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3 Best Eye Drop Guides

by Jessica Hegg May 31, 2018 0 Comments

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If you have a weak grip due to arthritis or injury, this list of the best eye drop guides should be the perfect resource. They’re effective for general use, making it easy to direct the drops straight into your eyes and not on your face. Some guides even hold your eye open for you, making the process completely foolproof. Not all eye drop guides are made equally and some work with different types of drops, so make sure to find the best option for your needs on this list.

Top 3 Eye Drop Guides

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Autodrop Eye Guide Owen-Mumford
2. Ezy Eye Drop Guide Flents
3. Autodrop Eyedropper Owen-Mumford

1. Autodrop Eye Guide by Owen-Mumford Autodrop Eye Guide by Owen-Mumford

The best assistive devices for putting in eye drops are small, discrete, and intuitive. This particular guide works with all eye drop bottles, including the vials. You can use the guide to quickly and discreetly dispense eye drops without any waste. If you’re tired of wasting eye drops, try this guide.

  • Fits all eye drop bottles
  • Dispenses eye drops faster than a bottle alone
  • Small and discrete
  • Some users report the plastic breaking

2. Ezy Eye Drop Guide by Flents Ezy Eye Drop Guide by Flents

Flent’s eye drop guide is designed with quality in mind. It’s made using only the best materials with comfort and ease of use in mind. It’s adjustable and can be used with most eye drop bottles. It’s impossible to miss your eye as you place the guide directly on your eye, eliminating the guess work.

  • High quality design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Adjustable for different size bottles
  • Too bulky for some

3. Autodrop Eyedropper by Owen-Mumford Autodrop Eyedropper by Owen-Mumford

Owen-Mumford’s eyedropper may be the best way to apply eye drops, as it's simple to use and works with most eye drop bottles. By using it, you can avoid getting eye drops all over your face and ensure they go where you want them to. They can actually hold your eyes open for you, making them perfect for any need.

  • Avoids getting eye drops on your face
  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Holds the eye open
  • Doesn’t work with glass vial eye drops

Common Eye Drop Uses

Eye drops are commonly used to deliver medication to the eyes, or else to soothe and moisturize the lens. Eye drops are better than ever, and with that said here are some of the most common eye drop uses.

  • Moisturize Eyes

One of the most frequent causes of dry eyes is staring at a screen for too long, as you’re likely to blink less often. Being outside on a windy day can also cause dry eyes, as can certain health conditions.  

When looking for an eye drop for dry eyes, avoid drops that reduce redness, as they can cause more dryness. Instead, look for eye drops that contain humectants and lubricants. Aside from that, the best eye drops for dry eyes come in gel or ointment form.

  • Alleviate Pink Eye

Because pink eye (or conjunctivitis) is a contagious infection, it’s important to seek treatment early. As severe types of conjunctivitis cause noticeable symptoms, it’s easy to notice when you have the virus.

  • Eliminate Infection in the Eye

Besides conjunctivitis, there are some other infections that need to be treated using eye drops. Blepharitis, which is inflammation and infection of the eyelid, can be treated using eye drops. Antibiotic eye drops can also be used to treat styes.

  • After an Eye Surgery

If you have a cataract surgery, your doctor will likely prescribe you more than one type of eye drop. Antibiotic eye drops will need to be used to prevent infection, and anti-inflammatory eye drops will reduce and prevent any inflammation. These will need to be used quite often several times a day, and an eye drop guide can drastically improve the process.

  • Eye muscle relaxants

Atopine eye drops can be used to treat lazy eye, a common cause of vision impairment in children and some adults. The eye drops are as effective as using an eye patch, which is one of the most common treatment methods.  

If you or a loved one lives alone and is in need of some assistance, these independent living aids should help.

Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Here are some general tips to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Eat Well

A healthy diet is one of the easiest and best methods to improve all aspects of health, including eye health. If you keep your plate loaded with veggies, your eyes will thank you. There are certain vitamins and minerals that are effective at warding off age-related vision loss, including lutein, vitamins C and E, zinc, and omega-3s.

If you struggle to remember your vitamin supplements, try using a pill organizer.

  • Use Eye Protection

If you work on a construction site or another area where there is airborne particles and hazards, consider wearing safety goggles or some other type of eye protection. Even exposure to dust can cause eye problems, and microparticles can affect your vision over time without you even knowing.  

  • Get Quality Sleep

Inadequate sleep is not only causing your dark circles, but can cause eye spasms and reduced blood flow to the eyes. A shortage of sleep can cause blood vessels to pop and even lead to dry eyes. If you’re having problems getting quality sleep every night, a white noise machine can actually improve your sleep.

  • Promote Overall Health

Getting in a frequent workout improves blood flow through the entire body, and without a sufficient blood supply, vision would be impaired. Also, being overweight is correlated with diabetes, which is the leading cause of adult blindness in America. Try and lose any excess weight you are carrying around and if you have diabetes, make sure to keep it in check. To monitor your weight, a scale can help.  

If you’re a senior in need of some new glasses, this senior discount guide can help you get them for cheap.

Eye Drop Guides Made Easy

If you use eye drops to keep your eyes moist, treat allergies, for post-surgery treatment, or to treat an infection, an eye drop guide can help. To ensure your eye drops are as effective as they can be, make sure they’re always landing where you want them to. With an eye drop guide, you can stop wasting eye drops and administer them safely, even if you have arthritic hands.


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