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Your Arm & Elbow Injury Overview

The arms and elbows are some of the most frequently used body parts. They are also extremely complex, comprised of many bones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Each arm consists of three main parts located between the shoulder and wrist. These are the upper arm, the elbow joint, and the forearm.

The upper arm contains the humerus bone, along with several joints. The humerus attaches to the scapula (or shoulder blade) at the top of the body. The forearm is comprised of two major bones: the radius and the ulna. The elbow joint occurs where the humerus connects with the radius and ulna. This joint allows for extension and flexion of the forearm.

Major muscles in the arm include the biceps and triceps, along with smaller muscles such as the brachialis, coracobrachialis, and anconeus. Along with tendons, ligaments, and bones, these muscles allow us to move our arms in various ways. Many nerves and blood vessels further enhance the function and purpose of the arms and elbows

Common Arm & Elbow Injuries and Causes of Pain

Given how complex the arms and elbows are, it’s not surprising that damage or injury to any part can cause pain, discomfort, and loss of function. As we use the arms so frequently, they are susceptible to various injuries and health issues, including trauma and problems resulting from overuse.

Damage to the arms and elbows can result in nerve pain, fractures, joint issues, and vascular problems. Some of the most common causes of pain and injury in this area include:

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Reducing or Preventing Arm & Elbow Injuries

Arm and elbow injuries can prevent us from carrying out even the most basic of functions—from reaching and grabbing to cooking and exercising. Prolonged arm pain can seriously impact a person’s quality of life and sense of independence.

To avoid damage to the arms, protect and support the bones and joints as much as possible. Even simple strategies can prevent joint problems or relieve the symptoms of an existing injury.

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Exercises, Stretches & Therapy for Arm & Elbow Pain

Many therapies and home treatments can successfully alleviate arm and elbow pain. Often, doctors will recommend these remedies ahead of medications and surgeries, especially in the early stages of injury and for mild to moderate symptoms. As well as treating pain, these therapies may bring down swelling and redness.

Exercises and stretches are important for all body parts, and the arms and elbows are no exception. Regular physical movement increases blood flow through the arms, which brings fresh oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Arm and elbow exercises also build muscle, prevent injury, enhance flexibility, and facilitate recovery from tissue damage.

Shop Products for Arm & Elbow Injuries

In addition to exercises and therapies, check out the range of products available to protect and support the arms and elbows.

To relieve pain, try a TENS unit, soothing cream, or arm sling. For inflammation, apply a gel ice pack. Massage balls and exercise bands effectively relieve tense and tight muscles, while a range of braces and sleeves apply gentle compression and provide high-level protection from injury.Whether you want to prevent injuries from occurring in the first instance, or you wish to speed up recovery from existing tissue damage, there’s sure to be something to help you achieve your goal. 

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