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10 Cool Wheelchair Accessories to Customize Your Ride

by Jessica Hegg April 14, 2017 0 Comments

Senior woman sitting in wheelchair

Why settle for a boring, plain wheelchair when you can make your chair an extension of your unique personality? There have never been more cool wheelchair accessories for decking out your chair to choose from. Covers and cushions to lights to storage, your wheelchair can be as creative as you like. Show off your style while bringing your wheelchair to the height of comfort and convenience. These ten cool wheelchair accessories will have you wondering why you waited so long to spruce up your chair.

1. Gel "E" Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Wool Seat Cover


Comfort cannot be overvalued. That’s why this seat cushion is a must to make your wheelchair feel luxurious and cozy. The cushion slides right onto the top of your seat and can be removed just as easily. The soft cover wicks away sweat and moisture, keeping you feeling cool in warmer temperatures. No one wants to feel like they’re sitting in a lawn chair—turn your seat into a comfy throne.

2. Spoke Lights

Light-Up Casters



Who says style and safety don’t mix? These attachable wheel lights will get you noticed. The multi-colored LED lights look creative and bold, and they increase visibility in the dark. Stay out as late as you want, and never worry about drivers not seeing your chair. These colorful wheels will light your path and alert others to both your presence and your personality.

3. Push Rims

push rims


Ever feel like you need a little extra grip or traction when moving around? Consider purchasing a pair of wheel push rims.  Super easy to take on and off and may be a good solution to covering up original rims that may have seen some better days, not to mention a pop of color! If you live in particularly warm climates, these help to reduce the heat your dark or metals rims will attract when outside. Definitely worth the look!

4. Wheelchair Bag

Wheelchair Bag


At number four, we’ve got a must-have for convenience. The Vive Wheelchair Bag makes the things you need easily accessible. Those sunglasses you can never find? The water bottle that is only out of reach when you’re thirsty? Toss them in the bag, and have them handy every time. The bag has two outer pockets for those items you use frequently, and it comes in colorful prints. Style plus practicality equals a win!

5. Life Mounts LED Wheelchair Utility Lighting

UnderGlow Safety Lights


Increase your visibility and safety once more with this hands-free light mount. Attractive and sleek design that you can use in rain or shine. Good, durable, USA-made product, and the convenience is worth it!

6. Tablet Clamp Mount


This tablet mount clip is perfect for easy access and comfortable use of your electronics at any time. Conveniently, transfers between wheelchairs, tables, and desks. The clamp is able to bend, adjust, and rotate for the best angle. Careful not to spend too much time behind the screen ;) 

7. Wheelchair Blanket

Wheelchair Blanket



Coming in at number seven, keep the goosebumps away with a warm blanket made specifically for wheelchairs. Add this to your chair cushion, and your biggest problem will be staying awake! The blanket fastens on the sides and between the legs, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off. It’s lightweight fleece, and it has a front pocket to keep your hands toasty. Whether you’re outside watching a late ball game or spending a quiet evening in, snuggle up and stay warm!

8. Wheelchair Tray

Wheelchair Tray


It doesn’t get more practical than this wheelchair tray. It’s perfect for eating, crafts, and writing. The tray secures to the armrests, and it has raised molding to prevent spills and drops. If you find yourself struggling to work with papers or projects in your lap, you couldn’t find a simpler solution. The tray has a semi-circle cutout to keep it close to your body, and it attaches with Velcro, so it’s simple to secure and remove. Whether you use it to write a masterpiece or make a silly figurine out of modeling clay, simplicity can’t be beat.

9. Umbrella Clamp

Umbrella Clamp


Stay dry with this umbrella clamp. It hooks to the back of your chair and folds flush when not in use. Just clamp in your umbrella, and you stay dry and comfortable. If you’ve ever felt like you need a third hand when the rain is coming down, and the wind is trying to rip the umbrella away, here it is! The clamp does the hard work for you. If you want to be creative, you could also use it to clamp other things, like flags. What better way to show your spirit!

10. Side Bag

side pocket


Our last accessory is great for anyone looking for a secure spot to put personal belongings.  The fact that this pouch attaches to your armrest and only allows access from the INSIDE of your chair, makes it a reliable place for phones, keys, or wallets. The pocket is perfect for travel, maneuvering through crowds, or just everyday errands. Check out the other colors :) 

Other Cool Wheelchair Accessories to Look for:

No matter what you’re doing, make it fun! Your wheelchair is an extension of your style, just like your colorful outfit or zany hat. Show off your creative side with wheelchair accessories that show the world exactly who you are. Whether you’re eight or eighty, don’t be afraid to go with stand-out colors and patterns that make your excited to get to your chair. Here are a few ideas:

Just for Fun -

  • Colorful tires
  • Wheelchair spinners
  • Wheelchair Pals (animal armrest covers)
  • Adhesive designs
  • Seat back covers
  • Permanent wheelchair tattoos

Safety Features -

Safety should always be a top priority. Visibility and ease of movement are key in keeping you safe throughout your daily routine. Thankfully, there are plenty of ingenious wheelchair accessories designed to keep you safe. We mentioned a few, but here are others you might look for:

  • Wheelblades (for snow)
  • Safety flag
  • Spoke reflectors
  • Attachable flashlight
  • Performance tires
  • Reflective stickers
  • iPortal (connects wheelchair to app)

Convenience Features - 

At the end of the day, simple is better. Little struggles cause frustration and ultimately impact our mood and keep us from enjoying life. There are a plethora of clever accessories devoted to removing challenges and making life easier. Besides desks, bags, and slippers, try out these ideas:

  • Water bottle holder
  • Weather chaps
  • Tow-Mo (wheelchair wagon)
  • Phone and tablet mounts
  • Silicone wheelchair grippers
  • Walker holder
  • PowerBuddy (USB charger)
  • Fishing pole holder

Getting Customizing!

Whatever cool wheelchair accessories you use to add some personality to your chair, you should have a good time doing it! Make sure it reflects your style, and choose accessories that complement your life. If you’re excited about your purchase, you’ll have a blast using it, and isn’t that what life’s about? Have fun, show the world your unique sense of style, and impress your friends with a chair that gets you from point A to point B—with pizazz!

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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