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7 Best Knee Scooter Accessories

by Jessica Hegg September 01, 2017 0 Comments

knee scooter with accessories

Knee scooters help you get around, but sometimes the included knee pad and handlebars are uncomfortable. A knee pad cover and ergonomic handgrips are just two knee scooter accessories to make using your scooter more comfortable. They prevent knee pain and give you more control over your scooter. Additional accessories include baskets, bags, cup holders, and attachable lights. Deck out your ride for improved safety, comfort, and convenience. Take a look at these seven amazing accessories to see how they can help you.

Top 7 Knee Scooter Accessories

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Memory Foam Knee Pad Cover KneeRover
2. Safety & Utility Light Life Mounts
3. Walker Bag Vive
4. Quick Release Wire Basket Schwinn
5. Faux Sheep Skin Scooter Cover Vive
6. Cup Holder Drive Medical
7. Ergonomic Handgrips KneeRover

1. Memory Foam Knee Pad Cover by KneeRover Memory Foam Knee Pad Cover by KneeRover

Long-term use of a knee scooter can wreak havoc on your knee, and frequent usage causes wear and tear to the scooter’s knee pad. Protect your knee and keep it comfortable with this foam pad. It fits most walkers and distributes your weight evenly for added comfort. It also lengthens the lifespan of your scooter by protecting your scooter’s knee pad.

  • Easy to place on your scooter
  • Very comfortable knee support
  • Protects the scooter’s original knee pad
  • Memory foam is firm

2. Safety & Utility Light by Life Mounts Cushions for Crutches by Crutcheze

A mounted light keeps you safe while you navigate your house at night. This hands-free lighting is easy to mount. Don’t put yourself in danger trying to reach a lamp or struggling to hold a flashlight and your scooter at the same time.

  • Light swivels 360 degrees
  • Hands-free
  • High and low settings
  • Battery drains quickly

3. Walker Bag by Vive Walker Bag by Vive

This bag is a great accessory for your walker or scooter. It’s large enough to carry a tablet, shoes, clothes, and more in the inner pocket. The outer pocket provides easy access for your cell phone, pen, or other important items. A zippered pocket and three mesh pockets make it easy to find your items quickly. Plus, this bag is water resistant. Contents stay dry, even in the rain. And with its extra-strength fastening loops, you can rest assured adjusts to fit onto any knee scooter.

  • Water resistant
  • Large enough to store shoes and clothes
  • Adjusts to fit any scooter
  • Makes a great gift!

    4. Quick Release Wire Basket by Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket by Schwinn

    Most people know Schwinn for their bicycles, but they also make accessories. This basket can carry grocery bags, a purse, and other large items. Detach the basket when you’re ready to carry your belongings into the house. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry, and the weather-resistant material means you can carry wet items.

    • Easily attaches to your scooter handlebars
    • Detaches so you can take it with you
    • Large enough to carry several items or groceries
    • Assembly instructions are confusing

    5. Faux Sheep Skin Scooter Cover by Vive IT Band Strap by Vive

    This plush white cover is comfortable and looks great on your walker or scooter. It’s easy use—just stretch the elastic inner material and pop it on your scooter’s knee pad. Your knee will love the soft, blanket-like feel. The fluffiness reduces irritation and friction on the knee for a smooth, comfortable ride. Extra cushioning provides even more support, and you can toss this cover in the washing machine and the dryer. Overall, this is a fantastic product. It’s softer and cheaper than memory foam pads, and it feels like a blanket on your knee.

    • Machine washable and dryer-safe
    • Super soft and comfortable
    • Fits any knee scooter
    • Cannot bleach

    6. Cup Holder by Drive Medical Crutch Pads by Vive

    Keep a water bottle handy. This cup holder easily attaches to your knee scooter and swivels to keep your drink level—no need to worry about spills! Its three-inch diameter fits most water bottles, and it comes with a removable rubber insert to fit oddly sized bottles. This cup holder is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated.

    • Carry your water bottle hands-free
    • Keeps your drink from spilling
    • Fits virtually any size of bottle
    • May be hard to mount

    7. Ergonomic Handgrips by KneeRover Forearm Crutch Pads by Crutcheze

    Upgrade from the basic knee scooter handgrips to this deluxe set. These are soft and contoured to fit the hand, making it comfortable to hold your scooter’s handlebars. Plus, they provide greater control, so you can handle your scooter with confidence.

    • Slip easily onto handlebars
    • Great replacement for worn out grips
    • Comfortable
    • May be too small for very large hands

    Are Knee Scooter Accessories Worth It?

    Yes! Knee walker accessories are affordable and handy. They solve common problems and make your life more convenient. Let’s break down the benefits of each type of accessory.

    Baskets & Bags

    Is one of your shoulders lower than the other? That’s probably because you’ve carried a heavy purse or backpack on the same side of your body for several years. A basket or scooter bag will carry heavy items for you, which prevents back injury and helps you maintain a healthy posture.

     A basket can carry items like:

    • Books
    • A heavy purse
    • Groceries
    • A picnic lunch
    • Mail
    • Your phone, iPod, computer, or tablet
    • Work papers
    • Knitting supplies
    • Clothes

    Knee Pads

    Over time, your scooter’s knee pad will wear down. Plus, most scooter knee pads are too hard to be comfortable. A knee pad prevents wear and tear to your scooter and saves your knee from pain and irritation, so it’s important to have a good one.

    • Memory foam knee pads relieve pressure points that cause pain.
    • A soft blanket-like knee pad prevents knee rashes caused by chafing.

    If you incorporate crutches into your recovery, consider replacing your crutch pads, too. Click here to see the best pads for crutches.

    Cup Holders

    It’s difficult to drink enough water during a busy day. Attach a cup holder to your scooter to make sure your water bottle is always within reach. This will remind you to drink plenty of water throughout the day and reap the benefits of good hydration:

    • Cleanses toxins from the body
    • Keeps skin glowing
    • Improves muscle and joint function


    A light makes using your scooter safer by helping you see in dark or dim light and by making it easier for others to see you while you’re traveling outside at night. Use a mounted light to:

    • Find your way to the bathroom at night
    • Prevent injury due to low lighting
    • Let others know you’re on the road
    • Search for items in poorly lit closets
    • Let your dog out at night

    Handlebar Grips

    A contoured ergonomic hand grip makes it easier to control the scooter, which is imperative to safety and injury prevention. Consider these benefits when choosing handlebar grips.

    • Ergonomic grips prevent wrist strain.
    • Contoured grips are comfortable for arthritic hands and fingers.

    Which is better—a new, used, or rental knee scooter? Click here to see the pros and cons of each and learn how to decide which is right for you.

    Use Knee Scooter Accessories for Convenience and Safety

    Each of the accessories we’ve listed will make your scooter safer and more comfortable while enhancing your health and happiness. Accessories are very affordable and are certainly worth the small investment. We know you’ll love all the items on this list, but if we had to choose a favorite, it would definitely be the faux sheepskin knee pad cover!

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