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7 Best Thumb Braces for Arthritis

by Amanda Ghosh May 05, 2017 0 Comments

Thumb pain

Finding the best thumb brace for arthritis can support, stabilize, and relieve the some of the painfully common symptoms of arthritis. Your thumbs help to accomplish an incredible amount of the activities and tasks you perform every day. An arthritic thumb is like having an “injured” thumb because it affects your ability to execute these daily tasks. It’s straight up painful and debilitating. While utilizing a thumb brace for arthritis won't provide a cure, it can largely decrease pain you may be experiencing. These braces are designed to give your thumbs support by keeping them in the correct position and taking pressure off of damaged areas. If you’ve got arthritis pain in your thumb that's become quite the inconvenience, take a look at the top arthritis braces that we’ve pooled together and see which suits you best.

Best Thumb Braces for Arthritis - Top 7

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Arthritis Thumb Splint Vive
2. Thumb Stabilizer Mueller
3. Wrist Brace with Thumb Stabilizer BioSkin
4. Reversible Thumb Support Stabilizer Bracoo
5. Thumb Brace Push MetaGrip
6. Thumb Wrap C&A Support
7. Smart Thumb Splint IMAK RSI

1. Arthritis Thumb Splint by Vive Arthritis Thumb Splint by Vive



Coming in at the top spot is a thumb splint that relieves pain associated with arthritis in the thumb and carpal tunnel. It also helps thumb injuries to heal. The splint feature offers a lot of extra support and stabilization for a healing thumb (think a less intense cast), but you can remove it if you want to downgrade on the intensity of the support. Having a variety of support options available is a big bonus with this brace, as it can continue to provide less intense support as you heal.

What we Love About this Product

  • Supports you at whatever stage you’re at with your injury
  • Breathable neoprene stays comfortable all day long
  • Adjustable strap lets you choose the right level of compression
  • Excellent value for money

Arthritis Thumb Splint by Vive Universal fit not only allows for a custom fit, but the thumb brace by Vive can be worn on either the left or right hand. ( See Product)

Recommended for Thumb Injuries & Post Surgery

After surgery, we want to get back to our old selves as quickly as possible, but can feel restricted by the fear of re-injury. Vive’s thumb splint bridges the gap between cast and a completely free hand by providing varied levels of support.

Use initially with the detachable splint to isolate the thumb and stabilize the joint, then gradually reduce the tightness of the velcro strap as you rebuild strength. Once you’re recovered, this brace will be the ideal companion for whenever you need a little extra support.

Tips for Using the Arthritis Thumb Splint by Vive

Arthritis Thumb Splint by Vive The Thumb Brace by Vive isolates and stabilizes the thumb to reduce pain associated with arthritis. ( See Product)

  1. Adjust the wrist straps for a comfortable, snug fit
  2. Use it while sleeping to relieve pain
  3. Gently exercise the thumb after removing the brace to prevent stiffness

What Customers are Saying:

“The thumb splint is a good length and immobilizes my thumb”

“Feels comfortable to sleep in”

“I would definitely buy this again”

“A reliable product to help me heal safely”

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  • It stays in place with wraps that Velcro really well
  • You get “two for one” because you wear this brace on either hand
  • Its universal fit fits most people so there’s no hassle or complication when it comes to sizing
  • Thumb movement is restricted completely

Add a small finger splint to the thumb area to keep it from moving if you need to fill up some space due to small hand or thumbs.

2. Mueller Sports Medicine Thumb Stabilizer Mueller Sports Medicine Thumb Stabilizer



This is a very popular brace that supports the thumb and limits how much the thumb joint will move. Your fingers get to retain their full range of motion which helps. The freedom of this brace allows you to perform activities like cooking, typing, gardening, etc. It's a smart choice for those with gatekeeper's thumb, osteoarthritis and degenerative joint diseases.

  • Keeps thumb area nice and toasty (but not too toasty)
  • You can wear this for a long time and it stays pretty clean
  • Helps to protect your thumb when sleeping
  • You need to play around with the Velcro to get it to stay in place

3. Wrist Brace with Thumb Stabilizer by BioSkin Wrist Brace with Thumb Stabilizer by BioSkin



We like this brace because it addresses multiple conditions (arthritis in the thumb, bursitis and wrist sprains) and because it is hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic means it’s completely latex and neoprene free (some people can react to neoprene and it’s the material used in a large number of braces). Plus, this brace has an awesome fleece lining that is really comfy for your hand.

  • You get to keep full range of motion of your fingers with this brace!
  • You get to be one of the athletes. Over 40 professional sports teams use BioSkin products (pretty neat, huh?!)
  • The light weight of this brace means you don’t feel like you’re lugging around a cast
  • There’s a metal part of this brace that can rub against the thumb if your hand is of a certain size

Wear for only a few hours a time if the metal irritates your thumb. It’s not bad to wear for a few hours.

4. Bracoo Neoprene Reversible Thumb Support Stabilizer Bracoo Neoprene Reversible Thumb Support Stabilizer



We like this brace because it offers compression and is well-suited for those with arthritic thumbs and people with tendonitis and carpal tunnel. This brace is also a good choice for post-surgery wear. We also like that it keeps the hand and thumb warm. This is a nice feature for many who suffer in the cold from arthritis.

  • Wear on either right or left hand, it doesn’t matter
  • helps to ease discomfort from repetitive stress injuries
  • You can still type, drive and cook because this brace does let your thumb flex a little bit (and your fingers too!)
  • The top of the thumb feels a bit tight

5. Push MetaGrip Thumb Brace Push MetaGrip Thumb Brace



This brace made our list because of its lack of bulkiness. We like that it almost fits like a second skin without being super glove-like because sleeve (or glove) style “braces” tend to offer less support and more compression. This brace offers a lot of support for the thumb. Made out of a hard material, it can withstand a lot of wear which is great because you will probably be wearing it a lot. You fit this brace by molding the metal that is embedded within its sleek gray exterior around your thumb. This brace is best suited for those with osteoarthritis.

  • It gives you a customizable fit that stays in place because of the firm metal material
  • Machine washable
  • It’s fine to wear during activities (leisure and vigorous) as it really does stay in place quite well
  • This brace is not going to fit properly on those who have a bony bump at the bottom of their thumb (a condition related to the progression of arthritis)

People who don’t have normal muscle tone in their thumb are probably going to experience fit problems with this brace and we advise you to select from among the other four options here.

6. OK- Spacer Thumb Wrap OK- Spacer Thumb Wrap



This brace packs a punch with its no neoprene, no latex and no allergy design. It's actually made from quick dry yarn which is really cool. It also features a removable thumb splint. As an FDA approved medical device, this is perfect for those suffering from a sprained thumb, broken thumb, skier's thumb, trigger and keeper thumb, and a host of other thumb problems ("texting thumb" cough cough).

  • Awesome for sports like golf, tennis, badminton, cricket and cycling
  • Keeps its fit all day
  • It's totally fine to be tossed in the wash
  • Velcro has trouble sticking

7. Smart Thumb Splint by IMAK RSI Smart Thumb Splint by IMAK RSI



We made sure to include this brace because it targets both arthritis & carpal tunnel symptoms. With carpal tunnel cases on the rise along with today's increased use of computers and technology, more often than not you may be suffering from carpal tunnel pain too. This one can be worn on either hand. It can be worn during the repetitive activities that cause you pain for support and relief. Use while typing and more without losing the thumb's range of motion.

  • Works really well for crafting and knitting
  • Can help with tendonitis pain (perhaps reducing the need for cortisone shots)
  • Thumb is held in a pain free position
  • Sizing runs tight on some


Tips for Wearing a Thumb Brace for Arthritis:

Once you have a brace, you can take some additional steps to further help you with your arthritis pain. Try these steps:

  • Ice your thumb when it swells
  • Use heat to minimize stiffness and get the thumb joint loosened up and relaxed
  • Buy a bottle and jar opener so your thumb doesn’t have to exert pressure in an awkward way
  • Don’t try to shove your thumb into uncomfortable tools. Instead, buy tools that better accommodate your thumb
  • Change your coffee mug and your scissors
    • There are two items you probably use a lot that are particularly uncomfortable for your thumbs: your coffee mug and scissors. But, did you know that coffee mugs have handles that come in a variety of sizes? I just bought a new one myself because my thumb was sore, and now I drink my morning coffee and revel in how great it feels to comfortably hold my coffee (my thumb is no longer squished!). Scissors also come with different size finger and thumb holes. Definitely, avoid using child scissors because they have no room for adult thumbs.

Arthritis & Your Nutrition

Arthritis, for many people, is episodic. In other words, flare-ups of arthritis symptoms come and go or have peaks and lulls. It’s hard to pinpoint exact nutrition remedies for this condition because there are so many factors that cause arthritis and the episodic nature makes it hard for researchers to discern whether food is truly behind positive changes in arthritis or if the person just experienced a lull in their symptoms due to the episodic nature of the condition. Nevertheless, if you are looking for even more ways to maximize the benefits your brace is offering you, try following these bits of dietary advice:

  • Supplement with fish oil
    • Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that affect the ability of the body to make chemicals that spark inflammation of the joints and cartilage destruction
    • It can take up to 3 months for the benefits (anti-inflammatory properties) of fish oil to be noticeable
  • Reduce your intake of omega-6 fatty acids
    • This promotes the work of chemicals that work to produce arthritic symptoms
    • Omega-6 fatty acids are found in foods like vegetable oil, salad dressing and mayonnaise

Sometimes people also find that reducing dairy and red meat helps lessen their arthritis symptoms.

Finding the Best Thumb Brace for Arthritis

Don’t wait longer than necessary to get a brace for arthritis in the thumb. It can’t be stressed enough how important your thumbs are in your ability to go about your daily activities (even the most basic ones). We’ve picked out 5 great braces. Each brace offers its unique pros and cons. As always, speak with your doctor, take time in doing research on your particular arthritic condition, and make the choice that is right for you. We don’t think you’ll go wrong with any of these choices, but choosing the one that is best suited to your individual needs is a smart choice.

Hope this article has been helpful :)


Nutrition Therapy & Pathophysiology by Marcia Nelms, Kathryn P. Sucher, Karen Lacey, Sara Long Roth 2nd ed. 2011. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Amanda Ghosh
Amanda Ghosh

Amanda has a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Syracuse University which equipped her with courses applied to licensure as a dietitian. She also worked as a Program Director for the Wellness and Fitness Department for the YMCA. She is well versed in physical fitness, with a certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in physical fitness training. She has taught numerous fitness classes, including college courses in the Athletic Department, as an adjunct instructor, at the SUNY University at Buffalo. She currently resides with her husband in the NYC area, and loves to put her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to use by being active. Both her and her husband are self-declared "foodies."

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