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9 Best Finger Sleeves

by Jessica Hegg March 24, 2018 0 Comments

High Angle View Of A Doctor Putting Finger Protector Sleeve On Man's Finger In Clinic

Finger sleeves can be an amazing enhancement to your life, enhancing your grip when playing sports, as well as offering support to finger joints to reduce injury and speed recovery. They can also apply compression to your fingers to improve circulation, combat swelling, and reduce joint pain caused by arthritis, mallet finger, trigger finger, and other disorders. Finding the right finger sleeves will make a huge difference, so we've come up with a selection to help you find the best option.

Top 9 Finger Sleeves

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Stretchy Finger Protector Sleeves AUCHEN
2. Professional Hot/ Cold Roll-On Finger Sleeves Torex
3. Silicone Gel Compression Sleeves ViveSole
4. Fabric-covered Visco-gel Finger Protector PediFix
5. Cuttable Gel Finger Cap Sleeves Makhry
6. Elastic Sports Finger Sleeves Support SOCKO
7. Arthritis and Sport Elastic Finger Sleeves Busy Mom
8. Breathable Finger Protector Sleeves Luniquz
9. Cushioned Silicone Finger Sleeves DenadaDance

1. Stretchy Finger Protector Sleeves by AUCHEN Stretchy Finger Protector Sleeves by AUCHEN

These finger sleeves have just the right amount of elasticity to support your fingers without interfering with your freedom of movement. They're designed for use in sports, but can be suitable for those with arthritis or other hand pains. The mixture of Spandex and nylon makes them stretchy, durable, and beautifully lightweight. They'll offer great grip to help you catch the ball or hold your bat, racket, or club easily.

  • Aids and enhances your grip
  • Durable, designed for athletic use
  • Highly versatile and comfortable
  • May slide off at night

2. Professional Hot/ Cold Roll-On Finger Sleeves by Torex Professional Hot/ Cold Roll-On Finger Sleeves by Torex

To treat pain, swelling, and joint stiffness, give these finger sleeves a try. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer and applied to your joints for cryotherapy treatment, or you can throw them in the microwave to use when you need heat to reduce pain. The insulating compressor bandage will apply pressure to the joint while protecting your skin from the cold or heat of the sleeve.

  • Excellent for cold and hot therapy
  • Great for acute injuries and chronic conditions
  • Latex-free, non-toxic
  • Doesn't hold heat very well

3. Silicone Gel Compression Sleeves by ViveSole Silicone Gel Compression Sleeves by ViveSole

These sleeves are a bit longer than the others on our list, which makes them highly versatile and adaptable to any size hand. The sleeves are made with a silicone gel interior that will apply compression to your joints, but the soft fabric exterior will keep them from rubbing or causing friction. You can even cut them to your desired length!

  • Incredibly versatile, useful for every activity
  • Good compression and support for your joints
  • Can be used for toes as well as fingers
  • May be too small for people with very thick fingers

4. Fabric-covered Visco-gel Finger Protector by PediFix Fabric-covered Visco-gel Finger Protector by PediFix

These finger protectors have a soft fabric covering to keep them from rubbing or scratching you while you wear them, but the Visco-gel interior will ensure maximum compression and support for your joints. The sleeves can act as a cushion to reduce impact on your finger joints and bones, making them ideal for sports. They even soften and moisturize your skin, and can help to repair cracked skin.

  • Great for cushioning and protection
  • Soothes and repairs your skin
  • Comfortable, super easy to wear
  • Only one finger protector at a higher price

5. Cuttable Gel Finger Cap Sleeves by Makhry Cuttable Gel Finger Cap Sleeves by Makhry

If you want a finger sleeve that fits your fingers just right, you'll love these. Simply roll them onto your finger, measure, and cut off any excess. The latex-free sleeves are suitable for all skin types, and they're fully diabetic-friendly, washable, and reusable. If you want durability at a good price tag, these are a great option.

  • Suitable for almost any finger/hand size
  • Infused with medical-grade mineral oil
  • Protective, offers good support
  • Heavier and bulkier than expected

6. Elastic Sports Finger Sleeves Support by SOCKO Elastic Sports Finger Sleeves Support by SOCKO

These sports finger sleeves have an elastic collar to provide good support for your knuckles, and you can shift them on your fingers to prevent their interfering with bending your fingers. Whether you play baseball, basketball, football, or volleyball, these are a great choice!

  • Solid support for your knuckles, protection for your fingers
  • Durable and built to handle athletic use
  • Super comfortable
  • Sizes run very small and tight

7. Arthritis and Sport Elastic Finger Sleeves by Busy Mom Arthritis and Sport Elastic Finger Sleeves by Busy Mom

This ten-piece set of finger sleeves is suitable for athletes looking to improve their grip and protect their fingers, but it's also ideal for those trying to reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis. The sleeves are made of a mixture of Spandex, nylon, and gelatin silk, and they're beautifully lightweight and breathable. They're easy to slide on and off, and they're sized to fit any finger size without being too restrictive.

  • Great value for the price
  • Protects and supports your fingers
  • Reduces thumb pain for athletes
  • Stitching on the inside can irritate dry or cracked skin

8. Breathable Finger Protector Sleeves by Luniquz Breathable Finger Protector Sleeves by Luniquz

These finger sleeves feel a lot like athletic support tape, but they're a lot more durable and can be re-used over and over. The composite nylon, spandex, and gelatin silk blend is super comfortable, and you'll find they will both enhance your grip and apply compression to reduce swelling. They're not one-size-fits-all, but each of the ten sleeves is sized for a specific finger.

  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Durable, reliable, and long-lasting
  • Good support, compression, and enhanced grip
  • Tight, may cause finger numbness

9. Cushioned Silicone Finger Sleeves by DenadaDance Cushioned Silicone Finger Sleeves by DenadaDance

These silicone finger sleeves can be used to treat all manner of finger pains, chronic inflammation, joint issues, and injuries. They can protect blisters, provide relief from joint pain, and support your fingers as you play sports. The length is fully adjustable and easy to customize to the size and shape of your hands. They're highly comfortable, and you'll love how they make your fingers feel.

  • A soft inner lining protects your skin
  • Durable exterior is resistant to wear and tear
  • Suitable for athletic use as well as treating arthritis and injuries
  • Sizes tend to run larger, unsuitable for people with small hands

Three Reasons You May Need to Use Finger Sleeves

Finger sleeves can be very useful in a number of situations. While many people see them as only suitable for athletic use, the truth is that they can be used by anyone who needs:

  • Joint Support

If you're recovering from a broken or injured finger, you'll need something to use after the splint comes off. While a finger splint will offer better joint support for your finger, you need to let the joint heal on its own. A sleeve can provide enough freedom of movement to speed up recovery while still keeping the joint supported.

  • Compression

Compression on your fingers can do wonders to reduce the swelling and stiffness common with not only injuries, but also arthritis. A finger sleeve may help to restore mobility and prevent finger joint pain.

If your arthritis is severe enough, you may need to consider using a specially-designed glove. Read this post to find out everything you need to know about arthritis gloves

  • Better Grip for Sports

Finger sleeves are used by athletes to enhance their grip on their tennis racket, baseball bat, basketball, football, or volleyball. Better grip means a harder swing, an easier time catching the ball, and better overall sports performance.

Using a grip strengthener will help to improve your ability to grasp and hold heavy items.

Find the Right Type of Finger Sleeves

There are a number of types of finger sleeves to choose from, each designed with their own specific purpose. Understanding each type will help you find the finger sleeve that suits your needs best:

  • Grippy

A finger sleeve designed with a high-friction exterior will give you a tighter hold on your bat, racket, club, or ball. If you're an athlete, you may want to consider using a finger sleeve to enhance your grip.

Use these hand exercise tools to help you have stronger forearms and a better grip.

  • Heating and Cooling

Some finger sleeves come with heating and cooling packs built in. These packs are meant to be microwaved or frozen, then applied to your fingers to reduce the pain of chronic conditions like arthritis, as well as acute injuries like jammed fingers or a sprained thumb.

Read this complete guide to sprained thumbs!

  • Compression

Compression finger sleeves help to prevent swelling and reduce pain, thereby speeding up healing of chronic conditions and acute injuries. By applying compression to your fingers, you can prevent excessive blood flow, control edemas, and enable your body to make repairs to damaged joints faster.

Use a Finger Sleeve to Protect Your Hands

A finger sleeve can be the ideal addition to your daily routine if you're worried about your hands. The sleeve can enhance your grip while playing sports, provide support for your joints, reduce swelling, apply compression, and even treat injuries. You'll find that our list above contains all the top finger sleeves on the market, and you should have no trouble finding a finger sleeve that suits your needs to a T!

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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