Rebel Against Age: Your Dose of October's Age-spiration

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rebel against age

"Age is just a number"
"Live your life and forget your age"
"Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you've had"
We've all heard these cliche quotes more times than we can count...everyone claiming that your age doesn't matter, but where's the proof!?
or....just right here in this blog post :) 

Here is your dose of October's AGE-spiration:

"but I still think I'm 15"

Meet Flossie Lewis, we can't get enough!  It's nice to receive a different perspective. She speaks eloquently about life and exudes positivity that we could all benefit from.  

Listen to what else she has to say about the concept of aging and how she rebels here

sara jane adams

"I don’t try to be ageless. I’m fine being 61. It’s like money – I’ve learnt through business that money’s just a commodity to allow you to do things. Age is just something you are, so deal with it."

Sarah Jane Adams, 61, joined Instagram in hopes of promoting her jewellery business back in 2013. When followers spotted her in a vintage Adidas jacket, from her daughter, the "anti"-fashion icon was born.

We love that Adams plays by her own rules, especially when it comes to age! There's a lot to take from her positive outlook and it's a great reminder that age is just a number!

Read more about Sarah Jane Adams or follow her on Instagram @saramaijewels 

couple stretching in park

"Movement is the most important thing seniors can do to stay in shape and maintain their independence." -Shelly Webb R.N.

LTCGlobal reaches out to the experts for advice on staying fit for better aging. Shelly Webb, among other advisors, talks about how she believes staying in motion is the key to maintaining independence.

This backs everything we talk about; keep moving and rebel against age!  

Read more to find out what the other experts have to say about staying active and aging gracefully.

tao porchon-lynch

“There is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us.”

At 98 years young, Tao Porchon-Lynch rebels against age in the most intriguing way possible.  

She currently holds the title for world's oldest yoga teacher. Through her practice, she teaches discipline along with body and mind awareness.  We could all take a dose of what this goddess has to offer.  

If you're looking for more of Tao's inspiration, you can check out her website here!

questions to ask yourself

"If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get started making the most of the rest of your life."

The Feisty Side of 50 doesn't want you to take the style (or spunk) out of aging.  On contrary to popular belief, the female boomer generation hasn't lost their relevance.

Click here to read more on how author Eileen Williams challenges you to find meaningful expression.

Ready. Set. Rebel!

Now it's your turn to rebel against age. 
Who knows...maybe you'll get featured in our next dose of AGE-spiration

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