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5 Best Back Braces for Work

by Amanda Ghosh April 28, 2017

back brace for workingSitting in a desk chair at work can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for your back. It's important to maintain good posture use proper back support to prevent back pain. But, that’s easier said than done for most of us, so let's talk about finding the best back brace for work. It’s an affordable option that will support your back, help you achieve and maintain proper posture, and reduce pain. However, there are a variety of back braces, but that's a good thing! Back pain has many different causes such as making a lot of repetitive movements and lifting heavy objects. Pain is not just the result of sitting all day in a desk chair, so we’ve picked out 5 braces that meet a variety of needs for all types of employees.

1. Valeo 4-Inch VLP Performance Belt

Valeo 4-Inch VLP Performance Belt


This is our first pick, and we couldn’t be happier with it! It’s an Amazon best seller too. This belt is specifically designed to support the back during heavy lifting or when working against strong force (and by force we mean physical resistance, not a demanding office manager!). Since not everyone has a desk job, we wanted to include this one. Those who load and unload from trucks or who frequently carry large office supplies will benefit most from this brace. It has a comfortable foam core, and can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit.

  • Hand washable
  • Durable
  • Offers strong support during lifts
  • More narrow than other braces

When selecting your size, users of this brace suggest that you measure your actual waist. Don’t use your jean size. And, add an extra inch to account for clothing.

2. Posture Corrector By Vive

Posture Corrector By Vive


This is our second pick. We know maintaining proper posture can be daunting in general. And, we understand that it can feel even more overwhelming if you need to retrain your posture from too many days spent hunched over a keyboard. This is why we have picked out the Vive Posture Corrector. It effectively minimizes back pain, maintains proper posture, and retrains poor posture if you have it. If you have back pain that's brought on by rounded shoulders and tight chest muscles, as you wear this brace, and retrain your posture, some of that pain should diminish. Plus, there are a lot of other features that make this brace ideal, particularly the fact that it is lightweight. If you're going to wear it around all day, it needs to be light and comfy.

  • Achieves proper alignment for spine
  • Supports clavicle bone
  • Foam support makes it comfortable
  • Only support upper back

If you're of medium size or build, consider buying a size up then adjust the Velcro however you like to achieve a customized fit. 

And remember, stick with it! Proper posture has so many health benefits, including reduced back and neck pain.

3.  Back Brace Lumbar Support with Suspenders

Back Brace Lumbar Support with Suspenders


Our third pick is the back brace with lumbar support from Trademark Supplies that's sold on Amazon. Although the suspenders might remind you of a getup from some time ago or a fancy tuxedo, you'll be thankful you have them with this brace. They reduce the stress of the brace on the groin area, and make wearing the brace all day more comfortable. The Velcro gives it a variety of tightness levels, and its rubber gripper keeps the brace in place while you go about your day. There's a lot to like with this brace.

  • Stays in place and puts less stress on groin area
  • Prevents chronic back pain
  • Treats lumbar strains, muscle strains, and pain from over use
  • Keeps back in a rigid position

4.  TOROS-Group Posture Corrector and Back Brace

TOROS-Group Posture Corrector and Back Brace


We like this brace a lot because it wears like a vest and feels extremely supportive in all the right places. It is a great option for those dealing with kyphosis, lordosis, kyphoscoliosis, and winged scapula. It will also prevent your spine from continuing to curve in an unhealthy way. Overall, it offers a fantastic means to correct posture throughout the day.

  • Retrains posture and keeps body in proper alignment
  • Fits snugly like a vest for worry-free, hassle-free wear
  • Also ideal for after back surgeries for upper lumbar sections of spine and clavicle
  • May be too tight in the abdomen if you carry extra weight around your waist

5.  Lower Back Brace by Vive

Vive Lower Back Brace

The Vive Lower Back Brace is another product that we really like. This is our favorite product for those who not only have back pain at work but who also have sciatica, spasms, nerve pain, slipped discs, or herniated discs, because this brace targets those particular conditions. This brace will offer those types of back injuries a lot of support, and its removable lumbar pad can be used or set aside to increase or decrease the amount of pressure placed on the back for targeted support. If lower back support is what you need, you may want to consider these 10 braces that specifically target lower back pain.

  • Reinforced support features keep the brace properly positioned
  • High quality materials
  • Aids in recovery and helps to prevent new injury
  • Doesn't hide well under clothing

Universal sizing fits most. It works really well for those with stomachs (waists) measuring between 32 and 46 inches.

    7 Tips for a Healthy Back

    Remember the old adage, use it or lose it? Maintain a healthy lifestyle by strengthening and stretching your back and core, and you will improve your posture, and experience fewer painful work days because you will have a stronger healthier back. Of course, if you are recovering from a particular kind of back injury, you would want to speak to your doctor or therapist to get exercises specific to your treatment plan. And, in general, before starting any exercise routine, you should consult your doctor. But, here are a few suggestions that you can implement to live a healthy back lifestyle:

    1. Eat a balanced diet, and be sure to get enough calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and protein as these nutrients play a role in proper bone health, which affects your spine
    2. Maintain a healthy weight. Carrying too much weight in the midsection can put stress on the back causing pain
    3. Exercise and include both cardio and resistance training as well as flexibility and balance training to maintain a healthy spine
    4. Place a pillow under or between your knees to relieve pressure from the hips and back while sleeping
    5. Sleep on a firm mattress 
    6. Wear quality shoes offering plenty of support and use an orthotic or insole to keep your body in the correct alignment 
    7. Get regular massages to soothe tired and tight muscles and manage or reduce pain

      It is important to stretch and strengthen core and back muscles to reduce back pain. A brace will support muscles but it will also teach your muscles to rely on it in return. So, use a brace to reduce pain and get through your day, but avoid becoming dependent on a brace.

      Choosing the Best Back Brace for Work

      A back brace for office workers is a good idea.  A question that we get asked a lot is, “what is the best back brace for work?” There really isn’t any  best brace because choosing a brace depends on your specific needs and your body type. Not all braces fit the same. Basically, a good back brace for work should meet your specific needs. We’ve picked out the 5 best back braces for work that meet a variety of needs. So, take a closer look, and figure out which will work best for you.


      Amanda Ghosh
      Amanda Ghosh

      Amanda has a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Syracuse University which equipped her with courses applied to licensure as a dietitian. She also worked as a Program Director for the Wellness and Fitness Department for the YMCA. She is well versed in physical fitness, with a certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in physical fitness training. She has taught numerous fitness classes, including college courses in the Athletic Department, as an adjunct instructor, at the SUNY University at Buffalo. She currently resides with her husband in the NYC area, and loves to put her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to use by being active. Both her and her husband are self-declared "foodies."

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