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Your Ankle Injury Overview

Our ankles are some of the most important joints in our body, allowing us to stand, walk, run, and jump. This joint connects the foot to the leg, and is comprised of three separate bones. The shinbone (tibia) is located on the inner side of the ankle. It plays a vital role in supporting our weight when standing. The calf bone (fibula) is positioned on the outer ankle. Underneath these two bones lies the talus, the ankle bone.

To reinforce and support these bones, the ankle contains several ligaments, such as the deltoid, anterior talofibular, and posterior talofibular ligaments. Together, these components allow us to move the top part of the foot toward the leg (dorsiflexion) or away from the leg (plantar flexion). We can also move the ankle from side-to-side. These simple motions enable us to move our body in a variety of ways.

Injury to the bones or ligaments of the ankle can cause significant pain and immobility.

Common Ankle Injuries & Causes of Pain

Ankle injuries don’t just affect athletes—they can happen to anyone. Simply twisting your foot the wrong way, or navigating an uneven surface, can be enough to damage a ligament, bone, or tendon.

Bone fractures are common ankle injuries, occurring when the bone breaks in one or more places. Ankle sprains arise when ligaments are overstretched, causing pain and swelling.

Learn more about the various types of ankle injuries:

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Reducing and Preventing Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are common, and they can happen easily, resulting in significant and debilitating pain, which impacts a person’s movement and everyday life. Therefore, it’s a good idea to implement measures to reduce and prevent the risk of ankle damage.

To do this, protect and stabilize your ankle joint wherever possible. Even simple techniques, such as wearing orthotics, can go a long way toward protecting this unstable joint. Learn more about insoles and orthotic inserts below:

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Exercises, Stretches & Therapy for Ankle Pain

Natural therapies can offer quick relief from ankle pain and inflammation. Many people use these remedies before trying medications or more invasive approaches such as surgery. Most ankle therapies are especially beneficial when used for mild to moderate injuries, and some can be combined with medical treatments for a more robust recovery plan. 

Every part of the human body benefits from consistent exercises and stretches, including the ankles. Regular movement ensures fresh blood moves through the ankles, supplying it with oxygen and nutrients.

Ankle exercises prevent tissue damage by enhancing flexibility and the health of the tissues, and they also speed up recovery from existing injuries. Find ways to keep moving and reduce ankle pain below:

Shop Products for Ankle Injuries

A whole range of products are available to treat and prevent ankle injuries. Wear braces and compression sleeves to support the ankle joint, increase blood flow, and prevent sprains and strains.

Use splints and stretchers to alleviate pain and stiffness and prevent further symptoms of injury. For pain and inflammation, try soothing creams or ice packs for quick relief.

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