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Choosing the Best Wrist Brace

by Juan Lopez April 28, 2022 0 Comments

Choosing the Best Wrist Brace Let us help you sort through all the different options to find the best wrist brace for your needs. The right brace can help with anything from common sprains to conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel. Even athletes can benefit from their compression and support. Take a look at our guide to choosing the best wrist brace, where we review the most important factors like material, type, sizing, support, and recommendations tailored to your needs.

The Types of Wrist Braces We Offer

What to Consider When Choosing Your Wrist Brace

Before choosing your ideal wrist brace, there are a few factors that you should consider.


  • Neoprene

    We chose neoprene as the material for most of our wrist braces as it combines a lightweight feel with durability. Neoprene stays breathable during workouts, resists stretching, and even prevents moisture buildup. We include neoprene in our standard, extra support, and nighttime, wrist braces, while our thumb and wrist brace also includes a lightweight mesh for extra breathability.

  • Bamboo Charcoal

    The bamboo charcoal blend found in our bamboo wrist brace brings softness and flexibility while providing compression and mild support. It can also help regulate temperature, improving your workouts even more.

  • Silicone Gel

    Our gel thumb support is 100% silicone gel which is perfect for mild aches. Its real benefit is its slim and lightweight feel, which hugs the wrist and thumb, making it easy to wear while typing, writing, or any activity. The gel is latex-free and waterproof.

  • Nylon Mesh

    Breathable and lightweight, the nylon mesh material found in some of our braces helps with long-term comfort. It is perfect for reducing sweat buildup and keeping your wrist cool, day or night.


  • Wrap

    Wrapping braces use Velcro straps which make it easy to take on and off, and open all the way up. This design makes them a perfect choice for swollen wrists, and simplifies the sizing process. They can offer anywhere from mild to maximum support, with the use of rigid supports.

  • Compression

    Our compression bamboo wrist sleeves are made to deliver mild and targeted compression, which makes it easy to wear them anywhere. They slip on and off easily, and can improve blood flow to the area throughout the day, speeding recovery and easing pain. They are a good option for athletes, and those who perform repetitive wrist motions on a daily basis.

  • Wrap + Sleeve

    Our wrap + sleeve design combines some of the best elements from our other supports in a single brace. With adjustable straps on the wrist and lower hand, adjustable compression is easy with our overnight wrist brace. Our thumb brace is another example, the wrist opens fully but the thumb sleeve stay attached. This makes it easy to adjust to the right amount of compression without the brace slipping off. Both designs include removable metal splints, which can add support when left in.


Our standard, extra support, nighttime, and thumb and wrist braces come in one size with adjustable straps, making them a perfect fit for a range of sizes. This also makes it a good choice for swelling and inflammation, letting you adjust to your needs.


Our gel thumb and wrist brace comes in a single size because of its soft and flexible design. The bamboo charcoal compression sleeve also has an elastic body, but comes in S/M and L/XL sizes to accommodate a wide range of wrist circumferences and ensure a snug fit.

If you’re looking to purchase the Boxer Splint. We offer an 8” and 9” design based on the length of your hand and fingers. You’ll want to measure your hand prior to ordering to make the best sizing choice.


  • Rigid Splints

    All of our Wrap and Wrap + Sleeve braces include rigid splints that help support the brace. These splints can be removed to increase flexibility and adjust support depending on your needs. Splints are positioned at the top and bottom of the brace, usually including a curved metal splint that contours to the shape of the palm. In our extra support brace, plastic splints are included on the top of the brace as well. 


  • Metal vs. Plastic Splints

    Our metal splints are constructed from lightweight aluminum. These splints are bendable for customized support and contour to your left or right wrist. You’ll find metal splints in our Boxer Splint, Standard Thumb Brace, and Thumb Spica Splint.


    Our plastic splints tend to be less flexible and tend to provide more rigid support.

    The Vive Wrist Brace, Nighttime Wrist Brace, and Hand and Wrist Immobilizer are constructed with plastic splints. While more rigid support, you do have the option to wear the brace with the splint removed.

    Our Reversible Wrist Brace is designed with both a plastic and metal splint. You also have the option to remove 1 or both the splints to meet your preference or needs.

Level of Support

Our braces range in support from mild to maximum. Learn more about the benefits of each below.

  • Mild

    Mild support braces are the perfect option for minor injuries, or injuries that are further along in the recovery process. These include flexible braces with a slim design which are made to offer compression and a small amount of support. Our bamboo charcoal sleeves and gel thumb support are both examples, which hug the wrist closely with a lightweight material.

  • Moderate

    Many of our wrap style braces offer moderate support, with metal or plastic semi-rigid splints that can be removed to adjust the level of support. Because of this, they are versatile enough to treat a range of conditions like sprains, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel. Our standard and nighttime wrist braces offer mild to moderate support, depending on whether the semi-rigid splints are removed.

  • Maximum

    Maximum wrist braces are the go-to option for the most serious conditions like fractures. They offer rigid and semi-rigid support elements to add support and limit movement of the joint. Our thumb brace includes metal sprints to immobilize the thumb and adjustable straps around the wrist to allow for a safe recovery.

    The Hand & Wrist Immobilizer is designed to keep your wrist positioned in place with little to no movement. This brace offers the highest level of support.

Our Recommendations for Wrist Brace

Below, you will find the most common activities and ailments that require the use of a wrist brace—along with our top wrist brace recommendations.

Standard Wrist Brace

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness, pain, and unpleasant tingling sensations in the wrist and hand. It is a common complication of computer use and other job-related repetitive hand motions. Our Wrist Brace can prevent or treat incidences of carpal tunnel by keeping the wrists warm and applying gentle compression. Our Thumb Brace is another good option, with removable splints for adjustable support.

Bamboo Wrist Support

Sports (Tennis, Golf)

Tennis, golf, and many other activities put extra pressure on the wrist joints. Reduce the risk of injury while playing these sports with Bamboo Wrist Sleeve Supports. This brace will stabilize the wrist joints and improve blood flow to the tissues to prevent injury. It is lightweight yet supportive, and offers mild to moderate compression, while offering comfort, flexibility, and breathability. Be sure to pair with our Tennis Elbow Straps for comprehensive support.

Extra Support Wrist Brace


A wrist sprain is an incredibly common injury—particularly among athletes and older adults, who often use their hands to break a fall. Wearing an Reversible Support Wrist Brace to reduce the risk of a sprained wrist, and speed up recovery from an existing ligament injury. It offers a high-level of support while staying comfortable enough to wear all day long until the injury heals.

Standard Wrist support


Tendonitis—the inflammation or irritation of a tendon—is another common wrist injury. Rest, support, and compression are all vital in the recovery from tendonitis, which is why our Wrist Brace is crucial. As you will likely need to wear the brace for several days or more, opt for one that is adjustable, lightweight, and breathable. If your symptoms tend toward the mild side, opt for your Gel Thumb Brace, as its slim design will maximize your freedom of movement.

Bamboo Wrist Support

Working Out

Most workouts require your joints to be flexible, whether it’s lifting weights or striking your favorite yoga pose. Try our Bamboo Wrist Sleeves which increase blood flow to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Its breathable and comfortable fabric makes it the best choice for working out, offering stability to the wrist without impacting natural flexibility. For those recovering from an injury, our Wrist Brace will provide even more protection and still leave you the grip and flexibility for all types of exercise.

Nighttime Wrist Brace


Wrist pain and discomfort are sure to interfere with a good night's sleep, even in the soundest of sleepers. Providing adequate joint support can alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms, enabling you rest in comfort. For nighttime use, choose our Nighttime Wrist Brace which offers a cool, adjustable, and non-slip design. Additional padding and an optional splint are other good features it brings to the table.

Hand & Wrist Immobilizer


A broken wrist is a serious injury that often results from a fall. Restricting movement through the use of a splint is an essential part of recovery. The Hand and Wrist Immobilizer is your best option for maximum support. This support is designed to keep both your hand and wrist in place and allow for very little movement. Immobilization is key in dealing with a wrist fracture as high-level support reduces pain and swelling and speeds up recovery.  If you take part in high-risk activities that place pressure on your wrists, our Extra Support Wrist Brace can help prevent fractures.

Standard Wrist brace


Many people don’t know how much strain typing can put on the wrist, especially over the long term and oftentimes leading to carpal tunnel. To protect your tendons from lasting damage, give Our Standard Wrist Brace a try. It can help protect the wrists from daily strain with relieving compression to stimulate the surrounding muscles. For more advanced cases, our Reversible Wrist Brace can be a useful pain solution that keeps the fingers and thumb free.

Boxer Splint

Trigger Finger

If you suffer from trigger finger pain, we recommend our Boxer Splint. Designed specifically for trigger finger pain, fourth and fifth finger pain, plus stabilizing wrist support; this is your best option to help reduce symptoms. Its neoprene material is lightweight, breathable, and easily adjustable making it comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Wrist Ice Wrap

Pain Relief

Wrist pain can be caused by multiple factors. While wrist braces and supports are great to wear throughout the day or even overnight, both cold and hot therapy can provide additional relief. Our Wrist Ice Wrap can be heated or cooled and makes it convenient to apply to your affected wrist. Designed to secure around your wrist with fasteners, you’ll get full coverage plus the freedom to move about and perform daily tasks while icing.


Frequently Asked Questions

See what others are asking and make the most out of your wrist brace.

Q: Are wrist braces more effective than taping?

A: While taping and bracing each of their pros and cons, there are a few important benefits to wrists braces. First, they are made of thicker and more durable material, which means they offer greater support and durability. They are also easier to adjust on the fly, since they usually have adjustable straps or are made of elastic materials.

Q: How does a wrist brace help with carpal tunnel?

A: Carpal tunnel causes excessive pressure on the wrist, which is often caused by bending. Wrist braces help keep the wrist aligned and protected, and can help prevent this common condition.

Q: Can I sleep with a wrist brace on?

A: While heavy duty braces might not be the best option in bed, our nighttime wrist brace is designed specifically for nocturnal use. It is good for treating carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, and more, with additional padding for a comfortable night’s rest.

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Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is part of the product development and improvement team at His understanding of products and vast knowledge of consumer needs makes it easy for him to provide helpful information on choosing the best products.

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