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6 Best Shoe Horns

by Jessica Hegg April 24, 2017

man using long handled shoe horn

Sometimes putting on your shoes can feel like a battle. When you're dealing with back pain or tightness, bending over to tug on your shoes is the last thing you want to do. Thankfully, using the best shoe horn for your needs is a simple solution. A shoe horn is a curved tool that allows you to slip your heal into the shoe without reaching all the way to your feet. Plus, the tool keeps you from pulling on your the back of your shoes, which will cause your shoes to break down over time. Something so simple can add years to your shoes' lifespans and make your daily routine easier! Here are seven of the best shoe horns to keep you and your shoes in good shape.

1. Stainless Steel Shoe Horn with Leather Strap

Stainless Steel Shoe Horn with Leather Strap


First up, we have one of the most popular shoe horns on Amazon. What sets this shoe horn apart is the leather handle. Besides looking classy, the leather is comfortable in your hand. It's warmer than metal and won't dig into your hand as you slip on your shoes. The shoe horn is small enough for travel, so it's great for business trips.

  • Leather handle looks stylish and feels comfortable
  • Portable size
  • May be too small for large hands

2. Long Shoe Horn

Long Shoe Horn


Coming in at number two, this shoe horn is extra long, which is perfect if you struggle to reach your shoes while sitting or standing. It's made of plastic, which is smooth and makes for a comfortable experience. Your heel will slide easily along its smooth surface, and the plastic is light so you won't be fighting to hang on to a heavy tool. The loop on the end lets you hang the shoe horn in your closet, out of the way. While some plastic shoe horns may not last as long as metal, this one is extremely sturdy, and the construction is thick enough that you can expect this shoe horn to have a long life—as evidenced by its lifetime guarantee.

  • Extra long so you don't need to bend over
  • Has a loop to hang up the shoe horn
  • Plastic is light and comfortable to use
  • Durable plastic material, but not metal

3. Cedar Shoe Horn

Cedar Shoe Horn


Instead of metal, this shoe horn is made of cedar, which is the traditional material for shoe trees because it wicks odors from shoes. This shoe horn smells great and does the job. The wood grain looks sharp, and it's light and portable—whether you're traveling across the country or to the gym across town.

  • Cedar smells and looks great
  • Light and portable
  • Not as durable as metal

4. Metal Shoe Horn

Metal Shoe Horn


We decided to include this shoe horn due to its unique double-sided feature and small size. This allows for easy functioning and great for multiple shoe sizes, making it ideal for those looking to share a shoe horn. Plus, due to its small size, you can store it practically anywhere...perfect for travel. The steel is super durable and made to last, so it'll protect your shoes for years to come.

  • Double-sided design fits multiple shoe sizes
  • High-quality steel is sturdy and durable
  • No grip handle

5. Extra Long Shoe Horn with Paracord Strap

Extra Long Shoe Horn with Paracord Strap


What's cool about this shoe horn? The handle is wrapped in paracord! The cord protects your hand and improves your grip while using the shoe horn. Plus the cord extends to a strap on the end to hang the shoe horn out of the way. The business end is made of stainless steel, which is extremely smooth so that your foot slides easily into the shoe. This is a bit longer than your average shoe horn, and the extra length makes the shoe horn easier to use, especially if you struggle bending over.

  • Includes strap to hang up the shoe horn
  • Durable material
  • Reports of paracord wrap coming unraveled

6. Rosewood Stain Shoe Horn

Rosewood Stain Shoe Horn


Coming in at number six, this shoe horn is made of phoenix tree wood. It's hand-carved from a single piece of wood and stained and polished for a classic look. It's lightweight, but because it's extra long and made from wood, which is less durable than metal, it's not a good choice for travel.

  • Lightweight and extra long for ease of use
  • Slim design and rosewood stain give a classic look
  • Material is not as sturdy as platic or metal

Why You Need a Shoe Horn

A shoe horn protects the back of your shoe and keeps the shoe from breaking down. Insert the curved part of the tool into the back of your shoe, and slide your heel along the shoe horn and into your tight-fitting dress shoes, tennis shoes, or boots. The shoe horn supports the back of the shoe so you don't have to tug and pull—and you don't wind up crushing the back of your shoe and turning nice dress shoes into slip-ons.

  • Extends the life of your shoes!
  • Keeps your shoes looking brand new
  • Makes it easier to get your shoes on, eliminating the struggle of cramming your heel into a tight shoe
  • Prevents strain on your back and lower body

    Selecting the Best Shoe Horn

    When you're choosing a shoe horn, there are a few specific features that will benefit both your shoes and you! You want a shoe horn that does what it's supposed to, that's comfortable to use, and that protects your shoes. Here are some features to be on the lookout for.

    Sturdy Material and Construction

    Look for a shoe horn that's made of metal or high-quality plastic. If it is plastic, make sure it's thick enough that it won't break. Wooden shoe horns can be light and convenient, but look for one sturdy enough to withstand consistent use.

    Smooth Surface

    While using the shoe horn, you'll be sliding your heel along the surface and into the shoe. You want a shoe horn that's smooth and slick so that your heel slides easily.

    Grip or Handle

    If you have sensitive hands, definitely look for a shoe horn with a handle made of a soft material. Examples from the products above include leather and paracord.

    Practical Length

    The perfect length will depend on your specific needs. If you struggle to bend over, look for a shoe horn with a long handle. That way you can sit or stand and reach your shoes with minimal effort. This will save your back and legs a lot of strain. If, on the other hand, you'll be using your shoe horn during travel, look for one that's short and compact—a shoe horn that will fit in your suitcase, gym bag, or even your pocket.

    Take Care of Your Shoes…

    And they’ll take care of you! Whether you're using your shoe horn for dress shoes, tennis shoes, or boots, you'll be investing in the health and lifespan of your shoes. Comfortable, well-functioning shoes are so important for daily comfort and mobility. Nobody wants to deal with the heels of your shoes slipping off your feet. Using a shoe horn is simple and easy and makes a massive difference in the longevity of your shoes, while making your daily routine easier! Why deal with back and lower body pain when there's a simple, cost-effective solution? Treat your feet right, and see how far they take you.

    Jessica Hegg
    Jessica Hegg

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