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Vive Health - Annual Scholarship

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Vive Health wants to support your personal and professional development. If you are an attending USA college or university, we welcome you to apply for the Vive Health $ 2,500 annual scholarship.

Official Vive Health Scholarship Flyer (PDF)   


  • $2,500 USD
  • Winner is announced June 30th, Annually
  • Winner is posted to and emailed directly


  • June 1st, Annually


  • All students attending a USA university or college on a full-time basis (and in good academic standing) are eligible to apply.
  • Students must read and agree to the Scholarship Terms & Conditions.  Please read the agreement before sending your application.

    To Apply

    • Email your complete application to
    • Your completed application should include (1) Personal Information (2) Topical 1000 Word Essay or 2 Minute Video
    • If anything is missing your application will not be considered

    1. Required Information

    • Your Name
    • Your Address
    • University or College Currently Attending
    • College Transcript
    • Anticipated Graduation Date
    • Link to your LinkedIn (or other social media profile) to prove currently enrolled at accredited USA college or university.

    2. Required Essay or Video

    Submit a 2-minute video on the following topic:

    Vive Health's slogan is "Rebel Against Age".  Too many people feel confined by their age and the expectations associated with it.  How have you, or someone you are inspired by, re-defined the perceived boundaries of age? 

    About Vive Health helps baby boomers and seniors "Rebel Against Age" as a leading online retailer for home health and medical products. 

    Previous Winners



    Kahley Verville

    State College of Florida - Bradenton, FL

    Class of 2020