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10 Best Motion Sensor Night Lights

by Jessica Hegg March 27, 2018 0 Comments

Senior woman working from bed while her husband is sleeping

For those who enjoy a midnight snack or late night trip to the bathroom, traditional lamps can be cumbersome, disruptive, and inefficient. Motion sensor night lights come in handy by illuminating hallways and other spaces automatically, so you don’t need to worry. With a motion detector night light, you can be confident that every step you take will be fully illuminated, no matter what time it is. See the top ten products below.

Top 10 Motion Sensor Night Lights

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Stick Anywhere Night Light Mr. Beams
2. LED Motion Sensor Night Light Prosenn
3. Ultra Brite LED Light GE
4. Motion-Activated Nite Lite AmerTac
5. 3-in-1 Motion Night Light Sensky
6. Motion Sensor Night Lamp Emotionlite
7. Lumi Stick-On Night Light Eufy
8. Motion Sensor Light Magictec
9. Retro LED Night Light ZEEFO
10. Plug In Motion Night Light Sensky

1. Stick Anywhere Night Light by Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Night Light by Mr. Beams

Like the name implies, this night light can be used anywhere--simply add two AA batteries and mount to your preferred location with the included hardware. The night light will turn on when it detects motion from fifteen feet away and will shut off after 30 seconds of inactivity, and the LED light can cover ten square feet with a bright twenty-lumen output.

  • AA batteries last a long time
  • Nice, bright light
  • Works well in hard-to-light areas
  • Can be overly sensitive to motion

2. LED Motion Sensor Night Light by Prosenn LED Motion Sensor Night Light by Prosenn

Just add three AAA batteries and use the included hardware to install this night light, and you’ll have bright, amber LED lights that turn on automatically. These lights detect motion up to ten feet, and automatically turn off after fifteen seconds of inactivity. Each light provides plenty of illumination, so a single one can cover a large area.

  • Very quick and easy to install
  • Provides a lot of light for their size
  • Sensor works well
  • Batteries are not included

3. Ultra Brite LED Light by GE Ultra Brite LED Light by GE

No batteries needed for this night light--simply plug it into a standard outlet for bright LED illumination. It’s motion activated up to 25 feet away, cool to the touch, energy efficient, and the light will automatically shut off after 90 seconds of inactivity. Plus, you can choose from four different finish options to find the night light that looks the best for your home!

  • Night light provides ample brightness
  • Motion sensor covers a wide area
  • Does not require batteries
  • Too bright for smaller rooms

4. Motion-Activated Nite Lite by AmerTac Motion-Activated Nite Lite by AmerTac

This light plugs into any standard outlet, and detects motion up to 25 feet within a 100-degree-wide zone. The light from the energy-efficient LED bulb will turn itself off after 60 seconds of brightness, and a light sensor will prevent it from turning on and wasting energy during the daytime.

  • Attractively designed night light
  • Motion sensor is very responsive
  • Light is bright and soft
  • Bulb may have a limited lifespan

5. 3-in-1 Motion Night Light by Sensky 3-in-1 Motion Night Light by Sensky

As a night light, this product lights up automatically when motion is detected, and shuts off after it has not detected activity for 25 seconds. However, it can also be used as a rechargeable flashlight and an power emergency failure light. Because it’s detachable, it can be used in multiple locations throughout your home.

  • Attractive and functional design
  • Can become dimmer or brighter based on need
  • Portable flashlight option is useful
  • Does not turn off quickly after motion stops

6. Motion Sensor Night Lamp by Emotionlite Motion Sensor Night Lamp by Emotionlite

This night light provides twenty lumens of a warm, white glow, which is intended to be easy on the eyes and protect from glare. Light will automatically turn on when motion is detected within six to ten feet at night, and will shut off after 25 seconds of no movement. It plugs directly into the socket, and is designed to provide up to 50,000 hours of energy-efficient light.

  • Provides soothing brightness that doesn’t hurt the eyes
  • Motion sensor works effectively
  • Timer illuminates the light for the perfect amount of time
  • Soft lighting is not bright enough for some users

7. Lumi Stick-On Night Light by Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light by Eufy

These AAA battery-powered lights conveniently come in a pack of three and are included with six screws and six wall plugs for easy installation. They detect motion up to ten feet away, and provide glare-free lighting to not disturb your sleep. Once illuminated, they’ll stay lit for around fifteen seconds after motion is detected.

  • Provides bright enough light without being blinding
  • Easy to install
  • Provide a good range of light
  • Sensors do not always function consistently

8. Motion Sensor Light by Magictec Motion Sensor Light by Magictec

If you have a large area you need illuminated, the four motion-sensor lights in this pack might be a good option. With batteries and adhesive pads included, installation is quick and easy. These lights provide a twenty-lumen light output, and the motion-detecting sensor will detect activity within ten feet and shut off after twenty seconds of inactivity.

  • Lights are easy to install
  • Provides a bright night light
  • Lights can be manually turned on and off
  • Adhesive pads do not always stay in place

9. Retro LED Night Light by ZEEFO Retro LED Night Light by ZEEFO

Not only is this night light designed with an attractive appeal, it’s very functional too. It has three modes, allowing it to be activated by a motion-detecting sensor as well as an on and off switch. When on motion sensor mode, it will detect movement within six feet and shut off after twenty seconds of inactivity. Battery operated, it’s also designed to be lightweight and portable.

  • Provides sufficient yet gentle, lighting
  • Stays illuminated for the perfect amount of time
  • Can be used anywhere without the need of an outlet
  • Eats through batteries quickly

10. Plug In Motion Night Light by Sensky Plug In Motion Night Light by Sensky

Once it’s plugged into a power source, this night light has two modes--always on when the room is dark, and auto-on when motion is detected. It will detect motion up to 2.5 meters away, and shuts off automatically after a minute of inactivity. Made from a fire-proof material, it’s a very safe lighting option.

  • Lighting provides a soothing glow
  • Motion sensor is very effective
  • Attractive design
  • Doesn’t get as bright as some other options


Make a Motion Sensor Night Light Work For You

For people who need to get up in the middle of the night, a night light is a necessity to stay safe. Here are a few tips to choose the kind of motion sensor night light that will work best for you.

  • Avoid Blue Lights

Blue light, like the kind of light transmitted by electronics, is damaging to your body’s sleep cycle. Choose a night light that emits white, yellow, or red lights.

  • Watch What You Eat and Drink Before Bed

If you eat a large meal before bed, your overactive digestive system can keep you awake. Try to avoid eating at least an hour before you go to sleep, and avoid heavy foods and alcohol at night.

  • Safely Light Your Way

Different motion sensor night lights will stay illuminated for varying lengths of time after they sense movement. Be sure to select a light that will provide you with the safety you need. If you tend to move more slowly, choose a light that will illuminate for a full minute or a light that has an option to stay on in the dark. 

Having trouble getting out of bed? Try these bed rails for adults to give you the handle you need.

Products for a Better Night of Sleep

Often, the reason we need to get out of bed at night is because we are having difficulty sleeping. If this sounds like you, try a few of the products below for sounder, fuller rest.

  • Try a White Noise Machine

If small bumps in the night keep you up, a white noise machine can be the perfect way to get the shuteye you need. By drowning out disruptive sound, they can soothe even the most restless sleeper.

  • Use the Right Kind of Pillow

Often, neck pain and stiffness from sleeping comes from using the wrong kind of pillow. Your pillow should be neither too thin nor too thick, and it should support the curve of your neck while you’re resting on your back. 

Are you still experiencing neck pain while in bed? Try using a neck brace for sleeping.

  • Get the Right Mattress

Sometimes, a good night’s rest comes down to finding the right mattress. If painful sores are keeping you up all night, a quality mattress to prevent bedsores may be the right answer.  

Sleep Safely with a Motion Sensor Night Light

If you find yourself getting out of bed throughout the night, and you don’t want to disrupt your loved ones’ rest by turning on harsh overhead lights, illuminate your way with a motion sensor night light. By only turning on when you need it, these night lights will safely help you get where you need to go. 


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