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6 Best Arch Supports for High Arches

by Amanda Ghosh November 16, 2017 0 Comments

massaging arch of foot

A simple arch support can address a variety of foot problems and people with high arches make good candidates for arch supports. The feet carry our body weight all day, and absorb the shock associated with walking on hard surfaces. As we age, the natural support cushions on your feet thin out. This thinning further contributes to your foot’s feelings of soreness, pain, and fatigue. Fortunately, finding the best arch support for high arches will help to relieve your foot pain by supporting and cushioning your arches. The best arch support is the one that properly fits your foot, footwear, and specific arch problem. In this case, we’ve taken a look at the best arch supports for high arches. We’ve picked out 6 incredible supports that we believe will meet your needs.

Best Arch Supports for High Arches - Top 6

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Arch Support Vive
2. Stabilizers Natural Foot Orthotic
3. Arch Support Insoles Dr. Foot
4. Arch Support Cushion Foot Matters
5. Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Therapy Wrap Alayna
6. Compression Copper Arch Support Foots Love

1. Arch Support by Vive Arch Support by Vive



Taking the top spot on our list is this effective arch support by Vive. It is designed to cushion and support both high and low arches. It offers a super comfortable gel pad that cushions and supports the arch, effectively reducing pain and fatigue. It’s not going to slip on you inside of your shoes because of its slip-resistant rubber lining. And, this particular arch support can be adjusted to provide whatever amount of compression you need.

What We Love About this Product:

  • Anti-slip design allows it to be used safely during walking or exercise
  • Latex free and comfortable material
  • Is effective without being bulky, and can be worn inside shoes
  • Extra strength fasteners keep the arch support securely in place

Arch Support by Vive The soft neoprene material and adjustable strap provides custom compression for the relief you need ( See Product)

Recommended for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, strains and sprains:

High arches can cause a host of problems, including pain not only in the arch itself but in the toe pad and heel. The arch support by Vive is an effective solution.

For anyone with plantar fasciitis, the arch support can be utilized with great success. This is because an arch support reduces the stress on the foot and can even realign the foot.

3 Tips for Using the Vive Arch Support:

Arch Support by Vive The Vive Arch Supports come as a pair to simultaneously relieve pain in both feet ( See Product)

  • Use the extra grip fasteners to fit the arch support perfectly around your foot
  • Use during sports and exercise to give the necessary support to your foot and arch
  • Be sure to give your feet regular rests to recover from plantar fasciitis and other conditions

What Customers are Saying:

“Excellent product”

“Best solution I have found for plantar fasciitis so far”

“I am able to wear these inside most of my shoes as well as walking around the house”

“The support can be adjusted and is light and comfortable”

Click here to read more reviews... 


  • Breathable and lightweight material
  • Slip-resistant design holds the arch supports in place inside your shoes
  • Gel padding and customized compression relieves pain for high arches and flat feet
  • May fit tighter in shoes

2. Natural Foot Orthotic Stabilizers Natural Foot Orthotic Stabilizers



The Natural Foot Orthotic arch support is our second pick. We like this arch support a lot because it offers medium to high arch support which is perfect for high arches. Plus, it’s a medical grade product that also relieves pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, as well as general joint, back, and foot pain. We particularly like that this insert can be worn in dress andcasual style shoes. This orthotic also helps to realign your body, putting it back into proper position. And, its mildew resistant material help to keep odor at bay, making it ideal for wear all day every day!

  • Prevents the gradual flattening of the arch
  • Fits into most shoes without being uncomfortable
  • Medium to high height supports even the highest of arches
  • Hard insert might be uncomfortable for feet preferring a softer support

Wear around a few days to break in the hardness feeling.

3. Dr. Foot’s Arch Support Insoles Dr. Foot’s Arch Support Insoles



Dr. Foot’s Arch Support Insoles are our second pick. We like this product because it has a soft transparent design that offers comfort while effectively relieving pain and supporting high arches. It’s made from a medical grade gel and adheres directly onto your shoe using its self-adhesive technology. The gel also helps to prevent your shoe from rubbing against your foot too much while supporting sore heels. It’s particularly suited for high heels and boots, but it can also be used in flip flops because of the adhesive. We especially like the adhesive property of this product because flip flops offer very little support for your feet, and with summer around the corner, an arch support that can be worn with flip flops is a huge plus in our opinion.

  • Excellent support for people on their feet all day
  • Instantly reduces pain and supports arch
  • Can be worn with flip flops
  • Difficult to position in your shoe, and may move around in the shoe overtime
  • Can only utilize with shoes

Use during the spring and summer with flip flops to support your arch and protect your heel from harsh pounding against the pavement.

4. Foot Matters Arch Support Cushion Foot Matters Arch Support Cushion



The Foot Matters Arch Support is ideal for those looking for a small support to cushion a high arch. It is a petite cushioning pad that sits directly under the arch. It has self-adhesive properties, allowing you to attach it directly to your shoe where your arch would be. You will feel relief from foot strain and fatigue.

  • Small
  • Wear in high heels and casual shoes
  • Corrects and supports high arches
  • Plan to replace regularly
  • Can move around easily

5. Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Therapy Wrap by Alayna Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Therapy Wrap by Alayna



Another excellent support is the Therapy Wrap. This arch support wraps around the foot, covers the heel, and sits below the ankle. It relieves arch pain, and supports a high arch. It also relieves pain from plantar fasciitis, edema, and stress fractures, as well as heel, tendon and toe pain. The heel hugging design maximizes blood flow promoting recovery after exercise and reducing foot fatigue.

  • Compression supports arch and promotes circulation
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-odor material makes it easy to wear the supports all day
  • Supports tired and high arches
  • Arch support starts from the ankle and goes to just short of the center of the foot
  • Commonly too bulky for shoes

People with feet smaller than size 8 may find this brace lacking. It’s good for those who have a lot of heel pain and minimal to moderate fatigue from a high arch.

6. Compression Copper Arch Support by Foots Love Compression Copper Arch Support by Foots Love



We also like Foots Love arch supports. These give the added benefit of offering copper compression technology and are ideally suited to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. But, they are also effective arch supports for high arches. These supports help to align the foot during motion, giving you the proper pronation and supination, which will help to reduce knee pain, as well as back and hip pain.

  • Copper compression technology promotes recovery
  • Feel results immediately
  • Controls foot motion and properly supports a high arch
  • Compression effects feel different for different people

Make sure you have the correct sizing because that can affect the amount of compression you feel or how well the compression works to address your needs.


How to Maximize the Benefits of Wearing an Arch Support

An arch support will definitely help to reduce pain and provide support. But, there are steps you can take to increase the benefits you receive from wearing an arch support. Try these tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes that your arch supports fits well within; for added benefit wear a shoe that is appropriate for your particular type of arch
  • Ice your arches with an ice pack or ice bath
  • Soak your feet in Epsom salt, especially after strenuous activity or a long hard day on your feet
  • Wear shoes designed for the sports you play to receive the additional support you need for a variety of different types of movement (tennis, wear tennis shoes; basketball, wear basketball shoes, etc.)
  • Wear an arch support suitable for sleep to keep your foot properly aligned even when you rest

Arch Pain Isn’t Just Felt in the Arch

Arch pain, and problems with the arch affect many parts of the body. If you have pain in your feet, ankles, knees, legs or back, you may be experiencing that pain as the result of problems with or pain in the arches of your feet. Your feet (and your arches) support your body weight. Tired, sore, and painful arches can lead to more serious conditions, so it’s best to support your arches with an arch support as early and as frequently as possible.  

The following are all potential symptoms of high arches:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat feet
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Stress fractures
  • Hammer toes
  • Heel pain
  • Pain at the ball of the foot

Serious pain, should, of course, prompt a discussion with your doctor.

Since there are many types of pain associated with arch problems, and because arch problems affect more than just the feet, we leave you with the answers to some common questions. We believe these answers will help you pick out the best arch support for your unique needs.

FAQ: Choosing the Best Arch Supports for High Arches

Q. What does the type of arch have to do with the arch support?

A. There are three main types of arches. A high arch, a normal arch, and a flat arch (flat feet). You want an arch support that is designed to address the type of arch problem you have. For example, if you have high arches, your arch support should address that. We’ve picked out the best 6 arch supports that cushion and reduce pain associated with a high arch.

Q. How do I know what type of arch I have?

A.Your doctor can tell you, but if you don’t want to make an appointment, there is a simple way to determine the type of arch you have that you can do at home. Here’s a 4 step process to determine your arch type:

1. Wet your feet

2. Stand on a surface (like a sidewalk) that will capture the image of your foot when you step on it with wet feet

3. Examine the image left by your wet feet

4. Compare it to these images to determine if you have a high arch, low arch, or a normal arch.

Different types of feet arches

Q. What do plantar fasciitis & other conditions have to do with arch pain & arch support?

A.  Arch pain can be the result of other problems, including but not limited to plantar fasciitis, flat feet (excessive pronation), and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) which is caused by a weak or overworked tendon. If you have one of these conditions, arch pain may be the result of the condition, and you should choose a support that both supports your arches and addresses the underlying condition causing your arch pain. For more symptoms and conditions refer back to the section above, Arch Pain Isn’t Just Found in the Arch.

Q. What type of shoe should I wear with an arch support?

A. A comfortable shoe of good quality is a smart choice. But, a shoe that your arch support fits well within, without moving around, is also important. If you are wearing an arch support to help with high arches, try wearing a shoe that provides extra cushioning.

Arch Support That's Just Right

Overall, an arch support is an excellent way to support tired and painful feet. But, an arch support can also be a simple solution to other problems like knee, hip, and back pain, because arch supports can help to properly realign the foot with the rest of the body. If you have pain or tired feet, don't wait until the pain worsens, find an arch support that works for you. We've picked out 6 great options that we think are well suited for a variety of foot pain and high arches. We hope these questions and the information provided here have been helpful to you in your quest to find an arch support for high arches. We think any of these options are great supports, but of course, take your time, and do the research to find the support that is best for your needs. We’ve been happy to help, and hope you stop by again soon!

Learn more about arch pain and insoles:

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Amanda Ghosh
Amanda Ghosh

Amanda has a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Syracuse University which equipped her with courses applied to licensure as a dietitian. She also worked as a Program Director for the Wellness and Fitness Department for the YMCA. She is well versed in physical fitness, with a certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in physical fitness training. She has taught numerous fitness classes, including college courses in the Athletic Department, as an adjunct instructor, at the SUNY University at Buffalo. She currently resides with her husband in the NYC area, and loves to put her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to use by being active. Both her and her husband are self-declared "foodies."

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