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11 Best Lumbar Supports for Car Use

by Jessica Hegg December 27, 2017 0 Comments

man suffering on a pain

Driving can be stressful enough without dealing with pain and discomfort. If the lower portion of your back aches when you’re on the road, you may benefit from a lumbar support for car use. These supportive pillows are designed to take the strain off your lower back, increasing your comfort and providing relief from stiffness and pain. If used long-term, they also correct the poor posture that’s contributing to your back condition. Check out our list of the best lumbar supports for the car.

Top 11 Lumbar Supports for Car Use

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion Vive
2. Memory Foam Back Cushion Everlasting Comfort
3. Lumbar Support Back Cushion LoveHome
4. Lower Back Pain Cushion SimplePosture
5. Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion Ziraki
6. Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support Sweet Relief
7. Lumbar Support Back Pillow ComfiLife
8. Lumbar Support Pillow and Seat Cushion Soft&Care
9. Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion Go Lumbar Support
10. Lumbar Support Pillow MedX
11. Premium Hybrid Gel Lower Back Pain Cushion Comfort Cloud Orthopedics

1. Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive

The ideal lumbar cushion for those who are always on the move, Vive’s inflatable support can be used in the car, at home or work, in airplanes, or at the stadium. It’s easy to inflate, and an integrated elastic strap ensures the cushion won’t slip out of place. Inflate or deflate as necessary to find your optimum firmness level. The cushion has a tear-resistant outer layer and includes a small travel bag for storing and transporting.

What we Love About this Product

  • Compact enough to use in any kind of seat
  • Control the firmness of the cushion with more or less inflation
  • 60 day money back guarantee lets you buy with confidence
  • Sleek, discreet design

Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive

Recommended for Travelers

Whether it’s for your daily commute or a long haul flight, you need a back support that isn’t going to weigh you down on the move. Still, it needs to be effective to help combat the poor rest we get when travelling. Vive’s Support Cushion is contoured to provide maximum support to the lower back, but can be deflated and packed away with ease, making it ideal for taking on long journeys.

Tips for Using  Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive

woman sitting on a chair

The cushion is designed as a lower back support, so position it behind the back, not underneath you.

  1. Partially inflate the cushion using the one-way valve, then add or release air to get the right support for you.
  2. Position the pillow vertically in your seat, so that the small of the back can rest against it.

What Customers are Saying:

“It deflates easily to fit in my handbag”

“This has been such a help for my lower back”

“I was worried I would struggle to inflate the cushion, but it was very easy”

“I’ll never travel to work without it again!”

  • Perfect for people who travel a lot
  • Easy to adjust the firmness level by inflating or deflating slightly
  • 60-day unconditional guarantee
  • Cushion can be tricky to deflate at first

2. Memory Foam Back Cushion by Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Back Cushion by Everlasting Comfort

This bestselling memory foam back support for car use alleviates stress on your back. Its ergonomic design means it can also be used for other areas of the back, as well as the neck. With two adjustable straps, it can be tightly secured to the back of seat, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of place as you drive. The hypoallergenic mesh cover encourages airflow to reduce discomfort and skin irritation.

  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Versatile—can be used for other areas of the back and neck
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Really only suitable for use with car seats—does not fit on most other chairs

3. Lumbar Support Back Cushion by LoveHome Lumbar Support Back Cushion by LoveHome

A popular lumbar pillow for car use, LoveHome’s memory foam cushion is recommended by chiropractors to address back pain and to aid recovery from surgery. With an adjustable strap to keep the cushion in place, it can be fitted to any car seat, office chair, computer chair, or wheelchair. Plus, it’s made with breathable fabric.

  • Good size and shape
  • Can be adapted to a variety of seats and chairs
  • 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • May be too soft to provide enough support

4. Lower Back Pain Cushion by SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion by SimplePosture

Simple Posture’s Backguard back cushion for the car gives you gentle lower back support, allowing you to sit and drive pain-free. Made from high-quality firm memory foam, it includes an adjustable strap. Thanks to its compact size, it’s easy to bring with you wherever you go.

  • Compact size for easy transport and storage
  • Good level of firmness
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • In some vehicles, tends to slip down between uses

5. Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion by Ziraki Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion by Ziraki

The Ziraki lumbar support for the car fits the natural contour of your spine, allowing you to enjoy long journeys with ease. Not only does this cushion provide support, but it helps straighten and correct your posture while you sit. Plus, it includes a handy, sturdy travel bag.

  • Soft gray velvet fabric
  • Travel bag included
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • May lose shape after long periods of continuous use

6. Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support by Sweet Relief Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support by Sweet Relief

This orthopedic memory foam lumbar support by Sweet Relief is the perfect balance between firmness and softness. It features an adjustable strap, which can extend from 20 to 36 inches, and breathable mesh fabric. You’ll also get a free mesh support so you can enjoy lumbar support in both your car and your home.

  • Includes a free additional lumbar support
  • Odor-free, breathable fabric
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Free mesh support not offer enough support for some users

7. Lumbar Support Back Pillow by ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow by ComfiLife

ComfiLife’s contoured memory foam cushion provides relief from back pain by maintaining the natural curvature of the lower spine. It’s made from high-density memory foam, with a breathable 3D mesh covering. Thanks to an elastic strap, it’s suitable for use in cars, office chairs, and recliners.

  • Constructed from high-density memory foam
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Strap may not fit over some larger car or truck seats

8. Lumbar Support Pillow and Seat Cushion by Soft&Care Lumbar Support Pillow and Seat Cushion by Soft&Care

This set includes two supportive pillows. The orthopedic seat cushion reduces pressure on the coccyx to provide relief from sciatica pain, tailbone injuries, and pregnancy-related discomfort. The matching lumbar support pillow reduces pressure on the lower back.

Features include a nonslip base and built-in handle on the seat cushion, along with breathable mesh fabric, adjustable straps, and a phone pocket on the lumbar support. The covers are removable and washable.

  • 2 types of cushions to relieve all back problems
  • Soft, comfortable velour covers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Seat cushion may flatten over time (although lumbar support remains firm)

9. Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion by Go Lumbar Support Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion by Go Lumbar Support

This well-priced, mesh lumbar support for the car is constructed to fit the shape of your lower back. Rubber massage heads apply gentle pressure to relieve built-up tension. Made from breathable mesh, you’re guaranteed not to sweat in even the warmest of weathers. And it fits almost any car.

  • Rubber massage heads relieve back tension
  • Doesn’t slip or move on the seat
  • Designed for maximum airflow and to reduce back sweat
  • Large size may not be suitable for petite people

10. Lumbar Support Pillow by MedX Lumbar Support Pillow by MedX

One of Amazon’s Choice products, the MedX lumbar support has been graded “firm” to provide maximum support to the lumbar region. The memory foam pillow will gradually mold itself to the shape of your back, so you won’t even know it’s there—except the noticeable reduction in pain, of course.

  • Effective and comfortable
  • Therapeutically graded “firm” for high levels of support
  • 100% lifetime hassle-free refund warranty
  • Strap may not fit around larger car seats

11. Premium Hybrid Gel Lower Back Pain Cushion by Comfort Cloud Orthopedics Premium Hybrid Gel Lower Back Pain Cushion by Comfort Cloud Orthopedics

This premium memory foam lumbar support cushion features an ingenious integrated cooling gel layer to stop your back getting too hot and sweaty, which is especially helpful for long car journeys in warm weather! Features include a breathable air mesh cover, nonslip back, adjustable strap with side release buckle, and extended zipper to easily remove the cover. The material is stain resistant and easy to clean.

  • High-quality lumbar support
  • Innovative cooling gel to reduce heat and sweat
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Very petite people may find this cushion to be too large

What is a Lumbar Support?

The lumbar region is simply the lower section of your back, also called the lower spine. It has a natural curve that bends slightly inward. This curvature, coupled with sedentary lifestyles and poor posture, mean many people slouch in their seats—forcing the lumbar outward and causing lower back pain. Over time, this pain can become chronic.

A posture corrector is another smart way to improve your posture, ease back pain, and prevent injury.


A lumbar support relieves pain and tightness in the lower back, while correcting the bad posture that caused the pain in the first place. Lumbar supports also reduce the risk of further damage.

Keep in mind that a lumbar support will not cure all back conditions. For serious injuries, speak to your doctor and use a lower back brace to protect your back.

Features to Look for When Buying a Lumbar Support for the Car

Supportive cushions and pillows for the lower back come in many shapes and sizes and can be used on any seat—from your desk to an airplane. But no matter what, a good lumbar support should be:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Supportive
  • Corrective

In order to choose a lumbar support that ticks all these boxes, consider the following before purchase:

  • Material

As lumbar supports are typically used long-term to support healthy posture and avoid back pain, they should be comfortable and durable. High-quality materials are essential. If you’re considering a memory foam pillow, make sure it will keep its shape in the long run.

And remember, long car journeys in hot weather mean sweat, so choose a lumbar support that is easy to clean and is made from a breathable material.

  • Shape

High-quality lumbar supports will fit perfectly into the natural curvature of your spine to gently protect and strengthen your muscles.

Whether you choose a full-seat back cushion or a smaller back support, always ensure the material is flush against the small of your back. The support shouldn’t be pressing into your sides or pinching any nerves, as this can cause more damage over time.

  • Suitability to the Car

Not all portable lumbar supports are suited to the car. Some are simply too bulky or have straps that are too short. Even cushions that are made for cars may not fit all makes and models, so do your homework before buying.

  • Portability

The best lumbar supports are portable. They offer greater return on investment, since you only need to purchase one cushion to use in all areas of your life.

Supplement your lumbar support with a good lower back brace. Click here to see the best braces available to relieve back pain and prevent further damage.

Find the Best Lumbar Supporter Car Use

These comfortable cushions offer more than just relief from back pain and stiffness. A lumbar support for car use prevents further injury and even corrects the bad posture that’s contributing to your discomfort.

When it comes to the health of your back, don’t take any chances. Invest in a high-quality lumbar cushion for car journeys, and watch back pain disappear in the rearview mirror.

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