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8 Best Heating Pads for Knees

by Jessica Hegg March 22, 2018 0 Comments

heating pad on knees

A heating pad for knee symptoms can be a great investment, especially if you regularly experience aches, pain, or stiffness in and around this major joint. Heating pads for knees come in all shapes and sizes, and some can even be used to deliver cold therapy too. Below, we list the nine best heating pads for knee symptoms, as well as some tips to help you care for your overall leg health.

Top 8 Heating Pads for Knee Symptoms

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Therapy HotPac for Knees and Shoulders Chattanooga
2. Heating Pad Vive
3. Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack Roscoe Medical
4. Aromatherapy Heated Herb Pack Nature's Approach
5. Hot and Cold Pain Relief Wrap Thermipaq
6. Hot Therapy Pack My Heating Pad
7. Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap TrekProof
8. Hot and Cold Therapy Bags NEWSTYLE

1. Therapy HotPac for Knees and Shoulders by Chattanooga Therapy HotPac for Knees and Shoulders by Chattanooga

Used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors, the Chattanooga HotPac provides relief from pain caused by arthritis, strains, sprains, and spasms. Filled with natural bentonite, this heating pad is covered with a gentle cotton fabric. As it is reusable and holds heat for up to 30 minutes, it’s a cost-effective way to alleviate knee symptoms quickly.

  • Stays warm for up to 30 minutes
  • Made of all-natural materials
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Won’t fit into smaller microwaves

2. Heating Pad by Vive Heating Pad by Vive

Vive’s popular heating pad for knees offers targeted pain relief, in an ideal size for treating all areas of the body. A digital controller allows you to choose from four moist or dry settings for individualized healing. Other features include two straps to keep the pad firmly in place during use, a machine-washable micro-plush cover, and an almost nine-foot-long power cord. You’ll also get a convenient bag so that you can store or transport your heating pad.

  • Generous size to cover a large surface area
  • Extra-long power cord for convenience
  • 60-day unconditional guarantee
  • May not get warm enough for those who like very intensive heat therapy

3. Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack by Roscoe Medical Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack by Roscoe Medical

This reusable hot and cold knee pad by Roscoe Medical represents great value for the money. Use it for muscle relaxation, increased circulation, and pain relief. It can be heated in under a minute, or cooled in the freezer in an hour or two. The material used is soft to the touch, stays flexible even when frozen, and the unit is built to withstand hundreds of cleanings.

  • Choice of 3 sizes
  • Can also deliver cold therapy
  • Material is soft and easy to clean
  • Only holds heat for 15 to 20 minutes

4. Aromatherapy Heated Herb Pack by Nature's Approach Aromatherapy Heated Herb Pack by Nature's Approach

Harness the powers of aromatherapy as you treat your knee symptoms with Nature’s Approach heated herb pack. Containing twelve natural herbs, the fragrance will reduce your stress and ease your pain while the gentle heat works on your physical symptoms. Made of organic materials, you can also freeze this environmentally friendly product for cold therapy.

  • Eco-friendly, organic heating pad
  • Emits soothing, natural fragrances
  • Can be used for hot or cold therapy
  • Filling tends to move around in the bag, which can make it difficult to keep in place

5. Hot and Cold Pain Relief Wrap by Thermipaq Hot and Cold Pain Relief Wrap by Thermipaq

ThermiPaq’s relief wrap is filled with all-natural, clay-based materials to deliver deep and targeted heat therapy. With a soft cover and Velcro straps, it conforms to any area of the body. Thanks to Radiant Energy technology, this heating pad doesn’t contain any “hot spots” that can damage the skin or cause pain. Choose to microwave or freeze this reusable pack for hot or cold therapy.

  • Provides deep penetrating relief
  • Made with natural clay materials
  • Soft cover with secure straps
  • Better at holding heat than cold

6. Hot Therapy Pack by My Heating Pad Hot Therapy Pack by My Heating Pad

With a rectangular shape and rice filling, you can use this pad for any area of the body, as well as the knees. In addition to relieving pain and stiffness, it promotes total body relaxation. At two-and-a-half pounds, the pack also applies gentle pressure for mild compression therapy. This My Heating Pad product is also handmade, eco-friendly, and pet safe.

  • Warms up in just 2 minutes
  • Option to vary warmth of the pad
  • Can be used on several areas of the body
  • Some people complain about the smell of the rice filling when heated

7. Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap by TrekProof Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap by TrekProof

Made with medical-grade gel, these two body-forming wraps by TrekProof offer therapeutic relief from muscle knots, stiffness, and general soreness. You can also use them to treat headaches, menstrual cramps, and sinusitis. The pack includes a comfortable strap which is adjustable and allows you to keep the heating pad firmly in place during treatment.

  • Set of 2 hot and cold packs
  • Made with medical-grade gel
  • Adjustable strap allows for use on several areas of the body
  • Strap may not be long enough to fit around the waist of those with larger frames

8. Hot and Cold Therapy Bags by NEWSTYLE Hot and Cold Therapy Bags by NEWSTYLE

Ideal for providing relief from symptoms in any area of the body, this set of NEWSTYLE therapy bags can be filled with warm water or ice cubes for rapid treatment. Features include a soft and waterproof fabric, a leak-resistant cap, and a large opening for easy use.

  • Includes 3 bags of varying sizes
  • Easy to use—simply fill with hot water or ice
  • Soft, rubberized fabric composition
  • May puncture with time if not handled carefully


How and When to Use Heating Pads on Your Knees

Use heat for aches, stiffness, and pains as well as muscle knots. Heat is also the ideal treatment for chronic pain and stress. To use heat therapy, simply apply a heating pad to your knee for up to twenty minutes at a time, up to four times daily.

Ice, on the other hand, should be the treatment of choice for inflammation and recent injuries which have occurred within the last 72 hours. Because heat can exacerbate inflammation and swelling, it should be avoided during this time frame.

Other Tips to Care for Your Knees

As one of the most-used joints in the body, the knee needs extra care and protection to avoid injury and pain. In addition to treating your knee symptoms with heat or ice, consider the following strategies for better joint health.

  • Choose Low-Impact Activities

Exercises that involve running and jumping can put serious strain on the knees. Try mixing up your workouts to include some low-impact activities which don’t stress the joints.

Our top recommendations include:

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying around too much weight can cause extra pressure on the knee joints. If you’re overweight, aim to lose a few pounds through exercise and healthy eating.

Stay motivated by tracking your progress on a digital bathroom scale.

  • Alternate Hot and Cold Therapy

If a heating pad alone isn’t alleviating your symptoms, consider contrast therapy. This practice involves alternating hot and cold therapy to boost blood flow, reduce inflammation, and achieve a speedier recovery.

  • Apply a Soothing Cream

A topical treatment for knee pain can be a surprisingly effective alternative to pain relief medication. By penetrating into the muscles surrounding your joint, creams can make joint pain much more manageable.

  • Use Compression

If pain and swelling in the knee are holding you back, it may be time to try some gentle compression. Compression restricts blood flow to the knee in order to reduce inflammation. It can also provide support and stabilization when you engage in everyday activities.

You’ll find the best compression knee braces here.

  • Try a Hinged Brace for Extra Support

For high-level knee support, you’ll want a hinged knee brace. While these braces tend to restrict movement, they also protect, stabilize, and prevent further damage to injured knee joints.

Learn more about choosing a hinged knee brace here.

Choosing the Best Heating Pad for Knees

Keep your knees in tip-top condition by using a heating pad for stiffness and pain and implementing some beneficial lifestyle changes. When choosing one of the heating pads from those listed above, do your research and consider your individual needs.

Finally, always consult your doctor if you are experiencing unexplained or severe knee pain, or if your knee symptoms persist or get worse.  

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