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6 Best Mattresses to Prevent Bed Sores

by Jessica Hegg February 01, 2018 0 Comments

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Choosing the best mattress to prevent bed sores will not only increase your comfort, but your peace of mind too. Mattresses for bed sores improve circulation, slowing the development of ulcers and sores, making it vital for people who spend fifteen hours or more in bed each day. Below, we list the best mattresses for bed sores, along with some top tips to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Top 6 Mattress to Prevent Bed Sores

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Med Aire Plus Bariatric Mattress System Drive Medical
2. Alternating Pressure Mattress Vive
3. Pressure Pump and Pad Drive Medical
4. Alternating Pressure Mattress Vive
5. Alternating Pressure Pad and Pump MDS Online
6. Low Air Loss Mattress System with Alarm Drive Medical

1. Med Aire Plus Bariatric Mattress System by Drive Medical Med Aire Plus Bariatric Mattress System

Supporting up to 750 pounds, Drive Medical’s bariatric system is suitable for those with up to Stage IV pressure ulcers, and features a digital pump for customized settings. Ten-inch-deep air cells for comfort and three diagnostic alarms make for easy-to-manage comfort at all times. The pillow function enables users to set the air cells at the head of the bed to static mode, while the quilted and zippered cover is comfortable, fluid-resistant, and won’t hold odors.

  • Very heavy duty—supports 750 lbs
  • Approved for use by people with Stage IV pressure ulcers
  • An array of additional functions for user convenience, comfort, and safety
  • The very high price!

2. Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive

Vive’s bestselling air mattress for bed sores is a heavy-duty product that is suitable for users up to 300 pounds. It features 130 individual air bubbles and a waterproof surface for high-level support and durability. The mattress evenly distributes weight over its surface, while a pressure dial allows you to customize sleep settings. With an ultra-quiet air pump, it won’t disturb even the lightest sleepers.

  • High levels of support and comfort
  • Aids a restful slumber
  • Comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Those who are used to a softer mattress may find this pad too firm

3. Pressure Pump and Pad by Drive Medical Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System by Drive Medical

The Drive Medical airflow mattress for hospital beds alternates between inflation and deflation of 130 bubble cells every five minutes. It produces a consistent airflow and allows users to adjust pressure levels according to their preferences. The air pump is designed with “quiet technology” to enable a good night’s sleep. Thanks to a built-in bracket, the mattress can be easily mounted to a bed frame to support up to 300 pounds.

  • Low price for such good quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Adjustable pressure levels
  • Mattress may require regular readjusting

4. Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive

A great mattress for pressure ulcers and bedsores, Vive’s alternating pressure mattress can be used as a stand-alone item. It evenly distributes weight throughout the bed, and offers adjustable pressure levels for a customized feel. Thanks to an ultra-quiet pump, users can sleep soundly through the night while a waterproof top layer ensures easy clean-up. Supporting up to 400 pounds, Vive’s mattress stays inflated for 24 hours following a power outage.

  • A durable and heavy-duty mattress, supporting up to 400 lbs
  • Includes all the items required to set up and use
  • One-year warranty
  • You can only set the static pressure function for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time

5. Alternating Pressure Pad and Pump by MDS Online Alternating Pressure Pad and Pump System by MDS Online

Suitable for use with any bed for bed sore prevention, the MDS Online alternating pressure pad is easy to set up and use. It keeps users cool and speeds up recovery times. Some of the most notable features include a bubble pad design, back-lit on-off switch, and variable pressure settings for user comfort--along with a built-in bracket for security!

  • Illuminated on-off switch for ease of use in the dark
  • Keeps you cool while you sleep
  • 90-day warranty on the pump
  • Pump needs to be replaced after six to twelve months of continuous use

6. Low Air Loss Mattress System with Alarm by Drive Medical Low Air Loss Mattress System with Alarm by Drive Medical

Ideal for use in hospitals and homes, the Drive Medical low air loss mattress for bedsores is made from nylon and TPU, with a comfortable, quilted cover. Although lightweight, this water-resistant mattress can support up to 450 pounds. It includes a pillow function, where the top of the bed remains static as well as audible alarms to signal falling pressure levels. Like the Vive mattress, this product offers a full day of protection against power loss.

  • Excellent, hospital-grade mattress with many extra functions for comfort and safety
  • Visual and audible alarms to signal low pressure
  • Soft, comfortable, and durable
  • Instructions for setup and use could be clearer


Choosing the Best Mattress to Prevent Bed Sores

Selecting the best mattress for bed sore prevention can be a daunting task. However, the below tips should make the selection process a lot easier.

  • Size and Fit

Although many mattresses for bed sores are suitable for hospital beds, they may not all fit your bed at home. Additionally, some of the products listed above are designed to be used as stand-alone mattresses, whereas others need to be used with your existing mattress.

  • Safety Features

User safety is a top concern. Depending on your needs, you may wish to consider additional safety features such as a static perimeter to stop users falling between the mattress and the bed rails, or power-outage protection to prevent automatic deflation if the power goes.

  • Additional Health Features

While all the mattresses listed above are designed to prevent pressure sores, some provide extra features for skin health. For example, some air mattresses have zones on the top and bottom of the mattress to avoid unnecessary friction on the skin.

  • Price

Although the most expensive mattresses tend to be of higher quality and boast a myriad of extra features, not everybody needs to opt for the most expensive model to see benefits. Even mattresses at the lower end of the pricing scale can improve comfort for those who are bed-bound when compared with a standard mattress.

The Best Bedroom Equipment to Help Recovery

Those who are laid up for quite some time—whether due to age, illness, injury, or surgery—may wish to invest in some of the below equipment to make their bedroom a more pleasant place to convalesce.

  • Bed Safety Rail

For the utmost in nighttime security, why not attach a rail to the side of your bed? These safety devices can stop you from falling out of bed as you sleep, while also providing support as you move around in the night. Here are the best bed rails for adults—be sure to check them out.

  • Fall Mats

If you’re prone to falling when getting into or out of your bed, you may wish to consider a bedside fall mat. They provide a cushioned surface to reduce impact and lessen the risk of serious injury. Some mats come complete with alarms to alert your family members to your fall, providing users with additional peace of mind.

Find the best fall mats for the elderly here.

  • Hospital Overbed Tables

If you spend hours at a time in bed, then a hospital overbed table is a must! They’re the ideal place to keep your medications, magazines, and other important items within arm’s length.

Check out the best hospital overbed tables here.

  • Incontinence Pads

To protect your skin and your bedding from liquids and spills, use an incontinence pad. These discreet items keep users comfortable all night long and make cleaning up in the morning a breeze.

Discover our suggestions for the best incontinence pads for beds here.

  • Mattress Protectors

Did you know that the mattress is the most bacteria-filled object in the home? Keep yours clean and fresh by locking out dust mites, fungus, pet dander, and skin cells with a mattress protector.

Choose from one of these ten best mattress protectors and wave goodbye to your allergy symptoms.

  • Pillows for Neck Pain

Waking up with a stiff and sore neck in the morning is an unpleasant experience—and one that you can easily avoid with the right pillow. Try one of the best pillows for neck pain and see the difference it makes.

  • Risers for Beds

Boost your bed by a few extra inches and marvel at the increase in your comfort levels. Risers for beds take the stress and strain off your back and joints and are ideal for people recovering from surgery to the back or lower limbs, or for those with sleep apnea, arthritis, or acid reflux.

Learn more about bed risers and see the best risers for beds here.

Prevent Discomfort with a Mattress for Bed Sores

A mattress to prevent bed sores is a must-have for those at higher risk of bed sores, such as diabetics, smokers, and people with dementia and heart failure. The best mattress to prevent bed sores will feature alternating pressure cells to reduce friction and increase circulation around the body. Consider your individual needs when choosing your new mattress, and then choose one of the great products listed above.


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