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Mobility Scooters



Perfect for maintaining independence, electric mobility scooters provide safe, agile transportation both indoors and out. Models available in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel designs. For more help or advice on which scooter is right for you, call our dedicated customer care team at 1-800-487-3808 between 9:00am and 6pm (EST) daily. Alternatively, click here to send us an email or live chat with a customer service agent. We’re always happy to help!

Need Help Deciding? Check out our Mobility Scooter Buying Guide Here!

Type of Mobility Scooters

3-Wheel Scooters

Three-wheel scooters are ideal for indoor use. They gently glide over smooth surfaces, and they have a sharper turning radius so you can easily navigate tight spaces.

4-Wheel Scooters

Choose a 4-wheel scooter if you want better weight distribution and a broader and sturdier wheelbase than a 3-wheel can offer. Four-wheel vehicles are generally better for outdoor use, as they need to traverse rough and bumpy terrain.

Power Scooter Features

Be sure to research and learn the specs of each type of scooter. Consider these factors when choosing your electric power scooter.

Indoor or outdoor

While both the 3 and 4-wheel scooters can travel across varying terrain, indoors and out. The tight turn radius of the 3-wheel scooter, makes it ideal for smaller spaces and indoor use.

The wider base of the 4-wheel scooter, gives you maximum stability and tackles uneven surfaces more easily.

Weight Capacity

It’s essential that you choose a mobility scooter that can safely support your body weight. Both the Vive 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel scooters support up to 265 pounds.

Turning Radius

The turning radius is the smallest space in which a scooter can make a turn. Vehicles with a smaller turning radius are ideal for indoor use, where space is tight. If you’re limited on space, go with the 3-wheel scooter equipped with an optimal 2.6’ turning radius.

Drive Range

This is the distance a scooter can cover on a single charge. Short drive ranges are perfect for those who use their mobility scooter mainly indoors, while longer ranges may be necessary for people who get out and about regularly. Both the Vive 3-Wheel & 4-Wheel scooters have a 12.4 mile drive range.

Portability/Heaviest Piece

People who plan on assembling and disassembling their scooter regularly for travel or storage should be aware of the weight of the heaviest piece of equipment. Be sure you or a loved one can comfortably carry or transport this piece, which is typically the base or the front of the scooter.

Top Speed

Those with a need for speed should consider the top speed that each scooter offers. It’s generally in the region of four miles per hour, although some models can reach slightly more than this.

Power Scooter Accessories

All Vive Mobility Scooters come equipped with a durable front storage basket for personal belongings. Other additional items such as seat cushions, cup holder attachments and armrest padding are available for purchase to customize your scooter.