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6 Best Wheelchair Wheels

by Jessica Hegg November 16, 2018 0 Comments

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Wheelchair wheels are what keep your chair moving when you’re trying to get around, but what do you do if they start to get worn, break, or show signs of damage? Wheelchair replacement wheels can save you from having to buy a new wheelchair, but you can simply replace the wheels for easier, smoother movement. Check out our list of the best wheelchair wheels below.

Top 6 Wheelchair Wheels

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. CarbonCore Ultralight WX2.5 Wheelchair Wheels Topolino
2. 24 x 1Wheel Assembly Invacare TAG
3. 24x1 Economy Mag Wheels New Solutions
4. Ultralight LX Wheels Spinergy
5. Shadow Wheelchair Wheels TiLite
6. Front Wheel Replacement Healthline Trading

1. CarbonCore Ultralight WX2.5 Wheelchair Wheels by Topolino CarbonCore Ultralight WX2.5 Wheelchair Wheels by Topolino

These wheelchair wheels are incredibly durable, yet surprisingly lightweight at the same time. They weigh just 2.5 pounds each but can hold up to 250 pounds of user. At 24 inches wide, they’re suitable for any wheelchair. The carbon fiber composite materials will handle anything you can throw at them, and the solid spokes will pass through the wheel hub to ensure maximum durability and comfort.

  • Super durable, built to last for years
  • Lighter-weight than their competitors
  • Designed for maximum speed and maneuverability
  • Very pricey

2. 24 x 1Wheel Assembly by Invacare TAG 24 x 1Wheel Assembly by Invacare TAG

This is a DIY-style wheelchair wheel replacement, with everything you need to put together a quality wheel. The nine-spoke wheel is sturdy and reliable, with black composite material that can stand up to daily use without wearing or breaking. The precision bearing will make for smooth rolling and you’ll love how the low-profile urethane wheel rolls easily. It’s designed to fit most Invacare wheelchairs, so it’s worth trying if you have a chair of that brand.

  • Easy to put on
  • Works well, a great replacement
  • Quick delivery, simple assembly
  • May be limited only to Invacare wheelchairs

3. 24x1 Economy Mag Wheels by New Solutions 24x1 Economy Mag Wheels by New Solutions

Made with nylon pushrims, this tire-style wheel is designed for heavier users—up to 250 pounds. The wheel is well-priced and is shipped quickly to your home (free of charge), and you’ll find it’s wonderfully easy to install. The bearings ensure the smoothest possible ride, and the solid axles will provide durable, reliable support for the 24-inch wheels. At just five pounds, these wheels are a fairly lightweight option to make getting around a whole lot easier.

  • No sales tax, and free shipping
  • Smooth rolling, durable support
  • Well-priced, well-designed
  • Only a 30-day return policy

4. Ultralight LX Wheels by Spinergy Ultralight LX Wheels by Spinergy

If you’re looking for top-quality wheels that will enable you to get around like an athlete, these are an excellent choice. Though their price tag is high--$800 per wheel—they’re super durable, beautifully lightweight, and built to last. The wheels weigh just 1.5 pounds, but even after you add the handrims and tires they’re still going to be lighter than more urethane wheels. They come in three sizes (24 to 26 inches), and the twelve spokes offer maximum stability and sturdiness as you glide around.

  • Great for racing and sports
  • Ultra lightweight but super durable
  • Narrow design allows for smoother movement
  • Costlier than regular wheels

5. Shadow Wheelchair Wheels by TiLite Shadow Wheelchair Wheels by TiLite

These may look and feel like a racing wheel, but they’re priced like a low-budget daily wheel. The spoke wire wheel design is highly durable, yet they weigh far less than the average wheel. The hoop strength is excellent, more than enough to handle any amount of daily activity no matter how active you are. Best of all, the frame is made of aluminum and is more than sleek enough to be lightweight without sacrificing ease of movement.

  • Come in sizes from 20 to 26 inches
  • Weigh just 1.6 pounds per wheel
  • Beautiful and elegant matte black finish
  • Handrims and tires are sold separately

6. Front Wheel Replacement by Healthline Trading Front Wheel Replacement by Healthline Trading

These wheels are perfect for switching out old and worn front wheels. Eight inches in diameter and one inch thick, these bad boys are designed to give you solid support and easy mobility as you roll around town. The caster wheels will never have a flat tire, and they will make it simple for you to steer for quick, sharp turns. With 5/16 inch bearings, you get a smooth ride with every push.

  • Solid rubber tire on a durable composite wheel
  • Great product, excellent price
  • Ball bearings work like a dream
  • If you tighten too much, the wheels may not spin


How to Choose the Right Wheelchair Wheels

Finding the right wheelchair is critical! You want something comfortable, supportive, and mobile, with the right set of wheels to help you get around town. When looking for wheelchair wheels—either for your first chair or as a replacement—here are a few factors you need to consider:

  • Types of Wheelchair Tires

There are three basic types of tire: pneumatic rubber, solid, and puncture-proof. Pneumatic rubber tires are filled with air just like car tires, and they tend to offer the best impact protection. However, they’re prone to popping or puncturing on rough ground.

If you’re going to go outdoors or off-road, you’ll want to consider puncture-proof wheels (rubber wheels filled with lightweight urethane rubber) or solid wheels (rubber wheels filled with foam).

Foam tires tend to have more grip than urethane tires, and they make far better outdoor wheels.

  • Caster vs. Drive Wheels

The difference between these two types of front wheels are minimal, but they can have a huge effect on your maneuverability. Caster wheels are mounted on a specific device attached to the wheelchair, and they tend to have a smaller turning radius and a faster swivel. However, they may not be as sturdy as drive wheels, which are mounted directly to the wheelchair on a swiveling axis.

  • Wheel Sizes

When you buy your lightweight wheelchair, you’ll find it comes with wheels of a specific size. The average wheel size is 24 inches in diameter, but you can find them as small as 20 inches or as large as 26 inches across. Most of the time it’s recommended you choose wheels of the same size as the replacement, but if you have experience working with different chairs, you may be able to get away with changing the wheel size according to your preferences.

More Wheelchair Accessories You’ll Need

Buying a wheelchair with the right wheels is just the first step! Now that you’ve got a way to get around, it’s important to find the accessories you need for easy maneuvering:

  • Wheelchair Bag

A quality wheelchair bag hangs on the back or armrest of your chair, and it gives you space to haul around your wallet, keys, cell phone, water bottle, and any other items you need to get around comfortably. If you’re out and about a lot, it’s definitely a good idea to invest in a good wheelchair bag or pouch to carry everything you’ll need throughout the day.

  • Lumbar Cushion

You’re going to spend a lot of hours sitting in your chair, so it’s imperative that you’re comfortable! One problem a lot of wheelchair users find is that their lower backs begin to ache from the seated position and the constant forward and backward motion. A lumbar support pillow will take a lot of the strain off your lower back, making it more comfortable to sit and wheel around all day.

  • Reacher Grabber

The fact that you’re seated in a wheelchair means you’re not longer able to reach high-up items on shelves at home, at the office, or in the supermarket. But rather than relying on the kindness of strangers for help, you should consider getting a reacher grabber so you can do everything for yourself. The grabber tool gives your arms extra reach length so you can pick items off higher shelves and bring them down to your level.

Check out our list of the best reacher grabber tools you can use to be as self-sufficient as possible while rolling around in your wheelchair.

Get Those Wheelchair Wheels to Get Moving!

When your wheelchair wheels get old and worn, they can make getting around a whole lot more difficult. Don’t force yourself to work harder, but consider getting new replacement wheels. Trust us, the right wheelchair wheels will help you to keep your chair moving around smoothly and easily, and you’ll be a whole lot more comfortable as you speed throughout your day.

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