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Choosing the Best Mobility Scooter

by Juan Lopez May 23, 2022 0 Comments

Woman Riding Scooter

Each model has something different to offer and it’s important to select the best mobility scooter that meets your unique and individual needs for safety, accessibility and convenience. There’s a lot to consider from turn radius and terrain to weight capacity. Keep scrolling to compare our three mobility scooter models side by side, learn which features to consider, and get our best recommendations.

What to Consider When Choosing a Power Scooter

See what makes each of our power mobility scooters unique here, and decide which factors will best meet your needs.

Type of Scooter

  • 3 Wheel

    The 3-Wheel Scooter design is best suited for indoor use and smooth surfaces. The single front wheel makes for a tighter turning radius and easy maneuverability without compromising stability. This model is ideal for navigating homes or nursing facilities.

  • 4 Wheel

    Our Series A and 4-Wheel Scooter have a heavy duty, larger, and more stable base. They can travel indoors and out while easily taking on both inclines and declines of 6 degrees for the 4-wheel scooter and up to 9 degrees for the Series A. The 4 wheels are generally better for outdoor or more uneven terrain, but we do not recommend traveling over loose gravel.

  • Folding

    The Folding Mobility Scooter offers the stability of standard, heavy duty, models but collapses to a portable size with the touch of a button. The included handheld remote automatically folds and unfolds the lightweight scooter for you in seconds; making it the perfect travel scooter.


  • Voltage

    Both our 3 & 4-wheel power scooters come equipped with a standard 12V/12AH battery pack while the folding mobility scooter runs off a slightly higher voltage 24V/10AH battery and the Series A model a 24V/20AH battery. Each sufficiently powered for its model.

  • Offboard Charging

    Each Vive Mobility Scooter was designed with convenient offboard charging. With the scooter powered down, simply plug the included charging cable into a wall outlet or power source and check the battery indicator lights for charging status.


Consider how you’ll most often use your scooter. If you plan to travel a lot or don’t have the space in your car to transport a fully assembled mobility scooter, portability is especially important. All the Vive Mobility Scooters are designed with portability in mind. Our Folding Mobility Scooter easily collapses with the touch of a button and both the 3-Wheel4-Wheel, and Series A Scooter can be manually disassembled into 4 pieces.

Heaviest Piece

Keep in mind the weight of the scooter’s heaviest piece and make sure that it can be lifted safely. The folding scooter stays together as one piece, weighing about 55.11lbs. The 3 wheel scooter and 4 wheel scooter’s heaviest piece weighs 29lbs, which makes it convenient for transporting your scooter if need be. Our Series A Mobility Scooter is a bit heavier than our other models with its heaviest piece weighing about 60 lb.

Top Speed & Drive Range

  • Speed

    The folding, 3-wheel, and 4-wheel Vive Mobility Scooters travel up to 3.7mph. Our fastest traveling scooter, the Series A Model, can reach up to 5 mph. These speeds have been tested for both safety and convenience while maneuvering.

  • Drive Range

    The drive range is how far a scooter will travel on a single charge. The Folding Mobility Scooter travels up to 11.3 miles while the 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Scooter can make it a slightly further distance of 12.4 miles. Our newest model, the Series A, can travel up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.

Weight Capacity

You’ll want to choose a scooter that can accommodate your weight so that you can navigate terrain safely. Our foldable scooter supports up to 220lbs. The 3 and 4-wheel scooters can support a slightly higher weight of 265lb

and the Series A supports the most weight of up to 298 lbs.


  • Seat

    The seats on our  Series A3 and 4-Wheeled Scooters are designed with complete adjustability. Users can select their preferred seat height based on leg length and height for maximum comfort. The seats can also swivel to the left or right to avoid unnecessary twisting or turning when getting on or off the scooter.

    The Folding Scooter seat does not include these features, however its minimalist design makes up for it by allowing for more space in between the seat and tiller and eliminating having to maneuver around the armrests.

  • Tiller

    The wrist and compact, and smart blood pressure monitors as well as the sphygmomanometer all include a portable carrying case, that makes it easy to transport the cuff, display, and any other accessories. Use it to take pressure readings anywhere you need to.

Control Panel & Brakes

Before selecting your scooter, take a look at the control panel. It should be equipped with all the important navigation features. On each Vive Mobility scooter you’ll find the key insert, a speed adjusting knob, throttle levers. The standard 3 and 4 wheel tillers will also have access to the horn and LED headlight.


When choosing your power scooter, make sure that the tires are safe and durable. Each Vive Mobility Scooter is equipped with reliable, flat-free, tires that can travel across all terrains and safely up and down inclines of 6 degrees or less. Best part, the solid tires won’t leave marks on indoor surfaces.

Additional Features

  • Shock Absorbers

    For a smooth and comfortable ride over uneven or bumpy terrain, our new Series A Mobility Scooter comes equipped with shock absorbers.
  • Front Storage Basket

    Both our 3-Wheel Scooter and 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters come with a front storage basket. This is especially convenient for any personal belongings you’ll need to carry with you.

  • Headlight

    If you plan on using your power scooter at nighttime, a headlight is especially important for safety. The Vive Mobility 3, 4-Wheel and Series A scooters come equipped with a powerful LED headlight attached to the tiller to light up your path when navigating dark terrains.

  • Horn

    A horn will help you safely navigate crowded areas and let others know you’re coming through. Our Series A and the standard 3 & 4 wheel mobility scooters include a safety horn located on the tiller’s control panel.

Add-On Accessories

  • Cup Holder 

    Add a Cup Holder to your mobility aid to carry mugs and water bottles for an on-the-go beverage. It can be purchased separately and clips on to any electric mobility scooter model, with tool-free installation.

  • Phone Holder

    For quick and convenient access, this Universal Phone Attachment can clip right onto your mobility scooter. No more fumbling around for your phone to answer incoming calls or texts.
  • Armrest Covers

    Add additional comfort to your armrest with a pair of sheepskin covers. Designed with a plush exterior and memory foam interior, these easily Attachable Pads velcro securely to the arms of your mobility scooter.

Recommendations for . . .

Here are our best recommendations based on the most common needs we see among customers.

4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Long-Term Use

Our Series A Mobility Scooter offers up to 15.5 miles of drive mileage on one charge; making it our longest lasting battery. If you intend to use your scooter on a daily basis or for high volume use (like at theme parks, large museums, or for exploring cities) you can be confident in choosing this model. It comes equipped with all the bells and whistles including an adjustable swivel seat, storage basket, headlamp, and horn.

4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Outdoor Use or All-Terrain Surfaces

If you’ll be travelling across multiple types of terrain, we recommend either the standard 4-Wheeled Scooter or Folding Scooter. The wider base on both models provides extra stability when navigating uneven or bumpy surfaces and distributes weight better making it a safer ride.

3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Tight Spaces

For tight spaces like inside your home, nursing homes, or crowded public spaces (like theme parks), we recommend going with the Standard 3-Wheel Design. The single front wheel and more narrow base makes for an impressive 2.6’ turning radius for easy maneuverability.

Folding Mobility Scooter

Indoor Use

Each Vive Mobility scooter works great indoors. The solid wheels won’t mark up your floors and travel easily over tile, wood, laminate, and carpeted surfaces. If space is not an issue, we recommend the Foldable Scooter. Its minimalist design tends to be the popular choice when looking to simply get from point A to point B. If space is limited, go with the 3-Wheel Scooter for it’s boasted turning radius.

4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Maximum Stability

If you’re looking for the most stable scooter, the standard  4-Wheel Scooter  is your best bet. It’s designed with a wide base for better weight distribution and a studier wheelbase for travelling across uneven terrain.

Folding Mobility Scooter


All of our mobility scooters are designed with portability in mind, but the  Folding Scooter  is the best travel mobility scooter we offer and is the easiest to transport. It folds (and unfolds) with the click of a button, no extra work. The other designs can also be easily transported, but you must disassemble down to 4 pieces. Before you make your final choice, consider the weight of the heaviest piece and ensure that you can lift it safely.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what customers are asking.

Are the Vive Mobility scooters TSA approved?

Yes, all of our scooters and batteries are TSA approved and can travel with you on any airline.

Are Mobility Scooters Covered by Insurance?

If you are in need of a medical scooter your insurance will most likely cover the cost but the claim must be filed with your insurance for reimbursement if you purchase off the Vive Health website. Vive Health does not bill through insurance.

Do the Vive Mobility Scooters come with a warranty?

Absolutely, all of our power scooters are backed with either a one or 5 year guarantee depending on the model. You can find more details on these warranties on the product page.

Need More Help?

Get more information on all Vive Health products by talking to our customer service and product specialists. Call between 8:30am and 9pm EST daily at 1-800-487-3808 or email us at

Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is part of the product development and improvement team at His understanding of products and vast knowledge of consumer needs makes it easy for him to provide helpful information on choosing the best products.

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