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Your Guide for Choosing the Best Pedal Exerciser

by Jessica Hegg November 09, 2016 0 Comments

best pedal exerciser by vive

We all know that long stretches of sitting and inactivity are bad for us. 

But really, what do you do if you have to sit at a desk for an 8 hour work day?  OR If you have limited mobility? You could be recovering from injury or be dealing with a condition that doesn't allow you to get up and get moving.

Maybe, you simply can't find the time -- (with the busy schedules of adults today, I definitely don't find that hard to believe.)

You may think getting in your exercise is a lost cause 

but, what if I told you I had a solution?

It's actually quite simple!

Have you ever heard of a pedal exerciser? It's this handy little machine that mimics a stationary bike you'd find at the gym.

The difference?  It's portable, has multipurpose function, AND(best of all)  it's not at the gym :) 

It's great for low-impact exercise if you're recovering from an injury or you can turn up the resistance and burn calories while at work, watching tv, or reading a book!  

So, I know I've totally sold you and you're ready to go out and get one for every person at the office and host your very own "who can burn the most calories" contest, but hold on just a second! 

Comparing the Best Pedal Exercisers

There are a couple different designs out on the market and it's important that you choose the best pedal exerciser for your needs.

#1 Portable Pedal Exerciser (Top Rated)

best pedal exerciser by vive

The breakdown...

-Portable design: on average weighs 10-13lbs and comes equipped with a carrying handle for easy transportation.

-Multi-functional capability: This exerciser is not only great for pedaling with your feet, but it can also be used on a desk or table surface and pedaled with your hands.

-Adjustable resistance: customize your workout intensity 

Great for any level of physical activity

-Large digital LCD screen: tracks and displays your calories, distance, RPM, and speed. 

-Rubber feet: provide maximum grip to all surfaces and prevents the unit from moving while in use

-Size adjustable straps: foot pedals come equipped with adjustable straps to accommodate most foot sizes

adjustable straps on pedal exercier

-Extremely quite: the exerciser makes no noise when pedaling. This way it won't interrupt your TV show, or drive your co-workers nuts ;)

-Easy installation: Attach base and pedals and you're ready to go, also comes with all the required tools.

Our Recommendation:

We typically recommended this style for those who are recovering from an injury or just looking to burn extra calories. You can start light and adjust the resistance as your strength increases. The portable handle also makes this the best pedal exerciser for those who need to transport the unit from location to location.


Find it HERE!

 #2 Folding Pedal Exerciser

best folding pedal exerciser by vive

The breakdown...

-No installation require: This unit is out of the box ready!

-Lightweight design: Weighing in at just under 5lbs, easy to move from location to location

-LCD screen: Calculates and displays calories burned, RPM, time, and revolution count.

-Quiet pedaling:Great for at work use and won't interrupt your movies or television show!

-Collapsible: Convenient storage and easy transportation

folding pedal exerciser by vive

-Multi-purpose capabilities:Just like the portable exerciser, this unit can be used at your feet or on a table surface for an arm workout.

-Adjustable resistance: Allows you to increase or decrease the amount of tension.  This is great for making your workouts more or less challenging depending on your needs.

-Affordable price: This model typically runs at a lower cost than most pedal exercisers. It's a more basic design but still equipped with everything you need to squeeze in a good workout!

Our Recommendation:

This is the best pedal exerciser if you're looking for something small and compact that can be stored away easily. It definitely takes the cake in the "most bang for your buck" category and is the perfect fit for all levels of physical fitness!

  Buy your folding pedal exerciser HERE!

#3 Commercial Pedal Exerciser

commercial pedal exerciser

The breakdown...

-Adjustable resistance: Accommodates all levels of physical activity

-Heavy duty: This pedal exerciser is by far the largest of all the styles weighing in at 23lbs. However, it is not easily transportable

-Wide base:Allows for exerciser to stay balanced without any rocking

-Small LCD screen: Displays exercise statistics.

-Adjustable pedal straps: Accommodates most foot sizes

-Multi-purpose function:  Can be used with both feet and hands

Our Recommendation:

This heavy duty style is recommended for those who are looking for more resistance. Its large size is ideal for those who are looking to ramp up their workouts.  If you're interested in a portable pedal exerciser to bring to and from work, or even to move it from room to room, this isn't the best option. This style is designed to keep in one location.

Get your commercial pedal exerciser HERE! commercial pedal

#4 Medical Pedal Exerciser

medical pedal exerciser

The breakdown...

-Simple design: Makes for easy use

-Lightweight: Easy to transport from place to place, but does not fold for storage

-Durable metal frame: Provides stability

-Multifunctional purpose: Allows the pedal exerciser to be used with both feet or hands.

-Adjustable pedal straps: Allows fit for a large variety of foot sizes.

-Requires assembly: Although this exerciser has quite a simple design, it requires the most set up and installation

-Adjustable resistance: Allows you to gradually increase the tension as you build up strength.

Our Recommendation:

This simple design is best for those who are looking for low-impact and just the basics. The medical pedal exerciser gets straight to the point. If you're looking to track your workouts then we recommend a different style that comes equipped with an LCD display.

Find your Medical Pedal Exerciser HERE!

Features to look for when deciding on the best pedal exerciser for you...

Adjustable Resistance

tension knob on best pedal exerciser

We found that the best pedal exercisers include adjustable resistance for increased usability. It allows users of different abilities to customize their workout and control how hard they cycle. Rather than spinning your wheels with no resistance, a quick turn of the resistance knob can make a cruise down the street an uphill climb—all for your benefit. After all, in order to gain strength, you must be able to control the resistance.

It allows users of different abilities to customize their workout and control how hard they cycle. Rather than spinning your wheels with no resistance, a quick turn of the resistance knob can make a cruise down the street an uphill climb—all for your benefit. After all, in order to gain strength, you must be able to control the resistance.

Adjustable resistance allows novices to take it easy when they begin and then ramp up the intensity as they get accustomed to the equipment and the exercise. 

Multipurpose Use best multipurpose pedal exerciser

While exercise bikes are meant to be pedaled with feet, the stationary bike pedals should allow you to use it with both your hands or feet. This can be very helpful for individuals recovering from arm injuries or looking to gain strength in their arms. Because the small exercise bike can be placed on the floor or on a table, it is easily moved to provide the kind of workout you need, when you need it. Plus, because it works out both arms and legs, you'll only need the once piece of equipment. 

Easy to Read Screen

display screen on best pedal exerciser

Sometimes you just need to know how far you’ve gone or how many calories you’ve burnt. Whether you’re inputting your info into a calorie counting app or just enjoy watching the numbers climb, an easy to read screen is a necessity to help keep you informed of your progress.

The computer should provide information about how far you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burnt, how fast you’ve been pedaling, and more. It’s a great way to track your progress and to challenge yourself to improve. 


best portable pedal exerciser

The best pedal exercisers can easily be used under a desk at work or placed in front of the couch. Portability will allow users to work out without tying them to a specific location. Essentially, it’s meant to fit your life—not force you to fit your life around it.  A portable design will allow you to take your exerciser to and from work or simply move it from room to room.


1 year warranty

In addition to having all the user-friendly features, look for pedal exercisers that are protected by a warranty.  This ensures that your unit will be we back by a reliable guarantee and free from manufacturing defects!

The Benefits of Using a Portable Pedal Exerciser

best under desk pedal exerciser

Physical activity is known to help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and can also improve your quality of life. Currently, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends adults get 150 minutes of moderate physical activity weekly. That’s 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity over 5 days.

So what exact benefits can you expect from a pedal exerciser? Our experience has shown that a pedal exerciser can:

  • Provide heart-healthy cardiovascular workout.
  • Challenge beginners or frequent exercisers.
  • Easily fit into your lifestyle.
  • Help you achieve your rehabilitative or fitness goals.
  • Allow you to exercise wherever you need to. 

Lower cholesterol or blood pressure

The AHA recommends 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity cardio three to four times a week. Because so many people are sedentary, the AHA also notes that it’s important to just start, no matter how much time you have.

With stressful jobs and home lives, exercise can be hard to squeeze in, especially 150 minutes worth! But as the American Heart Association recommends, it’s important to just do it, regardless of how much time you can commit. It’s a commitment to your health and to your future. One way to maximize your time and squeeze in more exercise is to purchase and use a portable pedal exerciser.

Great for rehabilitation and recovery

Part of why we love this sit-down exercise bike is that it provides a low-impact way to recover from an injury. After knee surgery or other leg injuries, running and aerobics can be difficult. Beginning with a low-impact pedal exerciser with adjustable resistance can help you build up to doing the sports and activities you enjoy. Plus, because it isn’t a full bike, it’s a more economical way to recover.

After recovery, it’s easy to transition into using the pedal exerciser at higher resistance levels and for longer periods of time. While some rehabilitative equipment becomes useless after you’ve healed, a portable pedal exerciser maintains its utility and remains a functional part of a workout regimen. It can easily be taken to work for use under a desk or placed in a closet to be used when catching up on those DVR-ed shows.
Whether you’re recovering from knee surgery or an ACL sprain, a pedal exerciser can help strengthen your leg muscles while keeping knee impact at a minimum. It allows you to work on your range of motion as you control your speed and resistance. You can even pedal backwards to exercise different muscles and provide more of a challenge.

The benefits of a pedal exerciser are clear—and they can all lead to a happier, healthier you. With a little commitment, you can reduce your risk of heart disease as you become more active and fight the effects of a sedentary desk job.

Decision Time!

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking to incorporate more physical activity into your daily life. The best pedal exerciser can keep you moving.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on an exercise bike that will most likely end up in the garage or basement, consider the convenience of a pedal exerciser that will allow you to work out at your own pace, on your time.

Now, back to that office competition...where can I sign up!?

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

Jessica Hegg is the content manager and at With vast product knowledge and understanding of individual needs, she aims to share valuable information on making smart buying choices, overcoming obstacles and overall improving the quality of life for others. Avid gym-rat and nutrition enthusiast, she’s interested in all things related to staying active and living healthy lifestyle.

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