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9 Best Alarm Clocks for the Deaf

by Jessica Hegg August 02, 2018 0 Comments

woman sleeping alarm clock beside her

Alarm clocks aren’t just for the able hearing! Try an alarm clock for deaf people, which will use more than just sound to wake someone up. With a combination of lights and kinetic movement, they can do their job just as efficiently as an audible one. Here’s our top picks of alarm clocks for the deaf.

Top 9 Alarm Clocks for Deaf People

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock Sonic Alert
2. Vibration Alarm Watch Timex
3. Dual Alarm Clock Sonic Alert
4. TimeShaker iLuv
5. Sonic Bomb Jr. Sonic Alert
6. TimeShaker Super iLuv
7. Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock Sonic Alert
8. Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Ameriphone
9. Wake Assure Alarm Clock Clarity

1. Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert

This alarm clock comes in many different styles, and is designed to wake up the deaf with increased volume. The extra loud alarm stops able-hearing people from staying in bed, while the bed shaker makes for an effective alarm for deaf people no matter their hearing capabilities. Its bright red display makes it easy to read in darkened rooms.

  • Customizable snooze times from 1-30 mins
  • Comes with a battery backup for power cuts
  • Has a test mode for the bed shaker to aid with finding the perfect spot
  • Controls are finicky to set the alarms and time

2. Vibration Alarm Watch by Timex Vibration Alarm Watch by Timex

While not an alarm clock in the strictest sense of the word, this alarm watch by Timex is still a useful alarm clock for deaf people. The watch has an alarm feature that vibrates when it goes off, so you can wear it to bed and let it wake you up on time. It’s waterproofed well enough to be worn while swimming, so it can also work as a great timer when at the pool.

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a night light
  • Easy to use
  • Quite thick

3. Dual Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert Dual Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert

This dual alarm clock by Sonic Alert has a sleek, rustic look, for those who don’t want anything flashy or fancy beside their bed. It comes with a vibration pad that can wake you when the alarm goes off. The pad can be enabled without the audible alarm, meaning you don’t have to wake anyone else up.

  • 5 levels of dimming
  • Extra loud alarm
  • Comes in black or white and gray
  • Vibrating alarm could be a little more powerful

4. TimeShaker by iLuv TimeShaker by iLuv

If you’d like an alarm clock with a customizable bed shaker, try this one by iLuv. It comes with three different vibration settings for the shaker, so you can tailor it for your needs. The softer vibration modes are great if you’re sharing a bed with someone else, while the ‘earthquake’ mode is sure to wake up everyone in the same bed! The alarm clock can also flash bright lights when the alarm goes off, making for a solid alarm that doesn’t need to rely on hearing to make its message heard.

  • Comes with a USB charging port for easy device charging
  • Easy to use
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Can be tricky to turn off the alarm while sleepy

5. Sonic Bomb Jr. by Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Jr. by Sonic Alert

If you enjoy traveling a lot, this miniature version of the Sonic Bomb by Sonic Alert is just what you need. Its smaller size makes it easier to pack, but don’t be fooled--it still has the same loud beeper and bed shaker that its bigger brother uses. With five levels of dimming and a test function, it’s easy to set up the Sonic Bomb Jr. up to fit your needs perfectly.

  • Affordable
  • Uses 60% less energy than previous models
  • Has a USB phone charger installed
  • Buttons on the unit are quite small

6. TimeShaker Super by iLuv TimeShaker Super by iLuv

The TimeShaker Super by iLuv is a great alarm clock for deaf people in a relationship with some who has able-hearing. The radio and music alarm modes means that able-hearing people can wake up without stirring the deaf, while the silent bed shaker mode can be setup to only wake the deaf person. This makes for a nice combo package for partners with different wake up times.

  • Larger bed shaker than most models
  • Very large display for long distances
  • Can be paired with Bluetooth to play music from a phone
  • Tricky to set up

7. Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert

If you’re looking for a simple alarm that does its job well, this unit by Sonic Alert does a good job keeping things easy to set up. It has a powerful 12v bed shaker that ensures the recipient will wake up, and its test function allows you to find the ideal spot on your bed. It also comes with a battery backup to stop you oversleeping during a power outage.

  • Has 12 and 24-hour display capabilities
  • Features 5 levels of display dimming
  • Durable
  • Easy to tip over

8. Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker by Ameriphone Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker by Ameriphone

If you’re looking for an effective bed shaker and light combination, this alarm clock by Ameriphone aims to do both. By itself, it comes with a strong vibrating alarm that will shake anyone awake. It also comes with a port for a light flashing alarm that blinks on and off when it’s time to wake up. When these two stimuli work at the same time, they become an effective alarm for deaf people.

  • Comes with a security timer that can turn the light on and off when you’re on holiday
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Bright display
  • Customer service not good

9. Wake Assure Alarm Clock by Clarity Wake Assure Alarm Clock by Clarity

This alarm clock by Clarity comes in a stylish black, and will look good on anyone’s bedside table. All the buttons are along the bottom of the unit and are easy to press when lying in bed. The bed shaker is great for waking up people who are hard of hearing, so you never miss an alarm ever again.

  • Comes with an auto snooze function
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Powerful bed shaker
  • Quite expensive


Other Bed Accessories

If you want to make getting in and out of bed a safer experience, there are plenty of bed accessories that can give you peace of mind. Here’s a few accessories you can use for a better bedtime.

  • Bed Risers

For those who have limited range of movement, getting into a low bed can be a challenge. Bed risers are a good way of getting some additional height. They also have a not-so-obvious secondary use--elevating only the front of the bed to help with sleep apnea and acid reflux.

Try our list of the best bed risers available.

  • Safety Rails

If you’re worried that you might spill out of bed one day, try a bed safety rail. A good bed safety rail requires no tools to assemble and install. Once placed, they provide a secure and safe countermeasure from falls and spills. This makes getting in and out of bed a much less precarious move, so you can sleep in peace.

  • Fall Mats

While you can’t use a grab bar while you’re sleep, a padded fall mat beside the bed can stop any misadventures from turning into injuries.

Improving the Morning Routine

If you’re feeling unsafe in the bathroom, there are ways to make your life a little safer--especially if you’re not a morning person! Here’s some ideas on how to make the morning routine better.

  • Pill Boxes

If you’re taking medication, it can be annoying to sort it out manually so you don’t overdose or accidentally skip one. A pill box, however, can help organize all your medications into useful days of the week, as well as morning and evening dosages. This takes the headache out of trying to remember if you took medication or not.

  • Toilet Safety Frames

Getting on and off of the toilet can be a challenge to those with lowered mobility. Toilet safety frames are a very useful bathroom accessory in this regard, as they can be used to either lower someone onto, or lift someone off of, a toilet seat. If you lack the strength to properly lift yourself off of the toilet, a safety frame will come in great use.

  • Shower Mats

One of the more dangerous parts of the bathroom routine is stepping in and out of the shower or bath. With so much water and soap around, slips and spills are very likely to happen. To stop this, use a solid bath mat to give your feet a better grip.

Find the Best Alarm Clock for Deaf People

Even if you’re deaf, you can still benefit from the bonuses an alarm clock can bring. With these alarm clocks for deaf people, you can keep a solid sleep schedule without any audible alerts whatsoever. With so many styles to choose from, there’s an alarm to suit everyone’s needs.


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