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10 Best Calf Stretch Boards

by Jessica Hegg May 31, 2018 0 Comments

man stretching calves

If you run, walk, or cycle regularly, you’re probably in need of a good calf stretch. The best calf stretch board will ease tightness in the legs in a safe and sustainable way, helping you get the most out of a workout. We’ve found the ten best boards to help you stretch out your calves. There’s something to suit every taste and budget, so take a look and see which is best for you.

Top 10 Calf Stretch Boards

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Slant Board RiversEdge Products
2. Wooden Slant Board Liberty Imports
3. Slant Board StrongTek
4. Slant Board Fitterfirst
5. Calf Stretcher Balance Board Nutraffect
6. Foam Incline Wedge Sport Safely
7. Foam Incline Stretch Wedge Trademark Innovations
8. Adjustable Premium Smart Board Power Systems
9. Foot Stretcher IWANNA
10. Wooden Multi-Slant Board Rolling With It

1. Slant Board by RiversEdge Products Slant Board by RiversEdge Products

This birch wood slant board is ideal if you’re recovering from a lower leg injury. It adjusts to five different angle heights, creating a graduated workout that continues to challenge as your flexibility progresses. The handy safety treads give you confidence that you’ll be working your calves, not your balance.

  • Customizable to your needs
  • Ready to use out the box
  • Well made and sturdy
  • Pricy, but worth the investment

2. Wooden Slant Board by Liberty Imports Wooden Slant Board by Liberty Imports

This wooden slant board features clearly defined safety treads that support proper posture and alignment while you stretch. With a choice of five gradients, it’s a great tool for rehabilitation following an injury and as you continue to build your flexibility. Plus, there’s a handy exercise guide included to help you get the most out of your stretching sessions.

  • Arrives ready to use
  • Adjustable difficulty
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • May not be wide enough for taller users

3. Slant Board by StrongTek Slant Board by StrongTek

A wooden slant board for stretching may look great in the home, but try to carry them to the gym and you may wish you’d opted for this handy board instead. The durable, lightweight construction of this collapsible slant board makes it compact and portable—ideal for when you’re on the move or working out at the gym. With a grippy textured surface and raised base to prevent slipping, this is perfect if you’re worried about losing your balance while you stretch.

  • Ready to use straight away
  • Ideal for use on the go
  • Adjustable height
  • Narrower than other models

4. Slant Board by Fitterfirst Slant Board by Fitterfirst

This larger size slant board is a great choice if you’re tall, or prefer a wider stance when stretching the lower legs. The wooden design is sturdy, with a sleek finish and nonslip textured surface to ensure maximum safety as you practice. With three adjustable levels, you can tailor the level of difficulty to suit where you are now.

  • Collapsible for storage and portability
  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis
  • Graduated heights for a range of difficulties
  • Fewer adjustable settings than some other boards

5. Calf Stretcher Balance Board by Nutraffect Calf Stretcher Balance Board by Nutraffect

This high-quality wooden rocker board will test more than just your flexibility—your balance, posture and core will all be worked at the same time. For beginners, try using the board between two chairs so you can catch your balance, and the nonslip treads will ensure you keep a secure footing. This board is great if you’re looking for a challenging lower body workout.

  • Sleek, sturdy design
  • Strengthens calves, ankles, back and legs
  • Great for rehabilitation exercises
  • Not adjustable

6. Foam Incline Wedge by Sport Safely Foam Incline Wedge by Sport Safely

This foam wedge is a great way to access calf stretching exercises on a budget. Made from dense, high quality foam, the two wedges can be used separately, or stacked together for a more intense stretch. The compact, lightweight design makes them great to use as a calf or achilles stretcher at work or the gym, or even for keeping one in two different places, so you always have access to the relief of a good stretch.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent value
  • Discreet and not too bulky
  • Too narrow to use with both feet

7. Foam Incline Stretch Wedge by Trademark Innovations Foam Incline Stretch Wedge by Trademark Innovations

The sleek design of this foam wedge set means they won’t be out of place in the gym, at work or in the home. As a set of two, you can choose whether to stretch both legs simultaneously, or to stack the wedges and focus on one leg for a really intense stretch. The high quality foam is sturdy enough to create a good stretch down the back of the leg.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sleek black design
  • Choice of intensity
  • Best used in trainers as foam can be slippery

8. Adjustable Premium Smart Board by Power Systems Adjustable Premium Smart Board by Power Systems

This premium slant board is made from steel for unparalleled strength and durability. With four adjustable settings and a nonslip surface, you can tailor your stretch to suit your needs in confidence of your safety. The board is wide enough for most shoe sizes, so it is a great option if you need a little extra width.

  • High quality, durable make
  • Compacts flat for easy storage
  • Adjustable for a customizable workout
  • High quality means this is an expensive option

9. Foot Stretcher by IWANNA Foot Stretcher by IWANNA

This alternative calf stretcher is textured on both sides to ensure you and it stay put while you stretch. The raised surface doubles up as a massager, helping you take care of your feet at the same time. With three adjustable heights, you can customize your stretch to be at just the right level for you.

  • Comes in a bright, attractive color
  • Doubles up as a back massager
  • Sturdy make
  • May be too narrow for tall users

10. Wooden Multi-Slant Board by Rolling With It Wooden Multi-Slant Board by Rolling With It

This collapsible, adjustable slant board is ideal for working out at home or on the go—it even comes with a convenient carry bag for easy portability. The high quality wood features a nonslip, textured surface to help you maintain your balance while you stretch. With four adjustable settings, you’ll be able to tailor your workout to match your strengths. With an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll lose nothing when you give this smartboard a try.

  • Customizable difficulty level
  • Packs away for easy storage
  • Sturdy, long-lasting make
  • Need to double check the interlocking design is secure before using

How to Loosen Tight Muscles in Legs

If you’re wondering how to stretch a pulled calf muscle (or very tight calves) with a slant board, the key is to take it very slowly. Following these steps will give you a good stretch in the lower leg, without risking further injury.

  • Start with a Low Intensity

When you’re just starting out, opt for a board with a lower gradient or adjustable settings, and start with the lowest possible incline. If you’re not used to stretching the calves, these muscles can be extremely tight, so it’s important to take it gently.

  • Adapt your Workout

If your calves are in a lot of pain, even the lowest setting might be too much without additional support. Place your slant board between two chairs or against a wall to help you control the pressure in the legs in the beginning.

  • Build your Flexibility Gradually

As your flexibility improves, you can use the board free standing on a lower setting, then increase the gradient for a more intense calf stretch. Hold stretches for as long as you feel comfortable doing so, building up to sets of 30 seconds for a deeper calf stretch.

Other Tips to Take Care of Your Calves

Working the calves can be tricky, and flexibility in this area can’t be gained overnight. Alongside regular use of a slant board, here are some tips to keep your calves in the best condition.

  • Wear the Right Support

If you suffer from shin splints or particularly tight calves, you need to support your calves during workouts. Wearing a compression sleeve or brace when you exercise keeps your calves warm and supported, relieving muscle pain and minimizing the risk of damage due to tight muscles.

Compare the 9 Best Shin Splint Braces here .

  • Indulge in Self-Massage

Self-massage isn’t just a relaxing indulgence—done regularly, it can significantly improve calf flexibility and overall mobility. Using massage rollers post workout is a great way to loosen up the calves and prevent muscle pain hitting the day after leg day.

  • Other Ways to Stretch Out the Calves

It’s helpful to have a variety of stretches up your sleeve to keep the calves in optimum condition. Calf rockers are an alternative to slant boards that rely less on balance and allow you to focus on one foot at a time.

Another way to introduce flexibility training into your routine regularly is through a yoga class or at home practice. If you decide to stretch at home, resistance bands can make difficult stretches more accessible by adding reach and a range of resistance.

Check out our pick of the best resistance bands right here .

Find the Best Calf Stretch Board

A calf stretch board is the easiest way to get a satisfying stretch in the lower leg, relieving shin splints, pulled muscles and tightness that you can’t otherwise shake. Finding the best calf stretch board will help you take great care of your legs for years to come. Take it gently, and you’ll be enjoying increased flexibility in no time.

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