Quad Base and Ice Tip attachments for more versatile use.

  • Multi Tip

    Multi tip canes bring greater stability and support than their single tip counterparts, with increased points of contact to distribute weight evenly. They are a good choice for seniors or those looking for extra stability. Our Carbon Fiber Cane is one example, which offers a stable, 4 prong base anti slip feet and a lightweight shaft.

  • Multi-Point Pivot Tip

    A multi tip cane tip with a pivot features combines stability and functionality in one. With this style tip you’ll get a wider, more stable, base that will swivel and flex with you as you move. This feature makes it easier and more forgiving to use while providing that necessary support. An added benefit is that your cane will stand without falling over, no need to worry about a proper place for it to lean or rest! You can find this cane tip on our LED Folding Cane and Carbon Fiber Standing Cane.

Adjustable Height

The height of all our canes can be adjusted, depending on the needs of the user. Ideally, the cane should stand as high as your hip bone, letting you rest your hand on the cane while keeping the elbow bent slightly.

To adjust our canes simply loosen the latch under the grip. Insert the brass pin and pull the cane to the desired height. Ensure that the brass pin locks in place, tighten the locking latch, and you’re ready to go.


Our Quad Carbon Fiber Cane offers up to 10” of height adjustability, making it our most height adjustable cane.

Shaft Material

  • Aluminum

    Most of our canes are made of lightweight aluminum. This material allows the cane to be handled easily while staying durable enough for safe use. It is also rust resistant, letting it stand up to the elements over the long term.

  • Carbon Fiber

    Our Carbon Fiber Quad Cane keeps the lightweight maneuverability of aluminum canes and adds long-wearing durability of carbon fiber. This material is made to stand the test of time, and is perfect for those who want to maximize their cane’s endurance.

  • Wood

    Both our Wooden and Carved Walking Stick are crafted from natural wood with durable waterproof construction. The wood shaft is strong and durable, providing long-term durability and reliability.

User Stability

When shopping for a walking cane it’s important to take into account the user’s level of stability. Different style canes provide varying ranges of support and some may be more suitable than others. Check out our recommendations below to learn which cane is best for mild, moderate, and maximum stability.


You will also want to consider weight capacity and ensure the cane you choose is designed to bear the weight of the user. All of the canes we offer safely support up to 250lbs.

Our Recommendations for... 

No matter what your needs, we have a walking cane that will fit the job perfectly.

Walking Cane for Travel


It’s always handy to have your cane when out and about, whether that means stowing it under a car seat or packing it into your carry on. Our LED Folding Cane uses an interior folding mechanism to collapse into a por table size. It features an LED light that can be positioned forward or down for adjustable light no matter where you are.Its multi-point pivot tip provides greater stability than a single point and allows for easier mobility as it pivots and flexes when used.

Walking Cane For Patients with mild Stability

Mild Stability

Patients with only mild stability impairment should look for a can designed for lightweight use. Our Folding Cane can be disassembled for easy travel, making them a good choice for occasional use, or for those who can still stand and walk confidently. Their slim design makes them easy to maneuver and take from place to place.

Carbon Fiber Standing Cane

Moderate Stability

A cane that balances stability with maneuverability is ideal for users with moderate stability challenges. The Standing Carbon Fiber Cane does this well. It’s extremely lightweight and equipped with a multi-point pivoting base that provides both stability and easier mobility. Our Offset Walking Cane is another good option that helps position weight over the shaft of the cane, making for a more balanced stride. The overall design is still compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to take out and about.

Walking Cane for Seniors

Maximum Stability

For seniors and those with more serious mobility challenges, our Quad Carbon Fiber Cane is the best choice. With an asymmetrical four-prong tip design it can stand upright without being held. While its wide base may be a bit harder to handle, the stability it offers makes it the most safe option available. You can also try our Quad Cane as another alternative.

Folding cane with LED Light


Sometimes, the best way to maintain stability is to get a clear view of the path ahead. With our Folding Cane With LED Light, you can illuminate dark areas with the push of a button. It has six individual LED bulbs, a weight capacity of 250 lbs, and a slip resistant pivot base, meaning it will always ensure a safe step. As a plus, you can fold it down to a compact size and store it in the included travel bag for easy portability.

Wooden Walking Stick

Walking or Hiking

If you like to venture out on walks or hikes but need a little more support keeping balance across uneven terrain then our Wooden Walking Stick is a great option for you. Its durable, weatherproof, design is constructed to handle the elements while providing stability and extra leverage across all terrains. For more advanced hikes, our Trekking Poles are another great option, you can check them out here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Make the most of your mobility aid by getting answers to your most pressing questions below.

Q: Are canes a good solution for back pain?

A: Often, the best way to prevent pain in the lower back is finding the right support when you need it. If you’re out and about with back pain, bring along a quad cane to take the stress off your lumbar and move around pain free.

Q: What side do you hold your cane on?

A: Hold your cane on the side of your strong leg, so its able to support your weak leg with each step. When walking, extend your cane in time with each step of your weak leg, either extending the cane ahead of your stride, or stepping ahead of the cane tip.

Q: How long should a walking cane be?

A: Most of our canes are adjustable, which means the first step is finding the perfect length for you. Luckily, finding the right length is quick and simple with our simple guide:

  1. Make sure to wear your regular walking shoes when adjusting the height.
  2. Stand straight and allow your arms to naturally bend without locking.
  3. With help from a friend, measure the distance between your hand and the floor. This is the perfect length for your cane.

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Juan Lopez

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