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Your Leg, Hip & Groin Injury Overview

The legs are powerful lower limbs that support the upper body and allow us to move about our daily lives. Our legs, hips & groin contain several bones, ligaments, and tendons that ensure the smooth functioning of the lower body. Some notable parts of the leg include the tough thigh bone, powerful hamstrings, and flexible knee.

The hip is another impressively large joint that bears up to five times our body weight when walking. We require healthy hips to support ourselves and to enjoy pain-free movement.

Damage to any of the structures of the hips or legs can significantly affect the way we move. In turn, these injuries may cause misalignment in the body, which eventually affects other components of the legs, hips, or back.

Common Leg, Hip & Groin Injuries and Causes of Pain

As the legs bear most of our body weight, they are vulnerable to injury. You can damage your legs through sports and physical activities, trauma, or during daily tasks. Injury to the legs and feet can result in fractures, strains, sprains, joint pain, as well as nerve and vascular problems.

Although the hip is a robust joint, supported by many strong muscles, it can become damaged by brittle bone disease or arthritis. This damage may then impact other structures both above and below the hip.

Common leg and hip injuries and complaints include:

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Reducing and Preventing Leg, Hip & Groin Injuries

Leg, hip & groin injuries can seriously impact a person’s mobility and quality of life. To avoid these issues, protect and support the joints, muscles, and ligaments as much as possible. There are many ways to do this—from implementing simple strategies and home treatments to using high-level supportive devices.

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Exercises, Stretches & Therapy for Leg, Hip & Groin Pain

Take advantage of a range of therapies to prevent and treat pain in the lower joints and limbs. Many of these treatments are effective alternatives to medications and surgeries. In fact, health care professionals often recommend them as a first-line remedy for mild to moderate symptoms, including pain, swelling, and redness.

Alleviate or avoid hip, leg or groin pain using a range of exercises and stretches. These controlled movements can strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility, enhance blood circulation, and protect the bones.

Regularly engaging in exercises and stretches is a proven way to prevent injury or speed up the recovery of existing tissue damage.

Shop Products for Leg, Hip & Groin Injuries

If you’re looking for extra support for hip and leg or groin injuries, consider one of the many products available. Some, like braces and sleeves, stabilize and protect the soft tissues of the legs to prevent injury. Pedal exercisers and stretch straps are ideal for building up leg strength and flexibility.

Devices such as scooters, walkers, and canes are designed for those experiencing a loss of mobility due to illness or trauma. For pain and discomfort, try TENS units, massage balls, and ice packs.

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