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180 Senior Discounts [Ultimate List]

by Jessica Hegg July 12, 2017 0 Comments

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When the candles start overtaking your cake, it's time to cash in on the deals! You can find senior discounts on everything from a delicious dinner to an oil change to national park passes. Let the grandchildren make their "over the hill" jokes—your fun has just started! Most of these deals are available to folks over fifty-five, so it's time to celebrate your age. And what better way to celebrate than saving some cash? That way you can have even more adventures.

Senior Discount Categories


    Restaurant Take advantage of senior discounts to enjoy great food at a great price. ( Image Reference)

    1. Applebee's

    a casual-dining chain that focuses on American fare, such as salads, pasta, and ribs.

    Offer: 15% off your total bill (60+)

    2. Ben & Jerry's

    a fun ice cream shop, which also serves frozen yogurt and sorbet.

    Offer: 10% discount at select locations (60+)

    3. Bob Evans

    a midwestern chain with a country atmosphere, where breakfast is served all day.

    Offer: senior menu with smaller portioned, less expensive meals (55+ )

    4. Bonefish Grill

    a casual dining seafood chain known for their wood-grilled fish.

    Offer: 15% off purchase for AARP members

    5. Burger King

    a fast food chain specializing in burgers and fries and known for their "Whopper."

    Offer: 10% discount (60+)

    6. Back Yard Burgers

    a southern and midwestern burger chain that makes its patties with 100% Black Angus Beef.

    Offer: 10% discount (55+)

    7. Captain D’s

    a fast food seafood chain specializing in fish and chips.

    Offer: varying discount on Sundays and Wednesdays (62+)

    8. Carl’s Jr.

    a fast food chain known for their half-pound burgers.

    Offer: 10% discount on meal or a discounted drink, depending on location

    9. target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" title="Carrabba’s Italian Grill">Carrabba’s Italian Grill

    a chain featuring American-Italian cuisine.

    Offer: 15% discount for AARP members

    10. Carrow’s

    a casual-dining chain serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the western US.

    Offer: discounted senior menu (60+)

    11. Chik-Fil-A

    a fast food restaurant serving up all things chicken, from chicken sandwiches to grilled chicken salads.

    Offer: free small drink or coffee plus 10% discount (55+)

    12. Cici’s Pizza

    a buffet chain serving American-style pizza, along with dessert pizzas and cinnamon rolls.

    Offer: 10% discount on any pizza order or buffet ticket (60+)

    13. Culver’s

    a midwest fast food chain known for their “Butterburgers” and “Concrete Mixers” (frozen yogurt).

    Offer: 10% discount on menu items (60+)

    14. Dairy Queen

    a fast food burger chain known for their ice cream “Blizzards.”

    Offer: 10% discount or a free small drink, depending on location (55+)

    15. Del Taco

    a fast food chain that serves both American-style Mexican cuisine and traditional American fare, such as burgers and fries.

    Offer: 10% discount or a free drink (55+)

    16. Denny’s

    a family restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the clock.

    Offer: 20% off entire check from 4 to 10 p.m. for AARP members. Coffee is $1 per person for AARP members and their guests (all day).

    17. Dunkin’ Donuts

    a donut and coffee chain, which also serves breakfast sandwiches and muffins.

    Offer: free donut with purchase of a large or extra-large hot coffee for AARP members

    18. Einstein Bros. Bagels

    a bagel and coffee chain that also offers sandwiches and salads.

    Offer: 10% off a baker’s dozen of bagels (60+)

    19. Fuddruckers

    a premium burger chain serving the “World’s Greatest Hamburgers.”

    Offer: 10% discount on any senior platter (55+)

    20. Gatti’s Pizza

    a southeastern pizza buffet chain known for its family atmosphere and game room.

    Offer: 10% discount (60+)

    21. Golden Corral

    a buffet chain featuring various cuisines, including Italian, Mexican, and American, as well as a grill.

    Offer: 10% discount on any meal (60+)

    22. Hardee's

    a fast food burger chain featuring “Thickburgers,” along with fries and other American favorites.

    Offer: a small drink for 33¢ with purchase of a meal (65+)

    23. IHOP

    a chain serving up pancakes and coffee, along with omelettes and other breakfast favorites, twenty-four hours a day.

    Offer: 10% discount on any meal (55+)

    24. Jack in the Box

    a fast food chain offering burgers, sandwiches, salads, and shakes.

    Offer: 20% discount on almost all orders (55+)

    25. Kentucky Fried Chicken

    a fast food chain serving chicken and Southern-style sides.

    Offer: free small drink with purchase of a main dish (55+)

    26. Krispy Kreme

    a donut chain that also serves coffee and breakfast items.

    Offer: 10% discount (50+)

    27. Long John Silvers

    a fast food seafood chain, offering platters and sandwiches alongside their fish and chips meals.

    Offer: discount varies by location (55+)

    28. McDonald's

    one of America’s most recognizable fast food chains, offering burgers, breakfast, and milkshakes.

    Offer: discounted drinks (55+)

    29. Mrs. Fields Cookies

    a huge retailer of freshly baked cookies and brownies.

    Offer: 10% discount (60+)

    30. O’Charley’s

    a casual-dining chain serving up American fare, including steaks, seafood, chicken, and salads.

    Offer: 10% discount (60+)

    31. Old Country Buffet

    a country-style buffet chain with restaurants across the US.

    Offer: various discounts for Senior Club Card holders, which costs $1 (60+)

    32. Ponderosa Steakhouse

    a family-focused chain known for their affordable steak dinners.

    Offer: rotating deals between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. (60+)

    33. Popeye’s Fried Chicken

    a fast food chain serving Cajun-style cuisine, including chicken, fries, and rice.

    Offer: free drink or 10% off any order (55+)

    34. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

    an international candy chain offering over 300 varieties of chocolates and confections.

    Offer: 20% off most items (65+)

    35. Ryan’s Grill, Buffet, and Bakery

    a buffet chain featuring various cuisines, along with a grill and dessert options, in a family atmosphere.

    Offer: discounts with a Ryan’s Senior Club card (60+)

    36. Schlotzky’s Deli

    a chain specializing in hot and cold sandwiches.

    Offer: 10% discount (60+)

    37. Shoney’s

    a buffet chain offering affordable, Southern-style meats and sides, as well as a made-to-order menu.

    Offer: 20% discount on entrees (55+)

    38. Sonic Drive In

    a chain of fast food, drive-in restaurants, with carhops serving up hot dogs, ice cream, and more.

    Offer: 10% discount or a discount drink, depending on location (60+)

    39. Steak’n Shake

    a diner-style chain known for its steak burgers and milkshakes.

    Offer: 10% discount on Mondays and Tuesdays (50+)

    40. Subway

    a fast food chain known for its made-to-order sub sandwiches.

    Offer: 10% discount (62+)

    41. Taco Bell

    a fast food chain known for its affordable prices and American-Mexican cuisine.

    Offer: $5 discount (65+)

    42. TCBY

    a frozen yogurt chain offering soft-serve fro-yo and a variety of toppings.

    Offer: 10% discount (55+)

    43. Waffle House

    a chain of affordable restaurants serving coffee and breakfast twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year.

    Offer: 10% discount on Mondays (60+)

    44. Wendy’s

    a fast food chain known for its chicken sandwiches and square burgers, along with salads and sides.

    Offer: discount varies depending on location

    45. Whataburger

    a Texas fast food burger chain.

    Offer: 10% discount or free coffee or small drink

    46. White Castle

    a fast food chain famous for its square “slider” hamburgers.

    Offer: 10% discount—may require discount card, depending on location (62+)

    47. Arby’s

    a fast food chain known for its roast beef sandwiches.

    Offer: 10% discount or free drink, depending on location (55+)

    48. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

    a family-friendly chain serving seafood and American fare.

    Offer: 10% discount with AARP membership

    49. Chili’s

    a casual-dining chain featuring Tex-Mex-style cuisine, along with a grill and bar.

    Offer: 10% discount (55+)

    50.   Olive Garden

    a fast food chain serving up American-style Italian cuisine, known for its unlimited breadsticks.

    Offer: special senior menu items with Club 62 membership (62+)

    51. Outback Steakhouse

    an international, Australian-themed chain serving American cuisine.

    Offer: 10% discount on meals for AARP members

    52. The Old Spaghetti Factory

    an Italian-style chain restaurant with locations throughout the US and Canada.

    Offer: discounted senior menu

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    Grocery store You have to buy groceries anyway—you might as well save some money with senior discounts. ( Image Reference)

    53. Albertsons

    grocery stores located in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Southern California, Florida, and Utah.

    Offer: 10% discount on the first Wednesday of the month, at select locations (55+)

    54. American Discount Foods

    a discounted grocery outlet located in Mesa, Arizona.

    Offer: 10% discount on Mondays (50+)

    55. Bi-Lo

    supermarket chain with locations in Georgia, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina.

    Offer: 5% discount on Wednesdays (60+)

    56. C-Town Supermarkets

    northern grocery chain with over two-hundred locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

    Offer: 5% discount on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (60+)

    57. Compare Foods Super Market

    an independent, Northern supermarket chain.

    Offer: 10% discount on Wednesdays (60+)

    58. DeCicco Family Markets

    a small, family-owned New York chain, offering grocery delivery and pick-up.

    Offer: 5% discount on Wednesdays (60+)

    59. Fred Meyer

    part supermarket, part department store, with locations in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

    Offer: 10% discount on the first Tuesday of the month and on every Tuesday in November and December (55+)

    60. Fry’s Supermarkets and Marketplaces

    a division of the Kroger Co., operating over a hundred stores in Arizona.

    Offer: 10% discount the first Wednesday of the month with free Fry’s VIP club membership (55+)

    61. Great Valu Food Store

    a group of independent, Mid-Atlantic grocery stores.

    Offer: 5% discount on Tuesdays (60+)

    62. Gristedes Supermarket

    a small, New York supermarket chain serving urban areas.

    Offer: 10% discount on Tuesdays (60+)

    63. Hannaford

    Northeastern supermarket chain.

    Offer: 5% discount every Tuesday, at select locations (62+)

    64. Harris Teeter

    a supermarket chain operating over two hundred stores in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, DC.

    Offer: 5% discount on Tuesdays, at select locations (62+)

    65. Hy-Vee

    an employee-owned chain with locations throughout the Midwest.

    Offer: 5% discount on a specific day, which varies by location (62+)

    66. Kroger

    the country’s largest grocery store chain, with over three thousand locations.

    Offer: 10% discount on designated senior days, with details varying by location

    67. Marsh Grocery Stores

    chain of markets in Indiana and Ohio.

    Offer: 10% discount on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on location (60+)

    68. Meijer

    sells food and merchandise in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.

    Offer: 15% discount on designated Senior Discount Days (62+)

    69. Morton Williams Supermarkets

    family-owned food retailer with twelve stores in the New York Metropolitan area.

    Offer: 5% discount on Tuesdays (60+)

    70. Piggly Wiggly

    supermarket chain with more than six hundred stores across the US.

    Offer: 5% discount one day a week, varying by location (55+)

    71. Publix

    an employee-owned supermarket chain known for its coupons.

    Offer: 5% discount on Wednesdays, at select locations (55+)

    72. ShopRite

    a retailers’ cooperative in the Northeastern US.

    Offer: 5-10% discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (60+)

    73. Uncle Giuseppe’s Market Place

    a Long Island supermarket with four locations.

    Offer: 5% discount on a designated day, varying by location

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    Airline seat Have adventures without breaking the bank. Use senior discounts to save on airfare or a bus or train ticket. ( Image Reference)


    74. American Airlines

    the world’s second-largest airline, with extensive international and domestic networks.

    Offer: discounted rates (65+)

    75. Alaska Airlines

    hubs in Seattle, Anchorage, and Portland, along with a sub-hub in Los Angeles.

    Offer: 10% discount on published rates (60+)

    76. Delta Shuttle

    airline operating between airports in New York, Washington, DC, Boston, and Chicago.

    Offer: discounts on select routes (62+)

    77. Southwest Airlines

    a value-priced airline that runs only on high-density routes to keep rates low.

    Offer: discounted fares and fully refundable tickets (65+)

    78. United Airlines

    one of the world’s largest airlines, with hubs all over the world.

    Offer: discounted airfares when you call United Customer Service before booking (65+)

    Rail, Cruise, and Bus

    108. Amtrak

    government-owned passenger train service operating throughout the US.

    Offer: 15% discount on rail fare for select destinations (62+)

    109. Trailways Transportation Systems

    a group of eighty independent bus companies offering transportation services and tours.

    Offer: discounts vary (50+)

    110. Carnival Cruise

    headquartered in Doral, Florida, “The Fun Ships” take you to a variety of destinations.

    Offer: discounts vary (55+)

    111. Celebrity Cruises

    premium cruise line specializing in exotic destinations.

    Offer: special pricing available during booking process (55+)

    112. Norwegian Cruise Line

    headquartered in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and offers a variety of destinations.

    Offer: 5% discount for AARP members when you book nine months in advance

    113. Royal Caribbean

    based in Miami, Florida, and operates more than twenty ships.

    Offer: discounts on selected sailings (55+)

    114. Greyhound Bus Lines

    an intercity passenger-bus with destinations throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

    Offer: 5% discount (62+)

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    Hotel reception Relax in the nicest hotels with all the amenities you want—and enjoy discounted rates and special perks.

    79. Best Western

    the world’s largest hotel chain, operating thousands of hotels in nearly eighty countries.

    Offer: 10% discount and extended check out (55+)

    80. Cambria Suites

    a hotel chain known for its tech offerings, including flat-screen TVs and Media-Hub tech, along with spas and barista bars.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    81. Clarion

    a hotel chain featuring high quality and affordable rates, with amenities such as business centers, restaurants, and exercise rooms.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    82. Comfort Suites

    a major chain with locations throughout the US, offering complimentary breakfasts, swimming pools, and wireless Internet access.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    83. Doubletree Hotels

    an international chain including luxury hotels and resorts for a premium getaway.

    Offer: discounted rates (62+)

    84. Econo Lodge

    a budget-friendly hotel chain offering continental breakfast, WiFi hotspots, and a free morning paper.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    85. Hampton Inn & Suites

    international hotel chain located in five countries, offering amenities such as complimentary breakfasts and wireless Internet access.

    Offer: 10% discount on rooms booked seventy-two hours in advance

    86. Holiday Inn

    a massive hotel chain that serves a hundred million guests globally each night.

    Offer: 10-30% off rates, depending on location (62+)

    87. Hyatt

    a hotel chain including Regency, Park, and Grand Hyatt hotels.

    Offer: various discounts, including half-priced rooms (62+)

    88. MainStay Suites

    a residential-style hotel chain, offering studio and one-bedroom suites for extended stays.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    89. Mariott

    a global hotel chain offering extended-stay and timeshare lodging.

    Offer: 15% discount (62+)

    90. Motel 6

    a budget lodging chain with over a thousand locations through the US and Canada.

    Offer: 10% discount on any stay (60+)

    91. Myrtle Beach Resort

    an oceanfront resort in South Carolina.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates at non-peak times (55+)

    92. Quality Inn

    a chain with locations throughout the US, featuring Serta beds and free Internet access.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    93. Radisson Hotels

    a major, international hotel company with locations in seventy-three countries.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (60+)

    94. Rhodeway Inn

    an affordable hotel featuring complimentary breakfasts and free morning papers.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    95. Sleep Inn

    a hotel chain known for modern-style rooms and featuring amenities such as free breakfast buffets, wireless Internet access, and swimming pools.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    96. Starwood Hotels

    operates the international hotels Westin, Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, The Luxury Collection, W Hotels, St. Regis, Le Meridien, Aloft, and Element by Westin.

    Offer: 20% discount on rates for AARP members (50+)

    97. Suburban Hotels

    an extended-stay hotel chain featuring studio or one-bedroom suites.

    Offer: 10% discount on room rates (50+) and 20-30% discount on advance reservations (60+)

    98. Wyndham Hotels

    operates the hotels Baymont, Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Hawthorn Suites, Knights Inn, Microtel, Ramada, Super 8, Travelodge, and Wingate by Wyndham.

    Offer: 20% off rates for AARP members (no age) and 10% discount (50+)

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    Car Rentals

    Senior driving a car Use senior discounts to save money on car rentals so you can spend more on the fun parts of your trip. ( Image Reference)

    99. Advantage Rent-A-Car & Noble

    a car rental company serving businesses and individuals.

    Offer: discounts vary by location (50+)

    100. Alamo

    an international vehicle rental company.

    Offer: unlimited mileage and discounts up to 10% (50+)

    101. Avis

    a vehicle rental company featuring hundreds of global locations.

    Offer: up to 10% off (50+)

    102. Budget Rental Cars

    features sedans, SUVs, and specialty cars, available at airports and storefront locations throughout the US.

    Offer: 10% discount (50+)

    103. Dollar Rent-A-Car

    international car rental service with locations in fifty-three countries.

    Offer: 10% discount (50+)

    104. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    specializes in providing replacement cars and vehicles for short trips.

    Offer: 5% discount for AARP members

    105. Hertz

    international car rental service with locations all over the globe.

    Offer: 15% off Hertz membership rates and 10% off rental rates for AARP members, plus discounts through its 50 Plus program (50+)

    106. National Car Rental

    vehicle rental company with locations throughout the US.

    Offer: complimentary membership in the Nationals Emerald Club ($50 value) (50+)

    107. Rent A Wreck

    car rental company known for renting used cars at budget-friendly prices.

    Offer: 5% discount (50+)

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    Clothing department store Save money on the fashion you love so you can look great and feel great. ( Image Reference)

    115. Banana Republic

    an international clothing brand specializing in mainstream, luxury clothing.

    Offer: 10% discount at select locations (50+)

    116. Bealls

    department stores offering clothing for the whole family.

    Offer: 20% discount on the first Tuesday of the month (50+)

    117. Belk

    a Southern department store chain specializing in stylish clothing, along with other products for the home.

    Offer: 15% discount on the first Tuesday of each month (55+)

    118. Bon Ton

    Northern department stores providing family clothing and footwear.

    Offer: 15% discount on designated senior days (55+)

    119. Burke’s Outlet

    outlet department store chain.

    Offer: 15% discount on Mondays with Burke’s Outlet Monday Club membership (50+)

    120. C.J. Banks

    chain specializing in plus-size women’s clothing.

    Offer: 10% discount on Wednesdays (60+)

    121. Dress Barn

    chain known for professional, affordable women’s clothing.

    122. Goody’s

    Southern and Midwestern clothing chain.

    Offer: 20% discount on Tuesdays with Club 50-Plus membership (50+)

    123. Goodwill

    thrift stores funding a non-profit organization.

    Offer: 10% discount at select locations (55+)

    124. Kohl's

    nation-wide chain known for its fantastic sales and promotions.

    Offer: 15% discount on Wednesdays (55+)

    125. Ross

    an off-price retailer known for its consistently low prices.

    Offer: 10% discount on Tuesdays (55+)

    126. Stage Department Stores

    Southeastern and Midwestern department store chain.

    Offer: 20% discount on Tuesdays with Club 50-Plus membership (50+)

    127. Stein Mart

    discount chain known for providing trendy clothing for the whole family.

    Offer: 20% discount on clearance items on the first Monday of each month (55+)

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    people watching in a theaterEnjoy a night out with your loved ones. See a movie, visit a museum, or explore a national park.  ( Image Reference)

    128. AMC Theatres

    a chain of movie theaters operating throughout the US.

    Offer: up to 20% discount on regular admission every day and discounts of up to 60% on Tuesdays, varying by location (60+)

    129. Art Institute of Chicago

    one of the oldest art museums in the US, with over three-hundred thousand works of art in its collection.

    Offer: $6 off ticket price (65+)

    130. Busch Gardens Tampa

    an African-themed animal theme park in Florida, covering 335 acres with its tropical landscapes, exotic animals, and rides.

    Offer: discounted prices on annual passes (65+)

    131. Carmike Cinemas

    one of the largest theater companies in the US, with theaters in thirty-five states.

    Offer: 35% discount on tickets (65+)

    132. Cinemark Theatres

    one of the largest motion picture exhibitors in North America, with 293 theaters spanning thirty-nine states.

    Offer: 35% discount on tickets, plus up to an additional 10% discount on Mondays, which is Seniors Day (62+)

    133. Dallas Zoo

    a zoo and aquarium in Dallas, Texas.

    Offer: up to 35% discount on admission price on Wednesdays (65+)

    134. Landmark Theatres

    the largest theater circuit in the nation, known for independent, foreign, and documentary films.

    Offer: up to 30% discount on ticket prices (62+)

    135. Marcus Theatres

    a movie theater chain with locations in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

    Offer: discounted Friday matinee tickets through the “Young at Heart” program (60+)

    136. Metropolitan Museum of Art

    an art museum in New York City that is among the most visited art museums in the world.

    Offer: $8 discount on ticket prices (65+)

    137. National Amusements Theatres

    worldwide theater chain operating under the Multiplex, Showcase, and Cinema de Lux brands.

    Offer: up to 30% discount on admission price (60+)

    138. National Parks

    protected areas throughout the US, operated by the National Park Service.

    Offer: $10 lifetime pass, which includes a 50% discount on additional services, such as camping (62+)

    139. New Jersey State Parks

    state parks, forests, and historic sites in New Jersey.

    Offer: free park pass and $2 per night discount on campsite rates (62+)

    140. New York Museum of Modern Art

    a collector and exhibitor of modern art from the 19th century onwards.

    Offer: $7 discount on ticket prices

    141. New York Yankees

    member of the American League East division of Major League Baseball.

    Offer: $5 tickets in designated seating areas for select Monday-through-Thursday games

    142. Oakland Athletics

    member of the American League West division of Major League Baseball.

    Offer: up to 50% discount on select seats, when tickets are purchased through the website (60+)

    143. Regal Cinemas

    movie theater circuit known for its RealD Digital 3D presentations.

    Offer: discounted movie ticket (60+)

    144. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

    a museum displaying kitschy oddities, such as shrunken human heads and rare animal skeletons, with “odditorium” locations around the world.

    Offer: $2 discount on a one-day ticket (55+)

    145. SeaWorld Orlando

    a theme park and marine zoo near Orlando, Florida.

    Offer: $3 discount on a one-day ticket (50+)

    146. Showcase Cinemas

    a move theater chain with locations throughout the US.

    Offer: $6 admission on Wednesdays (60+)

    147. Whitney Museum of American Art

    art museum focusing on 20th and 21st century American art.

    Offer: $6 discount on admission price

    148. Dollywood

    a theme park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, known for its bluegrass feel, country shows, and wild roller coasters.

    Offer: $5 discount on one-day ticket prices (60+)

    149. Zoo Knoxville

    a 53-acre zoo located near downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.

    Offer: $3 discount on admission price (65+)

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    Exersicing group of senior

    Have fun and stay in shape with senior discounts on gym memberships and fitness classes. ( Image Reference)

    150. Gold’s Gym

    a chain of franchised health clubs, which feature cardio and strength equipment.

    Offer: discount varies by franchise

    151. SilverSneakers

    a free fitness program provided by more than sixty health plans and encompassing thousands of gyms.

    Offer: see website for eligibility

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    Phone Services

    using smartphone Stay in touch with the ones who matter most with a discounted plan from your favorite phone service provider. ( Image Reference)

    152. AT&T

    telephone service that also provides broadband and television services.

    Offer: the Special Senior Nation plan includes 200 anytime minutes, mobile to mobile minutes, and nights and weekends, without roaming or long-distance charges for $29.99 per month (65+)

    153. Jitterbug

    a cell phone that’s easy to see, hear, and use.

    Offer: phone for $10 per month (50+)

    154. Verizon Wireless

    one of the nation’s largest mobile-phone service providers.

    Offer: offers various Nationwide 65 Plus Plans (65+)

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    Delivery Services

    Flower shop Sit back, relax, and let the deals come to you with discounts on delivery services. ( Image Reference)


    an international gift-delivery service specializing in wine and champagne.

    Offer: 10% discount, with no minimum purchase (50+)


    a delivery service providing floral arrangements and gifts.

    Offer: 20% discount or $20 off purchase of $79.99 or more with AARP membership

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    Greeting cards

    Whatever you need, chances are there's a senior discount for it—from cards to sporting goods to reading classes. ( Image Reference)

    157. Hallmark

    a chain of stores featuring greeting cards and gifts.

    Offer: 10% discount one day each week, which varies by location (65+)

    158. Kmart

    a massive, global discount chain.

    Offer: Gold K prescription discounts for up to 20% off (50+)

    159. Modell’s Sporting Goods

    Northeastern sporting goods retailer.

    Offer: 10% discount

    160. Premier Nursery

    a family-owned chain of retail nurseries in Northeast Texas.

    Offer: 10% discount on Tuesdays (50+)


    online provider of affordable reading glasses, including bifocals and reading sunglasses.

    Offer: 5% discount with promotional code “senior” (50+)

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    Pet store Treat your furry friend right with senior discounts on all kinds of pet food and toys. ( Image Reference)

    162. PetSmart

    a pet supplies and services chain with locations throughout the US, providing pet services such as grooming, training, and boarding.

    Offer: $10 discount on any online order of $50 or more with promotional code “NEXTTEN” (50+)

    163. Pet Valu

    a pet store with locations across Canada and the Northeastern US.

    Offer: 10% discount the last Thursday of the month, with Your Rewards membership (60+)

    164. Feed ‘em Right

    producer of Black Gold Premium Dog Food.

    Offer: $1 discount on any 40-pound bag (60+)

    165. Fancypaws

    producer of Care-Free Pet Doors.

    Offer: 15% discount on Dogwalk dog doors plus free shipping for SeniorDiscounts members

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    Haircuts for senior A good haircut makes everything better! Save money on your next trip to the salon with senior discounts. ( Image Reference)

    166. Great Clips

    a discount hair salon brand with thousands of franchised salons throughout the US and Canada.

    Offer: $3 off a regular haircut (60+)

    167. Super Cuts

    a hair salon franchise with more than two thousand locations across the US.

    Offer: $2 off haircuts (60+)

    168. MasterCuts

    a casual salon chain that serves the entire family.

    Offer: 20% discount on all salon services and hair care products Monday through Thursday (60+)

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    Auto Service

    Auto Service station Don't let your car empty your wallet. Many major auto service providers offer great senior discounts. ( Image Reference)

    169. Jiffy Lube

    auto service chain with more than two thousand centers across the US and Canada.

    Offer: discount for AARP members, varying by location

    170. Midas

    chain of automotive services centers throughout the US and Canada.

    Offer: 10% discount on labor and services

    171. Pep Boys

    automotive parts and service center.

    Offer: 10% discount at select locations (60+)

    172. STS Tires & Auto Centers

    an independent tire and automotive service company.

    Offer: 5% discount on tires, services, and accessories (55+)

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    Pharmacy & Medical

    Medicines at Pharmacy There are tons of opportunities for seniors to save money on medicine and medical products.  ( Image Reference)

    173. OptumRx Prescription Discounts

    a program providing exclusive discounts for AARP members, accepted at 66,000 US pharmacies.

    Offer:s ave up to 61% on drugs not covered by your current plan, with an AARP membership

    Offer: 5% discount with SeniorDiscounts Card and promotional code “SDC1” (50+)


    a prescription discount card available to those without prescription drug insurance.

    Offer: save up to 80% on prescription medication (50+)


    an online vision provider delivering glasses straight to your door.

    Offer: 25% discount on orders of $200 or more and free basic lenses for AARP members


    an Arizona company that provides products addressing physical disabilities, injuries, and pain.

    Offer: 5% discount with promotional code “SRD” (50+)

    Offer: full refund on one-time registration fee when you mention Senior Discounts (50+)

    177. Vital Link

    a medical alert company providing emergency response systems.

    Offer: waived $50 set-up fee and reduced monthly rate of $29.95 (65+)

    178. Be Safer at Home

    a personal emergency response service that provides 24/7 service.

    Offer: 10% discount on monthly lease and monitoring charges, plus free shipping anywhere in the continental US, plus 10% discount on the MedicTag product line (50+)

    179: Walgreens

    the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the US.

    Offer: $0 co-pay for Tier 1 prescription drugs, $0 annual deductible on Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs, and Preferred retail pharmacy pricing for AARP members insured through UnitedHealthcare (50+)

    180. Canada Drug Center

    a mail-order prescription service that delivers throughout the US.

    Offer: $35 discount and free shipping with promotional code "seniordiscount"

    Click here to find out why buying medical supplies online is a great idea.

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    Tips for Senior Discounts

    As you can see, there are  tons of senior discounts available! All you have to do is ask. Whether you’re traveling across the world or spending time in your hometown, there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most from the offered discounts.

    Driver’s License

    Be sure to always carry your driver’s license with you, especially if you look younger than you are. Many businesses will ask for identification before extending the senior discount. Even if you don’t expect to get a discount where you’re going, it never hurts to ask! Oftentimes businesses will have discounts that aren’t advertised. Be prepared so you can get the best deal possible.

    Combine Offers

    Senior discounts are great, but you know what’s better? Combining them with other offers! Combine your senior discount at your local grocery store with manufacturer’s coupons. Or take advantage of limited-time deals at entertainment venues in addition to your senior discount. Stacking offers can save a lot of money.

    Local Directories

    Be on the hunt for senior discounts in your area. Here are a few online directories to help you find local deals.

    Start Saving Today with Senior Discounts

    Going out, having fun, and enjoying time with your friends and family never gets old! And the more money you save with discounts for seniors, the more adventures you get to have. So use the discounts offered by these businesses, and don’t forget to ask others if they offer deals. What are you waiting for? Time to save money and make memories!

    Jessica Hegg
    Jessica Hegg

    Jessica Hegg is the content manager and at With vast product knowledge and understanding of individual needs, she aims to share valuable information on making smart buying choices, overcoming obstacles and overall improving the quality of life for others. Avid gym-rat and nutrition enthusiast, she’s interested in all things related to staying active and living healthy lifestyle.

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