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Choosing the Best Seat Cushion

by Juan Lopez June 11, 2019 0 Comments

Choosing the Best Seat Cushions All seat cushions are made with support and comfort in mind, however some designs might be more beneficial to you than others. Let us help you sort through our selection of cushions by factoring in type, interior and exterior material, function, and recommendations for common needs. We can help you find the ideal option for long hours at the office, wheelchair comfort, or specific medical conditions like tailbone pain.

The Types of Seat Cushions We Offer

What to Consider When Choosing Your Cushion

Below you can find all of the top factors you should consider when buying a seat cushion.


Seat Cushion

Seat cushions are made to add comfort and support to your daily routine. Perfect for the office, long drives, wheelchairs, or anywhere else you sit for long periods of time, they add layers of support with high-density foam, silicone gel, or an inflatable design. Seat cushions help distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points while retaining their shape.

Our layered support cushion is the thickest seat cushion we have, and is offered in three different sizes for any chair. Its washable cover can be removed, and made of 100% polyester with a waterproof lining.

For those with limited mobility, the swivel seat cushion is ideal. It lets those with chronic pain pivot 360 degrees, making it easy to get into our out of car seats, office chairs, and more. It also relieves pressure on the spine with a removable plush polyester cover.

Lumbar Cushion

Some of our seat cushions focus on providing support to areas of the back, helping maintain comfort while promoting spine health. They are typically placed at the hollow of the back to align the vertebra when sitting.

Our lumbar support back cushion and lumbar roll are both good examples, which can attach to any desk chair with an adjustable elastic strap for ergonomic support you can use all day. The lumbar roll adds the extra benefit of a lightweight and compact design for easy portability, and can even be positioned between knees for a good night’s sleep.


Pressure Relief

Pressure relief cushions are a good choice for anyone suffering from tailbone, lower back or sciatica pain, because of the extra cushion they offer. These cushions help absorb shock from sensitive areas, letting you sit in comfort longer.


Cushions designed for alignment properly position your spine and promote good posture. Lower and upper back pain is often associated with improper positioning when sitting for long hours, using one of our lumbar support cushions can aid in finding relief.

Coccyx Relief

These cushions are designed with an opening that positions and removes pressure off the spine and tailbone. Our donut cushion is a special type of seat cushion, which uses a specialized circular design to remove pressure off of your most sensitive areas. This makes them perfect for tailbone pain and hemorrhoids.


Our travel cushions are able to deflate to compact size, letting you store them in a purse, backpack, or their included travel bag. They are designed with a large air valve for easy inflation and adjustable firmness. Our inflatable seat cushion even features an assist valve which lets you easily inflate.

Transfer Aid

In addition to cushioning your seat, transfer aids make getting into and out of your chair easy. Our swivel seat cushion rotates 360 degrees and features a textured base to prevent slipping. It’s perfect for car seats, office chairs, or any seat you need help with.

Core Engagement

These cushions encourage active sitting, engage your core and even improve focus and concentration. For physical therapy and regular exercises, our wobble cushion is a good option. It can be used as a comfortable seat cushion, but also to improve posture and balance. It With a 440 pound weight limit and durable material, its benefits can be enjoyed by anyone.

Interior Material

High Density Foam

Many of our seat cushions, like our gel seat cushion, max gel cushion, swivel seat cushion, and lumbar roll incorporate high-density foam. This material is perfect for reducing strain on pressure points, evenly distributing your weight across its surface. It’s also durable, able to retain its shape over extended use.

Memory Foam

Our lumbar support back cushion contains memory foam, which offers a longer lifespan than other materials. It effectively aligns the spine by contouring to your curves, making for a comfortable and supportive cushion..

Liquid Gel

The gel seat cushion includes a layer of liquid gel for added cushioning. Combined with layers of high density foam, this fluid material helps the cushion contour to your body for soft support. It also helps keep the region cool and comfortable over long periods.

Our max gel cushion is lined with individual cells of cooling gel for all-over padding. Its to relieve pressure off the hips and coccyx..

Silicone Gel

Our gel seat cushion has its own specialized design, and is composed of 100% open-cell gel, which is ideal for easing pressure points and allowing air circulation. Its compact and flexible shape makes it easy to store or travel with, letting you take pressure off your spine when you need to. You can also try the max gel seat cushion which uses individual cells of cooling silicone gel to relieve pressure off the spine.


Inflatable seat cushions offer asoft-to-the-touch feel while also being lightweight and portable. While they might not be as soft or durable as other cushions, they are perfect for travel since they can collapse and store in a small travel bag. They are made of thick suede polyester with an interior foam lining which is made to resist tears and punctures, and also add support.

Some of our inflatable options like the donut cushion and inflatable seat cushion offer assist valves, which make for easy inflation. Release the valve to adjust your support to the level you need. For our wobble cushion, use the included hand pump for a quick fill. 

Exterior Material


Polyester is the go-to material for our layered support cushion since it offers a waterproof seal that will stand up to regular wear and tear and even resist spills. It is comfortable over long term use.


The honeycomb and max gel seat cushions and lumbar roll come with a nylon cover which resists water while staying durable. With it’s lightweight design they stay breathable for all-day cooling, delivering fresh air and avoiding sweat build-up.


Our Inflatable seat cushion, inflatable lumbar support, and donut cushion each feature a polyester suede coating. This material is durable enough to resist punctures or tears, while also staying soft to the touch, with a velvety texture. As a bonus, it adds grip to the underside of the cushion, to keep you firmly planted while seated. Also try our swivel seat cushion, which features a similar plush polyester coating designed to stay comfortable during extended use.

Non-Slip Base

Many of our seat cushions offer non-slip bottoms, like the wobble cushion, max gel seat cushion, and layered support cushion. This helps keep you and your cushion securely in place and is a good choice for long-term use.

Removable Cover

Our layered support cushion, gel seat cushion, lumbar support cushion, and lumbar roll all offer a removable cover. This makes it easy to remove stains or keep your cushion smelling fresh over long term use.

Our seat cushions without a removable cover are still easy to clean. Just wipe down their water-resistant coatings with a wet cloth.

Weight & Portability

Staying comfortable while traveling can be made easier with features like a lightweight design, compact shape, and discreet travel handle. Our inflatable seat cushions can collapse to a small size and fit into a bag for easy access.

If you’re looking for long term use and don’t plan on moving it from chair to chair, go with a heavier design, like our Gel Seat Cushion. The added weight keeps in firmly in place in your seat and won’t slip around.

Our Recommendations for... 

Still unsure of the best seat cushion for your needs? Read on to discover some of the most common reasons for needing a seat cushion, and see our top suggestions for each.

Gel Seat Cushion

Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating, but the right cushion will make all the difference to your symptoms. For most back problems, our gel seat cushion is firm yet comfortable, and relieves pressure on the spine and tailbone. Take advantage of its cooling properties and durable material that will retain its shape in the long-term. To target the lower back specifically, our  lumbar support pillow is another good option with a combination of high-density foam and binderboard for the support you need.

Lumbar Roll


The vive lumbar roll is perfect for use in the car, as it is comfortable, portable, and highly supportive. It encourages correct posture and spinal alignment, whether you are a driver or a passenger. Perfect for or added comfort during hot days or when stuck in stressful traffic, it offers breathability and machine-washable convenience. For extra padding on the base of the seat, the gel seat cushion is the best, with layers of foam and liquid gel for a soft ride.

Inflatable Seat Cushion


A seat cushion is an invaluable comfort to have on hand during plane rides, long drives, or trips on the train. With our inflatable seat cushion and inflatable lumbar support, you can get the comfort you need on the go, with a compact design that can collapse and store in an included travel bag. Adjust their firmness by inflating or deflating, giving you the feel you’re looking for.

vive Gel Seat Cushion


The Vive gel gel seat cushion is the best option for wheelchairs because it retains its shape over long periods while providing unparalleled comfort. It is available in three standard wheelchair sizes, making it easy to get a good fit. Our honeycomb gel seat cushion can add comfort and support to the back as well, staying lightweight and easily portable. Either way it’s a good idea to choose a cushion that has a waterproof or washable cover.

Inflatable Donut Pillow

Tailbone Pain

To alleviate tailbone pain, our inflatable donut cushion is perfect for evenly distributing body weight over the base of the spine. It will also improve your posture, increase blood flow, and fit comfortably in most seats while offering durability, portability, and the ability to adjust firmness levels. Our gel seat cushion is another great option, featuring an open cell silicone gel design for lightweight comfort.

Lumbar Support Pillow

Office Chairs

A lumbar support pillow for office chairs can reduce existing back problems or prevent new ones from developing. It can encourage healthy posture and support the natural curvature of the spine to address muscle, disk, and joint problems. Our version has a high durability and retains its shape well, while fitting securely to the seat so it doesn’t interfere with your working day. If you need to pack up your cushion and take it on the go, try our lumbar roll for added convenience.

Lumbar Roll for Posture


If you work long hours at an office or spend a lot of time sitting in a car it’s easy to develop bad posture over time. Keep your back supported with the  lumbar roll. Designed to properly position the hollow of your back, it includes soft memory foam that contours for maximum comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn even more about our selection, and how to best take advantage of their unique strengths.

Q: Why does my tailbone hurt after extended sitting?

A: Tailbone pain can be caused by trauma, resulting from a recent injury, or long-term wear and tear. Sitting down places extra pressure on the the tailbone, exacerbating existing symptoms.

Q: How is a lumbar cushion best placed?

A: For best results, your lumbar cushion should be placed in the small of your back, and fit snugly along the contours of your spine. This will ensure you get the maximum amount of support, without overextending your back muscles.

Q: How do I sit with proper posture?

A: Seat cushions are the first step toward good posture, and can ultimately put you on the road to recovery from a range of common back injuries. To improve posture even more, use this helpful checklist.

  • Sit with your back straight and shoulders touching the back of the chair
  • Keep feet flat on the floor and bend knees at a right angle
  • Position the height of your chair so knees are the same height as your hips.
  • When working from a computer, your monitor should be just below head height, while your keyboard and mouse should rest just above your lap.
  • Avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes

Q: How does a wheelchair cushion prevent pressure sores?

A: In addition to the regular strain of sitting, the bumps, twists, and turns of life in a wheelchair can take their toll on your back. Especially over long periods, wheelchair cushions are necessary to cushion your vertebrae from the stress of everyday life.

Need More Help?

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Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

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