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7 Best Leg Lifter Straps

by Jessica Hegg January 02, 2018 0 Comments

Disabled businessman in wheelchair

Ideal for those with little or no leg strength, or as a post-surgery aid, a leg lifter strap is used to lift legs onto a bed, onto a wheelchair footplate, or into a car. Leg assist straps can even be used while wearing a cast. As simple as they are effective, leg lifters have a foot loop at one end and a grip handle at the other. We’ve listed the best leg lifter straps to keep you mobile, without risking injury.

Top 7 Leg Lifter Straps

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Triple-Loop Resting Leg Lifter Sammons Preston
2. Leg Lifter Strap Vive
3. Hip and Knee Equipment Kit Sammons Preston
4. Norco Leg Lifter North Coast Medical
5. Pediatric Rigid Leg Lifter Sammons Preston
6. Ableware Leg Loop Leg Lift Maddak Inc.
7. Deluxe Hip Kit Mercer County Rehab Supply

1. Triple-Loop Resting Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston Triple-Loop Resting Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston

An ideal tool for people who have undergone a knee or hip replacement surgery, this rigid leg lifter features multiple loops, ideal for those who are not strong enough to lift their leg with one arm. Simply hold the top loop with one hand and slip your forearm through one of the lower two loops. Made of sturdy nylon taffeta, this leg lifter strap features an adjustable, easy-grasp grip loop.

  • Made from durable material
  • Three loops—perfect for those without much upper-body strength
  • Adjustable grip loop
  • Higher price point

2. Leg Lifter Strap by Vive Leg Lifter Strap by Vive

This leg assist strap can be used for physical therapy, after surgery, or as a mobility aid for the elderly. Featuring a rigid foot loop and a hand grip, the lifter is durable and strong enough to lift heavy legs and casts. The loop stays open when not in use, which makes placing it around the foot a breeze. The 44-inch nylon strap is reinforced with an aluminum rod and will not lose its shape over time. Plus, the nylon hand loop creates a comfortable and secure grip.

  • Suitable for tall people
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Foot loop may be too rigid for some

3. Hip and Knee Equipment Kit by Sammons Preston Hip and Knee Equipment Kit by Sammons Preston

More than just a leg lifter strap, this set of five living tools is ideal for the elderly, those with a disability, and those recovering from surgery. Designed to help you with daily tasks, such as getting dressed, the kit includes a reacher grabber, a plastic shoe horn, a leg assist strap, a sock aid with a foam handle, and a sponge with a bendable handle to make showering easier.

  • Includes five living aids
  • Designed to make routine tasks easier
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Not as durable as some other products

4. Norco Leg Lifter by North Coast Medical Norco Leg Lifter by North Coast Medical

Reposition your leg without bending over with this 40-inch North Coast Medical leg lifter strap. Made from a steel rod covered with nylon webbing, the lifter is durable and is suitable for heavy legs and casts. The rigid foot loop will not bend out of shape, but it is flexible enough to adjust to all foot shapes and sizes.

  • Rigid yet flexible foot loop
  • Durable steel rod
  • Suitable for heavy legs and casts
  • The foot loop may not be flexible enough for some

5. Pediatric Rigid Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston Pediatric Rigid Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston

The unique aspect of this leg lifter strap is its length. At 34.5 inches, it is shorter than most other lifters, making it perfect for shorter adults and children. It has a metal rod for durability, and the strap is rigid, yet flexible enough to accommodate wide feet and casts. The grip loop is made from flexible webbing for maximum comfort.

  • Comfortable grip and flexible webbing
  • Suitable for children and shorter adults
  • Durable—made to last
  • Not suitable for tall adults

6. Ableware Leg Loop Leg Lift by Maddak Inc. Ableware Leg Loop Leg Lift by Maddak Inc.

Designed to help those with impaired mobility get in and out of bed or into a wheelchair, this 36-inch leg assist strap has a rigid middle section covered by high-strength nylon webbing. The strap’s flexible foot loop, which is tightened by pulling on the hand grip, ensures an ideal fit and a secure grip.

  • Durable, rigid middle section
  • Foot loop stays open until the strap is pulled
  • Secure foot grip
  • Flexible foot loop can be difficult to place around the foot

7. Deluxe Hip Kit by Mercer County Rehab Supply Deluxe Hip Kit by Mercer County Rehab Supply

This kit will help you follow your daily routine after a hip replacement surgery. Along with a leg lifter, the kit includes a sock aid with foam handles, a long-handle bath sponge, a 27-inch deluxe reacher, a 24-inch metal shoe horn, and elastic shoe laces.

  • Six living aid tools
  • Ideal following hip replacement surgery
  • Versatile—helps you accomplish a variety of tasks
  • May not last as long as other products

How to Use a Leg Lifter Strap

Simple but effective, a leg lifter strap makes daily tasks easier for those with limited mobility. Leg lifters are easy to use. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Place the foot loop around your foot.
  • If the foot loop is flexible, pull the strap to close the loop around your foot.
  • Gently reposition your leg by holding the grip. Some leg lifter straps feature additional loops for people of different heights or those who need to use both arms.
  • Get comfortable! In this case, taking advantage of a quality air mattress can be a big help.

    Features of a Leg Lifter Strap

    The best leg lifter strap for you depends on your specific injury and requirements, whether that be arthritis or a short-term injury. Consider the following factors before investing in a leg assist strap, and discuss any questions with your doctor.

    • Length

    The length of most leg lifters is not adjustable, so choose one that is the correct length for your height. While most leg lifters come with only two loops, a foot loop and a grip loop, some feature multiple loops, which allows users to grab the loop that best fits their height.

    • Foot Loop

    Leg lifters feature either rigid or flexible foot loops. Rigid foot loops stay open even when not in use, and flexible loops do not. Rigid foot loops are easier to place around the foot and are best for those with poor dexterity.

    Living Aids for Poor Lower-Limb Strength

    Maintaining your independence is crucial to a happy life. Here are more living aids for those with poor lower-limb strength so you can stay independent.

    • Transfer Benches

    Designed to help those with impaired mobility or a lower body injury get into and out of the bathtub, transfer benches feature long seats that extend over the bathtub wall. Some transfer benches even slide along the seat frame for an even easier transition.  

    Find the best transfer benches here.

    • Shower Seats

    Shower seats ensure you won’t slip on wet tiles or become too fatigued while in the shower. From portable, nonslip chairs with drainage holes to sophisticated swivel chairs with pivoting armrests, shower seats provide peace of mind for those with mobility issues.  

    Check out the best shower seats for a safe and comfortable shower experience.

    • Long Shoe Horns

    Routine tasks such as getting dressed can be a struggle for those with limited mobility. Long shoe horns help you put on shoes without bending over, reducing strain on your back and knees. They also protect your shoes from wear and tear caused by forcing your foot into the shoe.  

    Here are the best long shoe horns to make getting dressed easy.

    Find the Best Leg Lifter Strap

    Designed to help you move your legs without bending, leg assist straps are ideal for the elderly and for those recovering from an injury or surgery. A leg lifter strap helps you get into and out of bed, wheelchairs, and cars. Any of the leg lifters on this list will increase your independence and mobility. Select the one that fits your requirements and lifestyle, and discuss any questions with your doctor.

    Jessica Hegg
    Jessica Hegg

    Jessica Hegg is the content manager and at ViveHealth.com. With vast product knowledge and understanding of individual needs, she aims to share valuable information on making smart buying choices, overcoming obstacles and overall improving the quality of life for others. Avid gym-rat and nutrition enthusiast, she’s interested in all things related to staying active and living healthy lifestyle.

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