Rebel Against Age: Your Dose of December's Age-spiration

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If at the end of all the holiday cheer and talks of New Year Resolutions you aren't feeling waves of inspiration to kick butt and let nothing hold you back (including your age), then maybe you just need a little extra dose of inspiration. I know finding motivation isn't easy, so we decided to find it for you!

You're potential is oozing and you'll never believe the amazing feats you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.

“How old can I get and still act young?” - Neal Unger

Neal is definitely an example of defying limits.  60 years old and still shredding it, he aims to pass along his passion for the sport through mentoring young kids.  We're not telling you to jump on a skateboard, we're letting you Neal does something that makes him happy every day.

Escaping Boredom

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Joe Bartley is a WW2 Veteran and retiree who sore that he was dying of boredom. His wife passed 2 years ago, but instead of hiding away, he took action. Mr. Bartley picked up a job at a local restaurant. Accrediting the position to saving his life, at 89 years old, it's certainly inspiring. Isolation is not healthy, getting out and working gives him purpose with duties to fulfill.

The Doc is in...still!

Why stop doing what you love? Charles Godfrey says the secret to aging happily is to keep busy, don't give up the fight, and stick to your path.  After hearing what Mr. Godfrey had to say, you're likely just as amazed as I am. Try taking a bit of his advice and dive into what makes you happy.

There's a Fix for That

doctor greating patient

Instead of turning your head down and throwing your hands up to defeat, fight back. You may be getting older, and certainly, things have changed. Feelings of fatigue, depression, loss of appetite, and weakness are all common characteristics of aging, but luckily there are solutions.  Don't be defined by these negative feelings, seek out solutions and talk to your doctor.

On Your Mark...

marathon finish line

Canda's Ed Whitlock must have learned to run before he could walk. Setting a world record, Mr. Whitlock completed a Toronto Marathon is just 3 hours, 56 minutes, and 34 seconds at 85 years old.

While the majority of us couldn't even imagine completing such a journey, Ed seems to be some sort of mystical scientific wonder, showing little signs of aging -more evidence that staying active is key!

Ready. Set. Rebel!

Now it's your turn to rebel against age. 
Who knows...maybe you'll get featured in our next dose of AGE-spiration

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