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5 Best Transfer Boards

by Jessica Hegg March 30, 2018 0 Comments

A transfer board is a wooden or plastic device that allows people with limited mobility to move from one surface to another with ease. You can use these boards to transfer from beds to wheelchairs and from wheelchairs to showers, toilets, and cars. If you’re considering purchasing a slide board for transferring patients, be sure to check out our list of the ten best transfer boards below.

Top 5 Transfer Boards

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Original Patient Transfer System Beasy Board
2. Transfer Board Vive
3. Wooden Transfer Slide Board Mabis
4. Lightweight Plastic Transfer Slide Board DMI
5. Transfer Board UltraSlick

1. Original Patient Transfer System by Beasy Board Original Patient Transfer System by Beasy Board

The BeasyTrans Original is an extra-long transfer board, measuring 40-inches. It’s ideal for a wheelchair to car transfer, as well as for moving patients between the wheelchair and a bed or sofa. Beasy is known for offering high-quality transfer boards that are comfortable and safe for both user and assistant. This board can support up to 400 pounds.

  • Made with very sturdy and durable plastic materials
  • Board is extra-long for more stability and reach
  • Great for vehicle transfers
  • People must be able to support and move themselves in some way in order to use this board

2. Transfer Board by Vive Transfer Board by Vive

For safe, easy, and affordable transfers, Vive offers one of the best slide boards around. Features include a durable and smooth finish for minimal friction, dual cutout handles for security and leverage, tapered ends, and rounded corners for comfort and to prevent snags. This lightweight and portable board supports 440 pounds.

  • Durable, smooth finish for comfort and safety
  • Supports up to 440 lbs
  • 60-day guarantee
  • At 29” long, it may not be suitable for all transfers

3. Wooden Transfer Slide Board by Mabis Wooden Transfer Slide Board by Mabis

The bestselling Mabis transfer board for disabled people and elderly adults is sealed and coated for ease of use. Made of Southern Yellow Pine, it features two convenient cutout handles for safe and easy movement. The device can support up to 440 pounds and is FSA-eligible.

  • Handles for extra leverage and grip
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Coated for a smooth transition
  • Better for transfers between even surfaces

4. Lightweight Plastic Transfer Slide Board by DMI Lightweight Plastic Transfer Slide Board by DMI

The DMI slide board is made of a lightweight plastic that is smooth, durable, and contoured. It’s easy to wipe clean and is ideal for travel as it weighs just under three-and-a-half pounds. The FSA-eligible product has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds.

  • Lightweight—easy to move and carry
  • FSA-eligible
  • Unlike wood, this plastic is unlikely to crack or splinter
  • Can’t support weights of more than 220 lbs

5. Transfer Board by UltraSlick Transfer Board by UltraSlick

UltraSlick’s transfer boards are finished with a composite outer layer that ensures a consistently smooth surface. With a hardwood core, these boards are thin and lightweight, yet extremely sturdy. The lacquered finish on the back reduces movement of the boards during transfers. Available in a choice of four lengths, you can use these boards for dry or wet transfers—including to and from the shower or bathtub. 

  • Choice of board lengths
  • Great for wet or dry transfers
  • Surface is slick and never needs refinishing or waxing
  • Board can be a little sticky on dry, bare skin

Tips When Choosing a Transfer Board

People with limited mobility can rest assured that there are plenty of transfer boards designed to make movement easier. In fact, there are so many, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. We recommend you keep the following in mind when making your selection.

  • Weight Capacity

As you can see from our list above, some transfer boards can support 735 pounds, whereas others have a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. Weigh yourself carefully before purchase so that you choose one that supports your body weight, along with any objects you may need to carry.

  • Durability

Naturally, if you invest in a transfer board, you’ll want it to last. Look for a product that is made from a sturdy wood or plastic, and research the kind of ongoing care it will need in order to stand the test of time. For example, some boards may require regular waxing or finishing.

  • Hand Grips

Some transfer boards come with cutout handgrips, while others are simpler in their design. Decide if you or your caregiver would benefit from having hand-grips on the board. Some people can’t use a board if it doesn’t have grips, whereas others feel the cutouts get in the way of a truly smooth transition.

Other Patient Safety Devices for Use in the Home

Make your home as safe as possible and enjoy greater peace of mind with the following:

  • Bedside Fall Mats

If you or a loved one are prone to falling out of bed at night, a fall mat could be just what you need. These padded mats reduce the risk of injury following a slip or tumble. Some fall mats even come equipped with alarms to alert caregivers.

Check out the nine best fall mats for the elderly.

  • Grab Bars

Stay steady on your feet in the bathroom with some well-positioned grab bars. Use them to support your weight when getting up or sitting down, as well as to prevent trips and slips.

We’ve rounded up the best bathroom grab bars here.

  • Bed Rails

A must-have for any older adult’s bedroom, bed rails make getting in and out of bed so much easier. They provide extra stability during repositioning, prevent falls and injuries, and are a useful way to keep your robe or blanket within easy reach. Available in an array of sizes and styles, you’re sure to find the best bed rail for your needs.

  • Alternating Pressure Mattresses

Designed for both comfort and safety, the best alternating pressure mattresses prevent the development of bed sores. They are a vital bedroom aid for anyone who spends fifteen hours or more a day in bed, but they can bring benefits even if you require less rest than this.

  • Transfer Benches

Taking a shower as an older adult comes with a few risks, most notably the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Minimize hazards while also boosting your confidence with the use of a transfer bench. These benches enable an easier transition into the shower, and they allow users to bathe with little to no assistance.

  • Shower Chairs

If you get dizzy while standing for long periods of time, especially in a hot and steamy shower, try a shower chair. They’re ideal for those with limited mobility or joint problems. You’ll find our list of the best shower chairs here.

Stay Supported with the Best Transfer Board

Life with limited mobility can be frustrating, but many products have been designed to make things easier for you, your family, and your caregivers. A transfer board is one of the best devices out there to help those in a wheelchair move from surface to surface with ease. When selecting the best transfer board for your needs, check out our comprehensive list above and consider your individual requirements in terms of weight capacity, durability, and grip. 

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